The Top 5 Dry Herb Vapes Compared

Ghost MV1 VS DaVinci IQ vs solo2 vs crafty vs pax 3

The Arizer Solo 2, Ghost MV1, Mighty, Pax 3, and DaVinci IQ are five of the best dry herb vapes money can buy. They each have attributes that are attractive to even the most jaded vaper, which makes choosing one a very hard decision. However, there are certain qualities in each one that make them more desirable for certain kinds of users.

This article offers a comparison amongst the five of them in a variety of different categories, so that by the time you’re finished reading, you will know how they fare against each other in those categories, and more importantly, which one of these vapes suit you the best. Each one is different to the rest, so there is a good chance that one of them will be a perfect match for you.

Kit and Accessories

Arizer Solo 2

arizer solo 2 kit
The kit of the Solo 2 includes 90 mm and 110 mm glass mouthpieces, as well as a glass aromatherapy dish.
  • Arizer Solo 2
  • One 90 mm glass tube + one 110 mm glass tube
  • Two silicone stem caps (fill glass tubes with herb, use these to seal them, and use them later)
  • Glass aroma dish for using aromatherapy herbs
  • Stainless steel stirring tool
  • Stainless steel filter screens
  • Wall charger + carrying case
  • Lavender botanical aromatic samples

The Solo 2 has a fairly basic kit compared to the rest of this pack. The most practical parts of the kit are the two different sized glass tubes for inhaling the vapor. The Solo 2 also has an unusual secondary feature that allows it to function as an aromatherapy diffuser. It comes with a sampling of aromatic botanicals and a shallow aromatherapy dish that can spread their—presumably—therapeutic odor. Most people probably won’t use this, but it’s an interesting option.

Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 Kit
The kit of the MV1 includes: (top left) a set of picks, the crucible, its lid, and a concentrate pad, and alcohol wipes. (Bottom left) USB cable. (Right): Ghost MV1 and instruction manual.
  • Ghost MV1
  • One crucible, i.e where you place your wax or herb
  • One concentrate pad for using wax concentrates
  • Three picks
  • Three alcohol wipes + three cleaning tips
  • USB charge cable
  • User manual

The MV1 has a good kit with everything you need already there. However, Ghost Vapes also has a wide range of useful accessories which includes the following:

Fast Charger – The charge time of the MV1 usually lasts for a few hours, but the fast charger accessory reduces it by a significant amount.

Spare Battery Pack – A spare battery eliminates the concerns about charge time since you can just instal a new battery while the drained one recharges.

The list of accessories is pretty practical and you can get a bundle with those accessories that costs $100 more than the basic pack.

Crucible Dispenser – The dispenser can hold up to five pre-loaded crucibles, which helps to speed up the loading process.


Mighty new version kit
The wall charger (far right) is the Mighty’s only charging option. The dosing capsules and herb mill (far left) are both very useful accessories.
  • Mighty vaporizer
  • Filling aid
  • Herb mill
  • Drip pad
  • One dosing capsule
  • Cleaning brush & replacement screens
  • Wall outlet adapter

The Mighty has a substantial kit that includes a filling aid that expedites the loading process and a herb mill to grind down the herb. It also includes a dosing capsule that can be pre-filled with herb and placed in the oven, which speeds up a loading process that is pretty quick to begin with. You can buy additional capsules as well as a handy capsule caddy that holds up to four of those capsules.

Pax 3

pax 3 kit
The fully loaded Pax 3 kit includes three different oven lids (bottom right) for a full load, half load, and wax concentrates.

