State of the Vape | October 2017

October—the official beginning of the turn of the seasons: awesome buds, cool vaporizer releases, and of course, the beginning stages of the list to Santa where we can request it all. 🙂

Per usual, we’ve got the details on the current events on the vaping landscape—so you’ll be ready with the tools you need to usher in the season with all your new favorite toys.

Dry Herb Vaping

Pax 3 Price Drop

We’re constantly monitoring the PAX 3 Review because it’s one of the best vapes ever, and Pax Vapor is always surprising us. With the price reductions that PaxVapor is now hooking up—we haven’t been so happy since the Pax 3 release date.

Pax 3 has an app that lets you optimize temp settings! Want more flavor? Want to vape in Stealth Mode? No problem! Pax is so good looking, we basically plan our outfits around it.

best rose gold pax 3
Pax Vapor sweetens deal on Pax 3—the Smartest Vaporizer ever—with all-time-low price.

PaxVapor slashed the price on the Pax 3 vaporizer from $274.99 to $249.99. Now, Pax Vapor is even letting you snag the unit without the kit for $200. The kit is cool, but for two notes flat—you’ll never miss it.

New Color

And as if the price drop on the Pax 3 wasn’t enough—now we’ve got a new color option too!

  • Teal
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Rose Gold

pax 3 teal
PaxVapor debuted matte finishes on the Pax3 after complaints on fingerprint-prone, high-gloss finish of the initial Pax 3 iteration.

The Ghost MV 1 – How does it hold up against the Field?

Investing in a quality dry herb vape is intimidating, as there are options on options on options. We did the legwork for you and compared the Ghost MV 1 to some of the reigning titans on the herb vaping market—the Arizer Solo II and the Crafty—so you can easily decide which is best for you.

The newbie, Ghost MV 1, takes on veteran dry herb vapes, Crafty and Arizer Solo 2 in October’s Major Vaporizer Comparison series.

Ghost MV 1 vs Arizer Solo 2

Clash of the Titans! Two big-ass “portable” (yeah, right) vaporizers that you’ll want to keep at home. They both deliver big flavor along with their big sizes, but one is a lot easier to use than the other. Which one? Check out our Ghost MV1 v Solo 2 Comparison to find out.

Ghost MV 1 versus the DaVinci IQ

AKA Brawn versus brains. Jock vs Nerd. OK, not really. The MV 1 isn’t dumb but the IQ lives up to its name by being one of the smartest vapes around. Check out our Ghost MV1 v DaVinci IQ comparison to see how the MV 1 keeps up with the IQ’s smarts, and if the IQ can match the MV 1’s power.

Ghost MV 1 v the Crafty

New school v Old school! The Crafty has been on top of the dry herb vape mountain for a while now. Is it outdated or does it still have what it takes to challenge the new kid? You’ll find out in our badass Ghost v Crafty comparison match up.


eNails Update

If you’ve been considering elevating your THC extract vaping game, we have great news: we’ve updated our Best eNails page. Check it out, find out how you can take your vape pen game to the next level with an eRig.

Curious (but wary) about vaping THC extracts with an eRig? Our Educational Series and Best eNails list will set you straight.

If you’re still combusting, find out our picks to make the switch from your bong, to the cleaner, more effective alternative that’ll have you flying.

Dabado Bolt V2

Dabado Bolt V2 e-Rig wax vaporizer review
The Dabado Bolt V2 is basically an electric Bong for wax—with granular temp control via LCD screen.

The sequel to the already badass Dabado Bolt, the Dabado Bolt V2 has an LCD screen that gives sweet temp control options. The full kit comes correct with a plethora of options for dabbing wax. Next level flavor from your dabs due to granular controls makes the Bolt V2 one of the best e-nails ever. The V2 sells directly from Dabado.

HoneyStick Phantom

HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom Review
The Phantom supports cannabis oil and wax, and features a neat squeeze-to-vape button so you can just vape your extracts and chill.

An adorable wax vaporizer that can handle wax and oil concentrates. Not only is the HoneyStick SqueezeBox Phantom competent, cute, and powerful—it has a unique squeeze-to-vape feature so you can just grip and hug the vape with your hand, while inhaling A1-flavored dab hits. Sweet like honey and just plain fun. The Phantom is sold at Vape-Smart for $129.

KandyPens K-Box

KandyPens K-Box vape mod kit
K-Box is more powerful than a vape pen, but not intimidating like an eNail. We love that it looks, feels, and blows clouds like a mod!

The Kandypens K-Box is yet another step in KandyPens epic plan for dominating the concentrate vaping market. The K-box isn’t your everyday vape pen, it’s basically a step up from your vape pen, just shy of the involving nature of an eRig. Perfect for the vaper who wants to transition from vape pens to something a bit more capable (at an awesome price).


KandyPens Feather eCig for Nic Salt eLiquids

Move over JUUL! KandyPens is hitting the market hard with an eCig made for use with Nic Salt eLiquids—and we LOVE it. It’s small, sleek and the flavor is ridiculous. The Kandypens Feather e-cig is one of the dopest little e-cigs ever.

KandyPens Feather e-cig Review
Kandypens Feather is fit to compete heavily with the JUUL for the Nic Salt-geared eCigs with smooth hits and major clouds.

It tastes great, and delivers in the Nicotine department with minimal throat hit and maximum vapor clouds. Check out the hottest vape of the season for 25% off w/ code TVG25.

Element dominating the eJuice Market

Element e-liquids continues to impress with their meticulously curated juice formulas. The flavors smell and taste exactly like their label descriptions.

Element eLiquids produces our favorite eJuice for cloud production, flavor, and consistency.

These flavorful concoctions contain a high VG base, so get ready blow those vapor clouds. The flavors, which come in 20 mL bottles, are economical and hit the spot too.

State of the Vape: Final Thoughts

Every month we aim to point you to the major happenings in vaping. Don’t miss a beat with our recommendations on the hottest products and developments north of combustion.
As always, our Best Lists are constantly updated—so don’t forget to check out our picks for the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers, and Best Vape Pens of 2017.

Check out TheVape.Guide for reviews on any and all products as they come to market. Please comment below if you’d like news or reviews on different events, movements, or devices.

Happy Vaping season…it has officially begun!

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