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Sun State CBD Oil is one of the easiest and most effective ways of using CBD. There is no prep work that needs to be done and the effects come on fast. Additionally, each type of CBD oil can provide bonus effects besides what you get from the CBD. These include weight loss and help with sleeping. So, if you’re interested in trying CBD and don’t want to worry about any extra equipment or accessories, give Sun State CBD Oil a try.

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Sun State CBD Oil Review

Sun State CBD Oil ($40 – $140 directly from Sun State Hemp, use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%) shouldn’t be confused with Sun State CBD Vape Oil. The latter is meant to be used with a vaporizer, of course, while the CBD oil is meant to be used sublingually, which means under the tongue.

This seems like an unusual way to consume CBD, but it’s actually rather effective because the mucus membranes in the mouth absorb the CBD liquid quickly. Once this happens, the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream more rapidly because it bypasses the digestive system and the liver. So, this method provides fast absorption of CBD. Sun State’s Oil comes in three different varieties. Keep reading my Sun State CBD Oil review to learn about all of them.

Types and Concentrations

Each tincture of CBD oil holds 30 mL of liquid, these are the different kinds of oil and the concentrations in which they are available:

  • Hempseed Oil
    • 350 mg
    • 600 mg
    • 1000 mg
  • MCT Oil
    • 350 mg
    • 600 mg
    • 1000 mg
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
    • 500 mg
    • 1000 mg
    • 1500 mg
Sun State CBD Oil Hempseed Oil Bottles
Each type of CBD Oil comes in a range of three different concentrations.

Key Features

  • Variety of types and concentrations gives users options
  • Very easy method of ingestion
  • CBD effects are felt very quickly – 5 to 20 minutes
  • Retails for $40 – $140 directly from Sun State Hemp, use coupon code TVG15 for a 15% discount
Sun State CBD Oil Hempseed Dropper Bottle
The dropper bottles make each tincture very easy—and fast—to use.

How to Use CBD Oil

  1. Fill the dropper with CBD oil.
  2. Empty the dropper underneath your tongue.
  3. Let the oil sit for 10 to 30 seconds under your tongue before swallowing it.
Sun State CBD Oil Dropper Fill
Using any one of the CBD Oils is a quick and simple process.

CBD Oil Performance

Hempseed Oil

These are a good introduction to using CBD in this way, and to CBD in general, because of how quickly the effects are felt, it only took about ten minutes before the relaxing effects kicked in. The taste of it will be in the eye—well, the tongue—of the beholder, but you should know that it does have a strong aftertaste whether you like the flavor or not. Absolute beginners should start with the lowest 350 mg concentration, intermediate users who already know how CBD affects them, and how much they need, can try the higher concentrations.

Sun State claims that their Hempseed Oil can potentially be used as a nutritional supplement because it contains a good ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids. I doubt that I took enough to make much of a difference, and I’m not sure how much you need to take to make a difference in your diet, so I would just use it mainly for the CBD, rather than as a dietary supplement.

Sun State CBD Oil Hempseed Oil
The Hempseed Oil Formula is good for beginners and has extra functionality as a nutrition supplement.


MCT means Medium Chain Triglycerides, and they are fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the body. MCTs have a lot of different medical uses, but the one that’s relevant to us is its use as a treatment for food absorption disorders. Since MCTs help in the absorption of food, they also help in the absorption of CBD, making MCT oil one of the faster acting CBD oils.

There are lots of other potential health benefits to MCTs, including the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Improved brain function
  • Help with diarrhea
  • Help with steatorrhea (a problem with fat absorption)
  • Liver Disease

You should first consult with a doctor if you suffer from any of those conditions of course, but MCTs can help if you are suffering from any of them.

Sun State CBD Oil MCT Oil Formula
The MCT Oil is absorbed faster than the other formulas and can potentially help with weight loss and other problems.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

The Full Spectrum Oil contains several other cannabinoids in addition to CBD, including CBL (cannabicyclol) and CBN (cannabinol). CBN is another useful cannabinoid, it provides many of the same benefits as CBD, including anti-convulsive properties, appetite stimulating properties, pain-relieving properties, and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, the biggest benefit of CBN may be its use as an anti-insomnia treatment, because it acts as a mild sedative. In fact, a laboratory study found that a dose of CBN is as effective as twice the amount of diazepam. As a result, you should probably not take this if you plan on performing an activity that requires a high level of concentration, consequently, you may want to start with the lowest concentration first, just to be on the safe side.

Sun State CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oil
The Full Spectrum Oil Formula contains other useful cannabinoids besides CBD.

The Conclusion

Sun State CBD Oil ($40 – $140 directly from Sun State Hemp, coupon code TVG15 provides a 15% discount) is a safe and fast-acting method of administering CBD. It is also very simple to apply and requires no accessories or preparation work.

Additionally, each type of CBD oil available also confers additional benefits aside from the CBD benefits. They include nutritional supplementation, weight loss, and sleep aid. I wouldn’t use these oils primarily for those extra benefits, but they are a nice bonus nonetheless.

Thanks for reading my Sun State CBD Oil review, this is a great way to use CBD that gives you a lot of different options. Check out the Sun State CBD review to learn more about the company behind all the CBD products.

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