Device only kit

  • Pax 3 vaporizer
  • Oven lid (full oven)
  • Two mouthpieces, flat and raised
  • Maintenance/cleaning kit
  • Magnetic charging dock

Complete Kit

  • Concentrate insert – to use with extracts
  • Extra (half oven) lid – use the pax with half the regular dry herb oven
  • Multi tool – to pack, empty, clean the oven
  • 3 Replacement screens

The Pax 3 has two different kits to choose from, there is the device only kit, which includes the flat and raised mouthpieces. There is also the Complete Kit, which also includes a half-oven lid, which, as the name implies, reduces the capacity of the oven by half. It also includes a concentrate insert for vaping wax extracts. So, the device only kit should be good enough for most people, while the Complete Kit is better for anyone who wants more variation in the amount and type of substance they vape.

DaVinci IQ

davinci iq vaporizer kit
(L to R): The Flavor Chamber, extended mouthpiece, flat mouthpiece, and exposed Zirconia Pearl from the IQ’s oven chamber latch.
  • DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
  • One flat zirconia mouthpiece + one extended zirconia mouthpiece
  • One replaceable/rechargeable 18650 battery
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Integrated packing tool
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Carry can
  • One 10mm water pipe adapter

The kit of the IQ includes quite a few accessories including two different mouthpieces, a flat one and a raised one. It also includes an adapter for attaching water pipes if you want. As for optional accessories, there are glass spacers that can reduce the capacity of the oven without reducing the vaping experience. You can also buy an external charger that reduces the charge time of the 18650 battery included in the kit.

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Design and Features

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 Review-6
The Arizer Solo 2 with the longer borosilicate glass mouthpiece, and the LCD display.

The Solo 2 is a pretty big vaporizer better suited for stay at home vaping than taking out on the road with you, especially when you factor in those long glass mouthpieces. It’s pretty easy to use though, since the controls are pretty intuitive and it consists of just two parts. The OLED screen also helps since it conveys the temperature and battery status pretty clearly. The Solo 2 is one of the few vapes here that doesn’t have a smartphone app, but it doesn’t really need one since all the controls are right there on the device.

Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 design

The unique design of the MV1 makes it one of the more interesting looking dry herb vaporizers available. It is also one of the bigger dry herb vaporizers available, so its portability is more theory than fact.  There are some interesting design choices to go along with the interesting looks, like the extendable/retractable glass mouthpiece that sits in the heatsink. This is a good design choice because it helps to keep the vapor cool at all temperatures.

The MV1 has a unique loading procedure where you place your herb into a crucible and then place the crucible in the oven. This extends the loading time compared to other vapes, but at least the on demand nature of the MV1 means that you won’t be reloading too often since a single crucible can last for a while. The MV1 has a smartphone app that is used for precise temperature control and to download firmware updates for the MV1.


The Mighty is a rugged device that is designed more for practicality than for style. It has a hard, plastic body that has fins that vent excess heat and keep it cool to the touch. It also has a convenient swiveling mouthpiece that folds away when it’s not in use. The Mighty has precise temperature control built right into the device, so it has no need of a smartphone app. It’s a little too big to carry with you, but if you want a portable version of the Mighty, you can always get the Crafty.

Pax 3

Pax new version matte
The sleek new matte black finish on the Pax 3.

The simple, sleek style of the Pax 3 is one of the reasons why it is one of the icons of the vaping industry. It has a rounded, rectangular look and the four lights that form a petal pattern on the front of the device manage to convey a lot of information about the battery level and heating status in a clear way. At just about four inches in height, it is easy to carry around as well.

The clean lines of the minimalist design aren’t interrupted by any buttons, so a lot of the more advanced functions have to be on the smartphone app. That app can control both the temperature settings and the dynamic modes, which are special heating modes that increase the temperature by varying degrees as you vape.

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer and stash hat
The Stash hat that comes with the Collector’s Edition.

The IQ is one of the best-looking vapes around thanks to its simple design and the grid of fifty one LED lights on its front. It’s a perfectly portable device no matter which mouthpiece you use, though the flat one is more suitable for travel. It uses heat-resistant zirconia in its airpath so the vapor stays cool even though the device can get a little warm after extended use. There is a nice heft to the IQ, which makes it feel more sturdy than other similar sized weed vapes.

