Super Surfer Review

Super Surfer Review
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Super Surfer vaporizer is a top notch unit and the vapor quality is just awesome. This newest desktop vape from the 7th floor is not only compatible with dry herbs but can also utilize concentrates too. If you have more money to spend this is an amazing product to watch for. Not only it is an extremely versatile and durable vaporizer but it also produces thick and flavorful clouds both from herbs and concentrates.

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Super Surfer Review:

Super Surf Vaporizer ($499.95 from Vape-Smart) is here, the successor of the Silver Surf Vaporizer (SSV) which happens to be one of the top desktop vaporizers that money can buy. This newest desktop vape from 7th floor sports the same features that the original SSV have. With added features, this unit is the most versatile among the other desktop vapes in its category.

Design and Features

The Base on the Super Surfer is extra-thick with a stainless steel base that contains a fan/heat generator as well as the LED ‘Mood Lighting’. The heater is also redesigned on the cover mount which allows you to switch between using a whip, or using the balloon bag system similar to what the Volcano can do.

The Air Filtration System on the Super Surf can filter the air straight through the holes of the unit before it even enters the system. This means that the inside of the Super Surf vaporizer stays nice and clean. I am, however, being skeptical about this since it felt like the holes on each side of the unit can be filled with dust easily.

What makes the Super Surfer more advanced than its predecessor is that it does everything you would want a desktop vaporizer to do.

  • You can use the classic whip directly
  • You can fill a bag and pass it around
  • You can vaporize concentrates

With that being said, this unit has without its quirks and that is, it has NO temperature indicator or display screen which is a big problem to its functionality. On the unit, there are only two knobs for precise temperature settings: one powering the fan and the other controlling the heat settings.

Overall Performance

The performance of this vaporizer is top notch. This reminds me of one of the desktop vapes I reviewed a couple years back – the Spry Prodigy. The clouds produced by this vape from both concentrates and dry herbs were thick and flavorful. The vapor quality is really great. Even without exact temperature settings, this unit tends to be really easy to use. You’ll just have to play around with it for a few minutes to find the right settings for you. recommends this for

If you have the money to spend and want the newest vaporizer with the most features and gives you a durability of a lifetime, or if you just want something cool to have around the house and at parties, this is an amazing product and I implore you to check it out. But if you’re on a budget and looking for something that just gets the job done, then this product might not be for you. Try to visit my top picks for this year to get the best vaporizers that money can buy with great deals and discounts.

Where to buy the Super Surfer Vaporizer?

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Super Surfer Vaporizer

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