Store Review: Vape World (.com)

9.5 Total Score

Vape World was founded at the beginning of the vaping era back in 2005, and since then is providing excellent customer service and one of the largest selection of top rated vaporizers available at any online store. Vape World is not only a retailer, but only a distributor of the top names in the vaporization world. VapeWorld is an authorized dealer of everything they offer, that means that customers get the full warranty offered by the manufacturer.

We ranked VapeWorld highly thanks to these reasons-

  • Free Shipping on orders over $48 (USA and Canada)
  • Exclusive Products such as the Firefly and the Pax
  • Live Support 24/7
  • Excellent Consumer Reviews
  • Same/ Next day Order Processing

Vape World is the only authorized online retailer of the Firefly, and an authorized dealer of Pax. We recommend only buying from authorized retailers as otherwise the product might not be covered by warranty. All products sold at Vape World is eligible for the full warranty as suggested by the manufacturer.

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