State of the Vape | Halloween Eve 2017

Halloween is creeping upon us…
Bring on the tricks, we’ve got the treats! 🎃

Check out the stores that are hooking you up with the King Size Snickers Bar of vaporizer discounts.

Check out the hottest deals right from the jump (no candy corn here):

  • Pax Vapor is throwing in 25% off of accessories with coupon PAXOWEEN (Pax is in rare form).
  • KandyPens is hooking up 35% off (scary good) w/ coupon code SCARYSALE from 10/27-10/31
  • G Pen is having a 31% off sale, sitewide from 10/26-31
  • Dr. Dabber is offering 20% off sitewide — No Code Needed
  • Vapeworld is giving 30% off on all black colored products from 10/27-11/1 (Boo!)
  • Dabado is giving 20% off with code Halloween20
  • Direct Vapor gives you 10% off all purchases $50+ throughout Halloween.

Dry Herb Vaping

DaVinci IQ Collector’s Edition + New Color

The DaVinci IQ is back with a brand new bag baby! Well—a box really. The new IQ Collector’s Edition is a nicely crafted wooden crate filled with vaping accessories like glass spacers for the IQ so you can adjust the oven size, and a glass jar to hold all your buds.

And if that wasn’t enough- the IQ now come in a brand new color- OLIVE! In addition to- Stealth, Copper, Gunmetal, and Blue. Visit DaVinci.

Crafty/Mighty: Old dogs, New tricks

The Crafty and Mighty are the OGs of the vaping game and they’re not about to be outshined by newer vapes anytime soon. Both just got a new packaging! The Crafty recently received a 20% boost in battery life (finally), longer time before auto-shutoff (yes!), and upgraded smartphone app support (we’ll take it). The Mighty also gets a 20% boost in battery life—now it goes for 2.5 hours (whoa). It also gets Boost Mode (like the Crafty) and a better auto shutoff warning.

  • The Crafty and Mighty are available from Vape-Smart for $279 and $349 respectively.

Session vs On Demand Vaping

One of the big debates in the vaping world, we break down all the pros and cons of session and on demand vaporizers in our Session versus On Demand Vaporizers article. Get the knowledge you need to decide which is right for you.

Ghost MV1 VS Arizer Solo 2
Both the Arizer Solo 2 (L - session vape) and the Ghost MV1 (R - On Demand vape) feature vapor cooling glass mouthpieces, the Solo 2 has a longer and a shorter mouthpiece option.

Solo 2 (L- session) / Ghost MV1 (R- on demand).

Deals & Coupons-

  • G Pen Halloween Sale- Interested in the G Pen Pro? How about the G Pen Elite? They’re both top-notch portables and now G Pen is giving you a 30% discount! This only lasts until Halloween so avoid the FOMO blues and get ‘em while they’re cheap.
  • Pax Vapor 25% Accessory Sale- In our last SOTV we told you about the Pax 3’s major price drop. Now you get a big discount on all the accessories you want for it. Pax Vapor is practically giving everything away now. Take advantage while you can—sales and discounts are not common over at Pax.
  • V2 25% off Sale- V2 Pro Series 7 and the V2 Pro Series 3x can vape: wax, herb & oil. These vapes will save you money since you don’t have to buy a vape for each substance. Now you save even more money with the 25% off sale!

Extracts & Concentrate

  • Dr. Dabber Sale- Dr. Dabber is always hooking us up with great deals and they’re at it again. This time they’re giving you 20% off everything on their site. That’s 20% off the Boost, one of the best e-nails around. Try not to miss out on this one guys.
  • Dabado Halloween Sale- Yep, another Halloween sale, so be sure to take advantage of this deal while you can. Dabado is giving you 20% off their products if you use the coupon code Halloween20 so take the time to grab a Dabado Bolt V2 while this deal is live.
  • KandyPens 35% off Sale- If you’ve been itching to try out the new Prism or the A$AP Rocky vape pen, then now is the chance. If you use the code SCARYSALE, KandyPens gives you 35% off all purchases. So go nuts and grab one of these high end dab pens while they’re basically giving them away.

E-Liquids & Vape Mods

Big November e-liquid Products Giveaway!!

All this could be yours! On November 8, your friendly, neighborhood Vape Guide is having a giveaway of e-liquid products. Yeah it’s still early but we’re giving you a head start to get a better chance of winning.

TO JOIN: Click here.


Thanks for checking in on our special Pre-Halloween edition of SOTV—you can tell that we’re well into the vaping season spirit by all the deals that our favorite stores are cooking up!

If you want to stay current on all things vaping related, swing on over to our Best Dry Herb Vaporizersand Best Vape Pens lists. They’re constantly updated with the latest vaporizers, so check them out.

And of course, look forward to our State of the Vape updates every single month!


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