Sun State CBD Pet Treats Review

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CBD for pets may seem strange at first, but it can benefit animals in much the same way it benefits humans. Since pets can’t vape, treats and sprays are the best way to give them CBD. Your pets will likely enjoy the flavor of these treats, but you should consult a veterinarian if you want to use them to help your pet with any serious conditions.

Sun State CBD Pet Treats Background

Well, the Sun State CBD Pet Treats ($20 – $30 directly from Sun State Hemp, use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%) are something different, a product that isn’t meant for humans, so how do I review this?! Well, there’s bad news, good news, and bad news about that.

The bad news is that I don’t have any pets on which to test these products.
The good news is that I have friends with pets that can test these products.
The bad news is that the pets aren’t talking.

Still, there are ways of evaluating these pet treats, and you can read the rest of my Sun State CBD Pet Treats review to find out what they are. And in case you’re wondering, CBD has similar benefits to pets as it does for humans because all creatures with a spine have an ECS (endocannabinoid system), and CBD affects the ECS in a positive way. So, there’s no worry that the CBD pet treats will harm your furry friend, even so, you should consult a veterinarian before you use these treats for more serious problems

The Types of Treats and Their Concentrations

  • Bacon Pet Treats – 100 mg
  • Bones Pet Treats – 100 mg
  • Jerky Pet Treats – 100 mg
  • Meatball Pet Treats – 100 mg
  • Pigs in a Blanket Pet Treats – 100 mg
  • Steak Pet Treats – 100 mg
  • Bacon-Flavored Full Spectrum Tincture for Dogs – 150 mg
  • Salmon-Flavored Full Spectrum Tincture For Cats – 150 mg
  • Pet Spray – 100 mg
Sun State CBD Pet Treats Jerky and Bone Treats
The Jerky (L) and the Bones (R) are just two of the many types of treat available.

Notable Features

  • A wide variety of treats in a wide variety of flavors
  • Some treats are for both cats and dogs
  • Treats are third-party tested to make sure they are safe
  • Retails for $20 – $30 directly from Sun State Hemp, coupon code TVG15 provides a 15% discount
Sun State CBD Pet Treats Tinctures and Spray
Tinctures and a spray are also available if you want a more direct method of administering CBD.

How Well Do They Work and Will Pets Like Them?

Like I said, I tested these treats on my friends’ cats and dogs (and yes, my friends knew about it) so I mostly judged each treat based on their reactions—the pets’ reactions, not my friends. CBD can help animals in much the same way it can help humans, by giving a feeling of calm and wellness and providing pain relief.

However, these treats can also help animals who have experienced previous trauma and suffer from problems like aggressiveness, excessive barking or meowing, anxiety, and other serious issues. Fortunately, none of the pets I tested these treats on had any of those problems, so I can’t say whether these treats will help in that regard or not, I can only tell you if they enjoyed these treats or not. If your pet does suffer from any of those problems, then consult a vet for advice first.

Bacon Pet Treats

These are meant for cats and dogs, but it seems like the dogs preferred this one more. Not surprising, as everyone likes bacon, yes, the cats too, but the dogs were all over this like … dogs on bacon. Yeah, that simile is a little on the nose.

These treats contain real bacon, so it’s no wonder that dogs love them. Heck, you might love them, though I wouldn’t actually try eating any—at least not while anyone is looking. CBD is supposed to instill a sense of calm and the dogs did seem a little more chill after chowing down on these. As for the cats, who can tell: they’re cats.

Bones Pet Treats

Yep, these are mainly for dogs too, I wouldn’t even try giving them to a cat. In addition to giving your dog some CBD, the bone treats are also supposed to help clean their teeth, which is a nice bonus. The dogs enjoyed chewing on these, which gave their teeth a nice workout, so there might be something to the teeth cleaning claim. However, these weren’t the dogs’ favorites.

Sun State CBD Pet Treats Bones Pet Treats
The Bone Pet Treats are also useful for cleaning your dog's teeth.

Jerky Pet Treats

These beef jerky treats contain real beef, so both the cats and the dogs enjoyed them. You are supposed to limit your pets to one to three treats per day, but that will be difficult with the Jerky treats since your pet will want more of them.

