Stentorian BASILISK Review – Stylish Resin Box Mod

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Stentorian BASILISK 200W Box Mod Review

The newest and the booming trend of 2017 for Vape Mods the Resin material. A colorful material with a striking aesthetics. Now incorporated in Stentorian's newest product the BASILISK 200w. Powered by a dual 18650 Batteries that will last your battery life up to 2-3 days of regular vaping. Recommended for Cloud Chasers and also a beginner-friendly Vaping Device.

Stentorian Basilisk: Background

The growing trend of 2017 in Vaping Devices, The Resin material. This material is composed of combining a liquid resin substance with some colorful dyeing ingredients that result in a beautiful marble-like colors. And now, vaping manufacturer all over the world are incorporating this material into their designs.

Stentorian manage to create Basilisk 200w Box Mod with a Resin material, with five (5) color options at VaporDNA. The design of metal part in the bottom and top acts as a support for the Resin material as we all know it is very fragile, dropping this can shatter this material.

Stentorian Basilisk 200w Blue Resin
Blue Resin Stentorian Basilisk

What’s in the box of Stentorian Basilisk Kit?

Awesome packaging for a Box Mod, when not in use you can store your device with this glass/plastic box or to display and showcase your mod.

  • 1x Stentorian Basilisk 200w Box Mod
  • 3x 510 Plastic protector – To protect your precious Box Mod, to prevent scratches from your RDA/RTA (atomizer) to your device. They included 3pcs, it can be useful to your other vaping devices.
  • User Manual
Stentorian Basilisk 200w Package
What's in the Box?

Key Features of the Stentorian Basilisk

  • Up to 200W Maximum Power – Even if The Stentorian BASILISK is this powerful, it is also recommended for Beginners as it has good safety features included. For Cloud Chasing vapers this is definitely for you! 200 watts of power can greatly satisfy your vaping experience.
  • Bottom Access Battery Door – Easy access door that houses dual 18650 batteries.
  • Large OLED Display – Large display for informational settings of your Stentorian BASILISK.
  • Beautiful Chassis Design – The best feature of this Box Mod, an aesthetically beautiful Resin Material that is protected with metal chassis.
Stentorian Basilisk 200w Table

Design: Stentorian BASILISK

A minimalistic simple design for Stentorian Basilisk. The Resin material is nice and smooth to touch, a colorful matte finish that is comfortable enough when using. Nice and clicky button with a concave design for your finger for a good firing experience. Battery door with easy access at the bottom with a dual 18650 batteries, a snug fit with no rattling inside.

The Metal part at the top and bottom is a Zinc Alloy that is lightweight enough compared to other metal that is being used for Box Mods like Brass, Stainless steels, and Chromes. This metal part with a box shape has a smooth finish on edges adding for a more comfortable experience. Color options at VaporDNA for the metal part are Silver and Gun Metal. If you have the chance I suggest getting the Gun Metal color it looks really nice and feels like a quality device.

Stentorian Basilisk 200w Resin Army
Meet the Basilisk Resin Army

Stentorian Basilisk: Performance

The Stentorian BASILISK 200w, as expected it will satisfy your vaping experience, providing you a maximum power of 200w that is recommended especially for Cloud Chasers. Honestly, 200W is way powerful so I always set my settings up until 100 watts, it can provide me huge clouds already. But if you are a vaper who like to boost your vaping experience, maximum watts of 200 might be for you.

The capability of having a dual 18650 batteries for Stentorian Basilisk will last you about 2-3 days of battery life for chill vaping (low wattage) and a whole day for cloud chasing.

Stentorian-Basilisk 200w Resin Color Options
Choose your color!

Stentorian Basilisk VS Similar Mods

  • Lost Vape PARANORMAL 166 vs Stentorian BASILISK – Both are powered by a dual 18650 batteries and has a bottom battery access. The Stentorian BASILISK has an option to go higher up to 200 watts of power while the Lost Vape PARANORMAL with only 166 watts maximum output.
  • iJoy GENIE PD270 vs Stentorian BASILISK – iJoy GENIE has an advantage of having a much powerful maximum wattage with 234 watts that is powered by Dual 20700 batteries. In terms of aesthetics, i’ll go with Stentorian BASILISK over the iJoy GENIE PD270.

Final Thoughts on the Stentorian Basilisk 200W

The best thing that I like about The Stentorian Basilisk is having a colorful marble-like Resin material in its body, great color options at VaporDNA. It feels really good in the hand with its smooth matte finish Resin, then pairing it with a simple Alloy metal. Quick Tip: Be careful with the Resin material as it is very fragile, I suggest buying an aftermarket silicon case if available.

Stentorian Basilisk has a large display with simple and large fonts. Btw, The Stentorian BASILISK doesn’t have a Temperature Control feature as it focuses more on the important settings, making this as a Power Device with a simple interface. This could be a CON for some users but for me, I don’t usually use this feature on my vaping devices for a long time. Now, the overall experience with this device is good and I’ll say it again I really like that they incorporated Resin in this Mod, expect more reviews of this kind in our Best Vape Mods.

Where to buy the Stentorian BASILISK 200w?

Stentorian BASILISK 200w

Stentorian's newest product the BASILISK 200w. Powered by a dual 18650 Batteries that will last your battery life up to 2-3 days of regular vaping. Recommended for Cloud Chasers and also a beginner-friendly Vaping Device.

$99.99 $109.99

Vaping since the year 2012. Very active in the booming vaping community/industry, had helped and persuade a lot of people to quit smoking and switch to vaping and will continue to promote this as a healthier option and possibly to save lives.

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