SToK R Review

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stok r review

8.8 Total Score
Stok R Review Bottom Line

The Stok R is ultra discreet and looks like a normal pen but with the removal of the cap a high-end vaporizer is exposed. I like the performance especially considering the slim design, the SToK R kept me vaping comfortably throughout the day.

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In-Depth Stock R Review:

The Stock R is a vape pen that rips!  This is the tagline that the manufacturer uses for the Stock R and rightly so because this is a vaping device that is truly trendy and the vaping experience it provides is second to none. The Stock R is a brand new oil and concentrate vaporizer that comes with a reputable brand name. It is about the size of a regular pen that offers an array of innovative features that can leave the fussiest of vaping enthusiasts speechless. So, let’s find out what this brand new vaping pen from Stock has to offer.

Stock R Design

The design of the Stock R is simple and yet very trendy. It is of the size of a regular pen and the clip given on the cap allows you to carry it in your pocket with safety. The sleek black finish of this vaporizer adds to its appeal and at the same time inspires confidence in the user. Within this, trendy and sleek design are incorporated features that are bound to take your vaping experience to the next level. The design allows you to use the Stock R with convenience and style. As the vaporizer works you can see the vapor building up in the transparent polycarbonate heating chamber. Special ceramic and titanium components of the chamber vaporize your concentrate efficiently and completely.

stok r series review

The Stock R has a unique funnel-shaped heating chamber with the heating element right at the bottom. This shape allows you to load it without any hassle and enhances the overall efficiency of the vaporizer manifolds. Another feature worth mentioning is the nice and easy to operate mouthpiece. It is made up of quality material and fits well with the overall shape of the vaporizer. The elegantly designed removable top cap adds to the stealthy quality of the Stock R and enhances your style quotient.

stok r vaporizer reviewUsing the Stock R

Using the Stock R is simple, easy and safe.  This is a rare combination to be found in a portable vaporizer.  It comes with a custom made stainless steel loading tool. To load the concentrate just open the cap of the chamber, take out the concentrate with the loading tool and just pour it into the heating chamber. Now put the cover back and press the start button five times in quick succession to activate the vaporizer. I find this feature of Stock R to be very good for the safety of the user as it eliminates the possibility of accidental activation. Another safety mechanism worth mentioning is the auto shutoff that deactivates the vaporizer if you do not use it for 10 seconds. Once the Stock R starts the vapor will build up in the polycarbonate heating chamber.

Stock R Vapor Quality

The Stock R produces vapors that are comparable to many high-end vaporizers.  The vapors are thick and rich in flavor.  Towards the end of the session, the thickness tends to fade away, but the flavor remains constant. This is what I liked the most about vaping with the Stock R. For best results load only for one session at a time and finish the vaping session as early as possible.

Stock R Battery

The Stock R has a 6500mAh battery with microchip processor for long battery life. For your convenience, there is a three-stage color battery life indicator with an integrated safety shutdown feature. To charge the battery you get a USB cable that allows you to charge it anywhere, anytime.

Where to buy the Stok R Series?

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Stok R Series Vaporizer

Buy the Stok R Series Vaporizer at Vape-Smart and use the coupon code TVG10 to get 10% off. Free Shipping. Same Day Shipping



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