Sun State CBD Pet Treats Jerky Treats
The Jerky treats contain real beef and are appetizing to both cats and dogs.

Meatballs Pet Treats

Another dog treat? (I’m sensing a theme here.) This one is made of delicious beef liver, well it’s delicious to dogs, anyway—at least based on how much the dogs swarmed over it. They couldn’t get enough, even though they shouldn’t eat more than three per day. So, fair warning: if you follow the feeding limits—which you should—your dog will be following you around for a while begging for more.
The cats were indifferent. As usual.

Sun State CBD Pet Treats Meatballs and Steak Treats
The Meatball (L) and the Steak (R) treats both use real meat and are popular with the dogs.

Pigs in a Blanket Pet Treats

Wait a minute, this is human food, why do the pets get to enjoy it? Admittedly, the pet version of that appetizer doesn’t look quite as appetizing, but the dogs didn’t seem to care, they were all over them. The mix of beef and cheese (flavoring) proved irresistible to them, much as it does to most people. These are some of the chewier snacks, so they’re great for older dogs with tender gums.

Sun State CBD Pet Treats Bones, Pigs ina Blanket, and Steak Treats
L -R: Bones Pet Treats, Pigs in a Blanket Pet Treats, Steak Pet treats.

Steak Pet Treats

Well, we’re getting rather fancy now, aren’t we? As you can probably guess, the dogs couldn’t get to these fast enough, apparently the steak smell is pretty strong to them. The steak flavor probably isn’t as strong, but they won’t care, they’ll love the real beef these treats contain. The steak treats are pretty chewy, so your dog will enjoy working on them, and if my friends’ dogs are any indication, you’ll enjoy watching them work on them.

Sun State CBD Pet Treats Steak Pet Treats
The Steak Pet Treats proved to be one of the more popular type of treat.

Bacon-Flavored Full Spectrum Tincture For Dogs

As you can see, this isn’t actually a treat, it’s a tincture, which is both good and bad. The bad is that using the dropper on your dog’s tongue can be difficult if they’re not compliant. The good is that it is pure CBD, and it gets absorbed into their system faster than the pet treat methods.

If they’re uncooperative, then you can place a few drops of the CBD oil in their water instead, though now they’ll have bacon-flavored water, which seems weird, but I doubt they’ll mind much. Dogs don’t mind anything. Anything food related anyway.

Salmon-Flavored Full Spectrum Tincture for Cats

If you can successfully administer the tincture to your cats, then congratulations, you have the world’s chillest cats, in which case they probably don’t need CBD for the calming effects. As for all the other cats, you should probably stick to dripping it in their water, unless you enjoy getting scratched to shreds.

Sun State CBD Pet Treats CBD Tinctures
The Tinctures are the fastest-acting ways of providing CBD for your pets.

Pet Spray

This is another delivery method that provides pure CBD, it’s also one of the most versatile, since you can spray it directly into your pet’s mouth or onto their food or water. I’m almost certain that spraying it into their mouth is better since they will ingest it directly and feel the effects faster.

I’m definitely certain that spraying the CBD liquid onto their food or water is easier, though it might take a little longer before they start to feel the effects. At least you won’t have to worry about any bites or scratches.

The Last Word

From what I can tell, Sun State CBD Pet Treats ($20 – $30 directly from Sun State Hemp, use coupon code TVG15 for a 15% discount) seem to be enjoyed by most pets, I’m talking about the actual treats here. I have no idea what they think about the tinctures and spray since, as I mentioned before, none of the pets on which they were tested had any behavioral problems that could be helped by a dose of CBD.

They seem to love all of the meaty treats though and would often beg for more after we gave them their daily allotment of three treats. Even if you’re a diva about pet food, you’ll find that these treats are as good as anything you can get at the pet store, at least based on their reactions, I’m guessing that they’re not too discerning. In addition to the CBD, the treats contain real meat, so they have the authentic taste that pets love. My only concern is that most of the CBD pet treats seem geared towards dogs, cats will enjoy some of them, but apparently we’re living in a dog’s world.

Thanks for reading my Sun State CBD Pet Treats review, this ended up being a fun one, but hopefully it’s all human stuff from now on. Check out the Sun State CBD review to learn more about this company.

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