Sugoi Nic Salt Review – RYU and Sakura by Sugoi Vapor

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Sugoi Nic Salt Review: Bottom Line

The new Nicotine Salt E-Liquid version from Sugoi Vapors, The Sugoi Nic Salt. Two main e-liquids, RYU and Sakura. RYU E-Liquid is composed of Dragon Fruit, Lychee, and Kiwi. While the Sakura E-Liquid is composed of Mango Pineapple and Peach. These are infused with 50mg of Nicotine Salts that provides a good throat hit.

Sugoi Nic Salt Review: Background

The Nicotine Salt E-Liquid version of Sugoi Vapor has finally arrived, the Sugoi Nic Salt ($19.99 from VaporDNA). Fruity flavors that are infused with higher nicotine strengths without the harsh throat hit. This is perfect to use for Pod Systems/ E-Cigs for a flavor vaping experience.

Bottle Size: 30ml Gorilla Bottle

Nicotine Strengths: 50mg

Manufacturer: Sugoi Vapor

sugoi salt nic review background
RYU and Sakura with Nicotine Salts

Sugoi Nic Salt Review: Flavors

Flavor: RYU

This E-Liquid is a blend of Asian Tropical Fruits, composing of Dragon Fruit, Kiwi, and Lychee. The first thing that you will experience is the sweet taste of Dragon fruit combining with the good balance of percentage of Lychee, a burst of 2 sweet and juicy flavors. This will be followed up by the hint or somehow the aftertaste of Kiwi.

If you love sweet fruity flavors for vaping, this could be the flavor blend that you are looking for. Using this in Pod Systems will produce its pure and real taste then add a good experience of throat hit with its Nicotine Salt ingredient.

sugoi vapor ryu review vapordna
Dragon Fruit, Lychee, and Kiwi

Flavor: SAKURA

The Sakura from Sugoi Nic Salt is a combination of three main fruity flavors of Mango, Pineapple, and Peach. The Mango flavor will be more dominant from these three flavors, a sweet mango and it will be followed up by a hint of Peach flavor.

The Pineapple will come at last exhale adding a little bit of a stingy aftertaste just like the real fruit. The combination of Nicotine Salt with 50mg of strength and Pineapple flavor will provide you a great throat hit experience.

sugoi salt nic review sakura
Mango, Peach, and Pineapple

Final Thoughts: Sugoi Nic Salt Review

The Sugoi Nic Salt ($19.99 from VaporDNA) is a real treat for vapers who loves a pure taste of fruity blends. Adding the Nicotine Salt ingredient for fruity flavors is perfect, it can boost the real taste of these flavors without worrying about getting a harsh throat hit for a higher nicotine level.

With a good blend of fruity flavors and the addition of Nicotine Salts from Sugoi Vapors, these flavors can possibly compete with our Best E-Liquid of 2018.

Where to buy the Sugoi Nic Salt E-Liquid?

Sugot Nic Salt - RYU and Sakura

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