The IQ has granular temperature selection that can be controlled on the device itself or via the smartphone app. The same goes for the smart path modes, which each gradually increase the temperature by 20° as you vape. There are four preset paths, but you can customize your own paths using the app. The Smart Paths can be controlled using the device but it is easier with the app.

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Maintenance and Ease of Use

Arizer Solo 2

vaping better than smoking

The Solo 2 is one of the more fuss-free vaporizers available because of the simple loading procedure and the fact that it hardly ever needs cleaning. Loading it as simple as dipping the end of the mouth piece into your herb and then placing it into the oven. Cleaning is just as simple since the glass tubes only need to be scraped out using the included cleaning tool, or soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Temperature controls are on the device, so using the Solo 2 is pretty easy and intuitive.

Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 vapor quality
The vapor produced by the MV1 is always tasty and always cool.

The MV1 is fairly complex compared to the other vapes here because of the loading procedure, which involves pre-loading the crucible and then loading the crucible into the oven. You get used to it eventually, but there is definitely a learning curve involved. Cleaning and maintenance are also fairly complex because the MV1 consists of so many different parts, each of which needs to be cleaned individually. Cleaning each piece is not difficult, but the sheer number of pieces lengthens the whole process.


Crafty Mighty storz and bickel Review

Controlling the Mighty is easy because of the temperature control buttons and the screen that keeps you apprised of the temperature and battery settings. Maintenance is similarly easy because the Mighty hardly ever needs to be cleaned. Only the cooling unit ever needs cleaning and that only has to be done every few weeks. If you don’t feel like cleaning it, then you can replace it every three to six months since a new cooling unit costs less than $20.

Pax 3

pax 3 vaporizer review
Pax 3’s Oven Chamber is fuss free to fill with ground herb—just make sure you grind well!

The Pax 3 and its attendant smartphone app are both very easy to use. The vaporizer is simple because it has haptic feedback and lip sensing technology, so using it is intuitive and the learning curve is pretty shallow. The app is well-designed so using all of its myriad functions is smooth sailing. Cleaning the Pax 3 is another matter entirely. The mouthpiece, oven, and vapor path each need to be cleaned separately, so the entire process can take a while.

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer with glass spacer in the oven
The glass spacer fits snugly inside the oven. Seven ventilation holes ensure that the vapor flow is unrestricted.

Using the IQ is simple for the most part because the precise temperature controls are right there on the device and the light grid clearly displays the setting. The smartphone app controls various functions like the Smart Path mode and the adjustment of the brightness of the LED lights. It is very easy to use, getting up to speed doesn’t take long at all. Some of those functions can be controlled on the device using combinations of the buttons, but that method is more difficult to use and the combinations are hard to remember.

The IQ is a relatively high-maintenance device because of how much cleaning is required. It is comprised of multiple parts that each need to be cleaned individually, so maintaining the IQ is an involved process.

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Performance and Vapor Quality

Arizer Solo 2

dry herbArizer Solo 2 Aroma Tube vaporizer
The glass aroma tube of the Arizer Solo 2 helps to cool down the vapor and preserve its flavor. Plus, it’s super easy to fill!

Vapor Quality: The vapor quality of the Solo 2 is sublime, easily some of the best-tasting vapor I’ve ever experienced. The vapor is dense, flavorful, and always cool because of the long airpath. There is no draw resistance to speak of so inhaling that delicious vapor is always a pleasure.

Battery Performance: The Solo 2 heats up quickly, and once it gets going, it won’t stop for a while because the large battery lasts for up to three hours. A wall charger is the only recharge option and takes about ninety minutes, but at least it only has to be done every few days.

Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 how to use
Preloading the crucible makes the loading procedure go much faster.

Vapor Quality: The herb vapor produced by the MV1 is excellent and always stays cool because the mouthpiece is situated in the heatsink. Since it is an on demand vaporizer, it heats up instantly, so there is no down time from loading the MV1 to using the MV1. As long as there is a crucible in the oven, this vape is good to go.

