Sutra Vape DBR eNail Review

Sutra Vape DBR eNail Review
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Sutra Vape DBR eNail Review Bottom Line

The Sutra Vape DBR includes four different type of nails that are good for different occasions: Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz and Silicon Carbide. The materials used on this nails are durable and each has a unique flavor. If you’re in the market for a portable e-Rig and you have a budget of $200, I’d recommend the Sutra DBR portable eNail without hesitation.

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Sutra Vape DBR eNail Background

Sutra Vape is considered by many to be the preeminent manufacturer of vaporizers for dabbing, the term used for inhaling the essence of waxy concentrates. After producing a line of high-quality products, Sutra vape is back with a brand new type of wax vaporizer, a portable e-Rig designed to take the place of traditional dab rigs used to smoke waxy concentrates. Read on to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of the Sutra Vape DBR eNail ($199.95 from Vape-Smart).

Sutra Vape DBR eNail Key Features

  • Ceramic Heating Base
  • Quick 30 sec Warmup
  • Max Temp 800°F
  • Precise Digital Temp Control
  • 3000mAh 18650 Li-ion Battery
  • 6″ Tall by 1″ Wide

The Sutra Vape DBR eNail kit comes with:

  • Sutras DBR Unit
  • Sutra DBR Carrying Case
  • Mini Recycler Bubbler
  • Heating Base
  • 3000mAh / 18650 Sutra Vape Battery
  • Includes Four Nail to choose from (Titanium Nail, Quartz Nail, Ceramic Nail, and Silicon Carbide Nail)
  • A Carb Cap and Dab Tool
  • Two Vape Wipes
  • Charging Cable

Sutra Vape DBR eNail Design

There’s a new e-Rig on the block, the Sutra Vape DBR eNail. With plenty of experience producing electric nails and rigs, Sutra Vape took everything they’ve learned and packaged into an amazing package for concentrate enthusiasts. The DBR eNail comes complete with an eye-catching glass bubbler that’s sure to impress – Mini Recycler Bubbler.

The DBR eNail sells for around $199.95, making it cheaper than other eNail models out on the market. Still, this model offers value for the money due to its premium quality design.

At 6” tall and 1” wide, the DBR Portable eNail Kit by Sutra Vape has everything you needed for a portable e-Rig.

Sutra Vape DBR eNail Kit

Sutra Vape DBR eNail Performance

The Sutra DBR eNail really blew us away with how customizable it was. Not only can you choose between 4 different nail options – Titanium, Silicon Carbide, Quartz, and Ceramic, but you can dial in your desired temperature (within 10° F) between 300° F – 800° F. Being able to dial in the temperature allows users to enjoy some low-temperature dabs to get the best tasting rips possible, or ramp things up for some major clouds.

Equipped with an LED display the Sutra DBR lets you monitor things like, the set temperature, current temperature, heat-up time and a number of puffs you’ve had. Control the temperature of the unit with simple up / down buttons located on the front of the e-Rig.

An e-Rig that allows the user to dial in the perfect temperature is enough to make this device a top contender on the market. Designed in the USA (assuming it was manufactured in China though), the recycler-style glass bubbler attachment does a great job cooling down the vapor and keeping any reclaim from hitting your lips. Even when you pull hard on it, you won’t get any water splashing you in the lips, a big bonus as this was one of our major issues with other e-Rig bubbler attachments.

You choose between 4 different nail options – Titanium, Silicon Carbide, Quartz, and Ceramic,

Sutra Vape DBR Heating Nails

Sutra Vape DBR eNail Battery

The Sutra DBR uses a single 18650 3000mAh battery, battery life is more than adequate, and you can easily swap out the battery with a fully charged one (if you buy an extra). On a full charge, I got around 15 sessions, pretty impressive for a rig that has to heat up to ~700° F each use.

I’d love to see Sutra DBR include a second battery in the box. The battery life isn’t an issue, but if there was anything you might want to consider purchasing for the Sutra DBR it would be another battery to avoid any downtime.

 Function keys of this portable e-Rig are intuitive and easy-to-learn.

Sutra Vape DBR eNail Bottom Line

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the DBR eNail by Sutra Vape, but I was very pleased with the whole package. They delivered a near-perfect portable e-Rig for a good price.

If you’re in the market for a portable e-Rig and you have a budget of $200, I’d recommend the Sutra DBR portable eNail without hesitation.

Where to buy

Sutra DBR Portable eNail Kit

Buy the Sutra DBR Portable eNail Kit and use coupon code TVG10 to save 10%


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