Teslacigs Three Review

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Teslacigs Three Review

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Teslacigs Three is the third generation of Teslacigs series by Tesla. It has a built-in 5000mAh battery with maximum output power of 150W and an output voltage of 4.2V. Teslacigs Three is a semi-mechanical mod and features four safety protection. But the biggest feature about this device is its power charging function which can recharge mobile phones with an output current of 1Amp. An easy, simple, and multifunctional mech-mod by Tesla.

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In-Depth Teslacigs Three Mod Review:

Teslacigs Three ($44.50 from Heaven Gifts) is the third installment of the Teslacigs series by Tesla. It is actually a semi-mechanical box mod with electronic safety features that we’re going to talk later. In this article, I will share with you, my personal experience with this device and if this semi-mech mod will be worth to buy for.


Teslacigs Three is only 81mm (h) x 52mm (w) x 25mm (d) and has a maximum output power of 150W with an output voltage of 4.2V. This device does not have voltage adjusting buttons except its firing button, making its exterior smooth and uncluttered. Teslacigs Three is made from zinc alloy coated with frosted paint, so gripping the device is comfortable in your hand but will easily keep fingerprints.

The 510 connector of the Teslacigs Three is brass and silver-plated and combines the self-adaption spring and the regulating screw, making it applicable to RDAs, RTAs, RDTAs, and sub-ohm atomizers. If you find that the atomizer fails to work but the indicator lights shows up normally, the problem might be on the 510 connector and you have to adjust the screw to fix it.


The 5000mAh built-in battery makes this mod a multifunctional product.

Teslacigs Three has a USB port on the bottom, which is the output port that could be used for charging electronic products like mobile phones. The same feature used on the iTaste MVP by Innokin. Just plug your mobile phone or any electronic portable device into the Teslacigs Three and it will recharge its battery, thanks to Teslacigs Three’s high-powered cell rated at 5000mAh. It also has a pass-through feature meaning you can still vape this mod even if its plug in for charging. However, if you used this device to vape while recharging your phone, it might not work.

There are four LED lights above the fire button, which will lit up while charging and in used. These LED lights indicate the status of its battery life.

Four Safety Protection Features:

  1. Long-time firing protection: The device will automatically stop firing if the continuous evaporation time exceeds 10 seconds. The LED lights will flicker eight times and the mod will enter into the standby mode.
  1. Low voltage alarm: When the voltage is lower than 3.4v, the LED lights will flicker 15 times and then the mod will shut down automatically.
  2. Atomizer short circuit protection: When short circuit happens, the LED lights will flicker five times rapidly and the mod will enter into the standby mode.
  3. Charging protection: When the current or the voltage is excessively large, the charging circuit will automatically disconnect.


The biggest feature of Teslacigs Three is its power charging function. Teslacigs Three can recharge devices like mobile phones and other electronic devices. The maximum output current is 1Amp, and it costs 5 hours to fully charged. It may not be as convenient as the real power bank does, but it can be a big help especially if your power bank is out of juice.

While using, the output power of this device will turn constant according to the resistance of the atomizer (supports minimum resistance of 0.1ohm). To reach the maximum output, we need to work out the coils’ resistance before building. The lower the resistance, the higher the output power will be.


Teslacigs Three is wrapped in an acrylic glass, which looks very cool and simple. Inside the packing are the mod, a USB cable, a handbook and a certificate of qualification.

Final Verdict

Personally, I like its convenience of use. Although this device lacks on voltage adjusting function and temperature control, and maybe a little bit troublesome for newbies. This will not be a problem once you are used to the rules of vaping mech-mods.

The 5000mAh built-in battery ensures long battery life. The box support 2Amp charging, therefore it only needs 4 hours to be fully charged with a 2Amp charger.

The disadvantages of this device are the following.

  • The Button- The button’s elasticity is so big that you need a little force to apply to it, otherwise, it will stop working.
  • The Coating – The Teslacigs Three’s coating faces the problem of peeling off. Not to mention, its fingerprint magnet, and the 510 connector part could easily wear off too.

Where to buy the Teslacigs Three:

I highly recommend this device to those enthusiasts and expert vapers who loves to use mechanical box mod. The Teslacigs Three is absolutely worth a look. Try also visiting our Best Vape Mods to see other options before buying this mod at Heaven Gifts. Heaven Gifts has one of the largest selection of e-cigs and mods with 24-hours shipping and Fast Shipping methods. Customer Satisfaction guarantee.

Teslacigs Three Mod

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