Battery Performance: You probably won’t have to worry about the battery since it lasts for a very long time. However, it also takes a few hours to recharge, so you might need to charge it overnight or get one of the battery-related accessories.


Vapor Quality: The conduction/convection hybrid heating system used in the Mighty produces dense, tasty, cool vapor that few other weed vapes can match. The straw-like mouthpiece feels good and has a low draw resistance, so inhaling the vapor is always effortless.

Battery Performance: The battery of the Mighty can last for an impressive two and a half hours, which is one of the longer battery durations on this list. Recharging is done via a wall outlet and takes about two hours, which isn’t too bad for a high capacity battery.

Pax 3

rose gold pax 3
Pax’s new designs are only available on the black matte device, but the rose gold gloss is always beautiful!

Vapor Quality: The vapor quality of the Pax 3 is very good. For a while. The flavor starts out great but slowly deteriorates as your session continues. It’s good while it lasts, but it doesn’t last as long as you would like. The vapor also tends to get a little warm as the session progresses because of the short path from the oven to the mouthpiece.

Battery Performance: The 3500 mAh battery lasts for about ninety minutes, and charges in about ninety minutes. That is good for about ten sessions and is about the average for dry herb vaporizers in this size range.

DaVinci IQ

Vapor Quality: The IQ uses conduction heating, which usually isn’t the preferred choice of most vapers but the zirconia elements—which includes a pearl in the oven that evenly distributes heat—help to keep the quality of the vapor high. Vapor is dense, flavorful, and stays cool during each session.

Battery Performance: The battery lasts for about ninety minutes, which is good, but it takes four hours to charge, which is bad. Fortunately, the battery is removable, so you can just replace it when it dies instead of waiting for it to recharge.

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The Bottom Line

Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 is a great choice for stay-at-home vapers who appreciate excellent vapor quality and don’t want to worry about the upkeep of their vaporizer. It’s not for anyone who wants a portable device or tech-heads who want smartphone connectivity. The Arizer Solo 2 is for vapers who like to keep things simple, and the sub $200 price point makes it one of the best deals here.

Ghost MV1

This is an on demand vaporizer so it is perfect for vapers who want to vape as much or as little as they want, whenever they want, which is the kind of convenience other vapes can’t offer. It is too big to be a portable so you’ll be doing all of your vaping at home. The biggest caveats are that it has a fairly high learning curve and is pretty high maintenance, but if you can get over those problems, then the Ghost MV1 is a good, unique choice of vaporizer.


Another vape that’s too big to be a portable, but you probably won’t mind that when you’re enjoying its tasty vapor at home. The Mighty is for vapers who don’t need, or want, any extraneous high-tech features on their vaporizer. The only thing that might throw potential buyers off—apart from its size—is the fact that it is the most expensive vape here. If that is not a problem then you’ll find that the Mighty offers high quality without much fuss.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is for vapers who want a true portable experience with a lot of high-tech functionality. The vaporizer itself offers good quality vapor in a package that you can take nearly anywhere. The smartphone app adds a lot of useful features that allows users to tailor their vaping experience to their whims. The cool style is just a nice bonus on top of everything else the Pax 3 has to offer.

DaVinci IQ

One of the smartest and most stylish vapes available, the IQ gives users impressive smartphone connectivity without their having to rely on the smartphone app to control everything. The IQ offers a great deal of customization thanks to the app, it’s built-in functionality, and accessories. All of that—plus great tasting vapor and dense clouds—in a package that can easily fit in your pocket.

A huge proponent of the vaping lifestyle who would love it if everyone who smokes makes the switch to vaping instead. Loves CBD and would like to see it infused into everything. Aside from the world of vaping, he also loves reading, health & fitness, gadgets & technology, and culture, both the pop and regular kind.

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