Suorin iShare Ultra Review – Starter Kit w/ Power Bank

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Suorin iShare Ultra Review: Bottom Line

Two Pod Systems in one kit? No problem. The Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit has two Pod Systems sticks that you can swap anytime. This includes a 1400mAh power to charge the extra kit while using the other one for a longer vaping time. Each pod system has a 130mAh of battery life and a maximum power of 9 watts.

Suorin iShare Ultra Review: Background

This year, Pod Systems are gaining attention in the international vaping market, users are choosing this as an alternative for a bigger vaping device, as it has a very compact size that you can bring anywhere and use it at any time of the day. We are also highly recommending this to get if you are a Beginner and trying to quit the bad habit of smoking.

We have previously reviewed some Pod System such as the Smok Infinix Starter Kit and Smok Fit Starter Kit. Now, we will take a look with the newest product from Suorin, The iShare Ultra Starter Kit ($59.99 from VaporDNA).

suorin ishare ultra review background
Innovative Pod System

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit?

  • 1x Power Bank
    • 1400mAh Battery
  • 2x iShare Sticks
    • 130 mAh Battery Each
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
suorin ishare ultra review package

Key Features: Suorin iShare Ultra Review

Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit

  • 1400mAh Power Bank – This is the best feature of Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit, having a long-lasting power bank with 1400mAh of battery life, you can now easily charge your Pod Systems anywhere. There is a bonus advantage with this power bank, it can serve as a good tool to keep your pods in your bags or pockets.
  • Draw Activated Firing System – Automatically fire up your Suorin iShare just by inhaling and it will produce a flavorful vapor from your E-Liquids, there are no physical buttons to deal with.
  • Refillable Pod System – The Sourin iShare has a very easy e-liquid refilling system, you can refill it with your favorite e-liquid anytime.
  • Holds 2 iShare – The second best thing that I like about the Sourin iShare Ultra Starter  Kit, the option of storing 2 Pod System sticks, this way we can use the spare kit while the other is charging in the included power bank.
  • LED Battery Indicator – Monitor your Sourin iShare battery life with the included LED indicator.
suorin ishare ultra review features

Design: Suorin iShare Ultra Review

The overall exterior design of the Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit is simple, focusing more on the functions. The Sourin Company manage to maximize the users vaping experience by providing a design to hold two Pod Systems, this a great way for users to continue vaping by using the extra kit while the other still charging.

It has a grip design on both iShare sticks that adds comfort to hands while using this device. It is also a very compact device with only 85 x 45 x 21 mm in dimensions.

suorin ishare ultra review design
Simple and Clean Aesthetics

Performance: Suorin iShare Ultra Review

The Suorin iShare sticks have a maximum output of 9 watts, this is enough to provide you a fair amount of vapor production. Having a low wattage output also saves battery life for a longer vaping time. The refillable Pod System has a 2.0-ohm atomizer coil resistance. The Suorin iShare Starter Kit has a gold plated magnetic connection to maximmize the power coming in to the device.

suorin ishare ultra review performance
Maximum Power of 9 watts with 130mAh of Battery Life

Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit VS Similar Kits

What is the key difference of Suorin iShare Ultra to other Starter Kits?

  • Smok Infinix Starter Kit vs Suorin iShare Ultra – The Smok Infinix Starter Kit has a higher battery life with 250mAh compare to Suorin iShare with only 130mAh of battery life, but the big advantage of Suorin IShare Kit is having the option to switch with the included iShare stick for a continuous vaping session.
  • Juul E-Cig vs Suorin iShare Ultra – Both of these starter kits has a simple but stunning overall aesthetics that will match any of your items. The Suorin iShare Ultra will have a big advantage of having a power bank to extend battery life and the option to change different E-Liquid flavors that Juul E-Cig doesn’t have that option.

Final Thoughts: Suorin iShare Ultra Review

The best thing that I like about the Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit is its great functionality. Having a power bank and an extra pod system stick to use while the other is charging, this a big advantage for users who want to enjoy vaping without worrying about the battery getting dead.

With its performance and good functionality, this could be included in our Best Pod Systems of 2018. An innovative and compact vaping device.

Where to buy the Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit?

Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit

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