Sun State Hemp CBD Review and Coupon Code

Sun State Hemp Review and Coupon Code
Input the TVG15 coupon code to get a 15% discount on your purchase.

Sun State Hemp Coupon Code: TVG15 (15% off sitewide)

Sun State Hemp Review Introduction

Sun State Hemp is a company dedicated to producing CBD products made from the hemp plant. These products encompass a wide variety of categories, in fact they cover every CBD ingestion method possible. That way, they give everyone the option of trying CBD, no matter if they are into vaping or not.

Currently, no other company offers the range of products that Sun State Hemp does. The closest is Hemp Bombs, and while their products are good, they simply do not have as many of them as Sun State Hemp does in their catalogue. Continue reading my Sun State Hemp review to find out how they are making CBD more accessible for everyone.

Use coupon code TVG15 for 15% off sitewide

Sun State Hemp Company Overview

Sun State Hemp is an American company based out of Florida that only uses hemp, which is locally grown and harvested, to make their products. Those products include extracts like CBD vape oil or CBD vape wax. However, in order to make CBD more attainable to a wider audience, their products are not limited to substances that need to be vaporized.

They also make CBD infused products that are easy for the non-vaper to consume, these include: CBD edibles; CBD tinctures; CBD capsules and tablets; CBD skin cream. Sun State Hemp does not limit this accessibility to humans, they also make CBD enhanced treats for pets, so that cats and dogs can experience the benefits of CBD too.

Sun State Hemp extracts the CBD used in their products in sterile, certified laboratories to make certain that their CBD is at least 99% pure. Their products undergo rigorous, thorough review and testing via third party labs, to ensure their purity and safety. Their dedication to transparency means that they have the lab analysis results of all their products readily available on their website. That way, anyone can see exactly what is in the product they are interested in purchasing.

Sun State Hemp Website

Sun State Hemp has a fairly standard website that is simple to navigate and quick to load. The home page is somewhat busy, but the various product pages are clear and informative. Each one has a brief description of the product, the price, the different CBD concentrations of the product (if available). It also has more specific information, such as, a list of ingredients, lab analysis results, and dosage instructions. The fonts are very large and distinct, so it’s easy to discern any relevant information at a glance.

The shopping experience is as familiar and convenient as you would expect from a modern website. Selecting a product or products to buy is simple and actually purchasing that product is fast and easy. Using the Sun State coupon code TVG15 for each purchase makes the shopping experience even better, since it provides a 15% discount.

  • Shipping Information: Orders are usually shipped Monday through Friday. Orders over $100 receive free shipping.
  • Warranty: Since these products are consumables, they do not have a warranty and cannot be returned or refunded.

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Sun State Hemp Coupon Code

Don’t forget to use coupon code TVG15 to save 15% when shopping for any of Sun State Hemp’s products.

  1. Go to the product page of your selected product, choose the quantity of that product and select add to cart.
  2. You will be transported to the Shopping Cart page where you can checkout or continue shopping.
  3. Enter TVG15 in the Discount Codes box and then click the Apply Coupon button.
  4. The price of the item will change to reflect the 15% discounted from it.

TVG exclusive Sun State Hemp Coupon Code: TVG15 for 15% off sitewide.

Final Thoughts

Sun State Hemp wants CBD to be available to everyone whether they are into vaping or not, and their product line confirms their commitment to accessibility. They provide users with a variety of different ingestion methods to make using CBD as easy as possible. From edibles to tinctures to capsules, Sun State Hemp makes consuming CBD simple.

Pets get to experience the benefits of CBD as well, since Sun State Hemp makes several different types of treats for cats and dogs. If you or your pet are ready to try CBD, then visit the Sun State Hemp website to peruse the items available in their product line. Don’t forget to use Sun State Hemp coupon code TVG15 while you’re there, the discount and the product will both be worth your visit.

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