Sutra S Type Review

Sutra S Type review

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The Sutra S-Type is powerful and impressive to carry around. Its overall innovative design really unconventional for portable vaporizer but still manages to incorporate all the aspects of aesthetics. It delivers outstanding quality vapor, and well worth the price if the somewhat larger size doesn't bother you.

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In-depth Sutra S Type Review

Sutra has been around in the vaporizer industry for quite some time. It has released a variety of vaporizers and the only constant you will notice in their products is innovation. The new Sutra S-Type is no exception. The innovative streak is clearly visible in the design of this vaporizer. The overall shape of the Sutra S-Type is really unconventional but still manages to incorporate all the aspects of aesthetics. No wonder, you instantly fall in love with its looks.

Shape and Size

When it comes to shape, different is the word for the Sutra S Type. But this difference is visually arresting and at the same time makes the Sutra S Type Vaporizer more Ergonomic. With just 5 inches in height, it fits in your pockets without causing too much inconvenience. The material used in the outer construction is Polycarbonate (PC) which gives it a sleek finish. This is not the regular PC that develops cracks on being heated too much; it is the improved version that is capable of withstanding the high temperatures of vaping devices. To put things in perspective, it is as heat-tolerant as the glass.

A technology-driven device

The heat resistant exterior of the Sutra S Type takes your vaping experience to the next level. You simply enjoy the vaping while the technology takes care of everything else. The device comes with an automatic shut-off mechanism that enhances the efficiency of your battery and at the same time makes the vaporizer a safer device. For efficient ventilation of the extra heat, the device has two vents on each side. This is quite an impressive feature that ensures the safety of the user.

Convenient Usage

Attractive design notwithstanding, the one thing that every vaping enthusiast looks for in a vaping device is ease of use. The good news is that the Sutra S Type Vape does not disappoint you at all on this front. The manufacturer has taken good care of the convenience part, by keeping the usage as simple as possible. But this does not mean that technology has been compromised. The mouthpiece, for instance, is held together with magnets and you simply have to tilt it to one side top open it and fill the oven. After filling the herb just put the mouthpiece in its position and the magnets keep it intact. You can control all the functionalities for the vaporizer with just one button. The S Type gives you four temperature settings that you can select by pressing the start button.

Great Vaping Experience

While vaping with this device, you can be rest assured that you will get a truly hassle-free experience. Temperature setting is controlled by a single button. Just push the button three times and it starts heating the oven.  The light on the start button turns green when the oven reaches the first level of heat. It offers four preset temperature settings with level one at 390 degrees, level two at 420 degrees, level 3 at 450 degrees and level 4 at 480 degrees. Keep the start button pushed and the device will cycle through all the levels. You just have to release the button to select your desired temperature level. Another feature worth mentioning in this vaporizer is it unique charger that allows you to charge the device while your vape.

With every technical aspect taken care of automatically, you can enjoy your vaping sessions unhindered.  The S Type gives out high-quality vapes consistently. For best results, it is advisable that you grind your herb well.

Ample Battery Power at Your Disposal

The Sutra S Type vaporizer contains a rechargeable battery rated 2600 mAh. With this much power at your disposal, you can have really long vaping sessions without worrying about the power.  Depending on the length of your vaping sessions one charge is enough to power three to six vaping sessions which are great for a portable vaporizer.

Powerful Oven

The Sutra S Type comes with a hybrid ceramic core that heats up to your desired temperature in less than 30 seconds. It uses the conduction heating which is not the best technology for vaporizers but works fine for this one. Also, the absence of a fan enhances the battery life and at the same time gives a stealthy quality to your vaporizer.


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