State of the Vape | February 2018

💘💘February is here! 💘💘

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far into the year! It’s time for another State of the Vape, this time for the shortest month of the year. Of course, this month also has Valentine’s Day so you might want to pick something up for that special person in your life. Lucky for you (and that special person), there are a whole lot of suggestions here for you, so let’s get started!

Dry Herb Vaping

AirVape X Review

The AirVape X is a high quality weed vape with premium features like haptic feedback, a ceramic mouthpiece and heating chamber, and a clear LED screen. So you’d expect to pay an arm and a leg for it right? Nope, not even a finger. The AirVape X is surprisingly affordable considering its robust feature list.

Airvape X Review

Zeus Smite Review

Is there a vaporizer out there with a cooler name than the Zeus Smite? I don’t think so. Is there a weed vape out there with a longer battery life? Unless it’s longer than three hours, I doubt it. Is there a tougher vape out there? You know the answer (It’s no).

zeus smite kit

Grizzly Eclipse Review

The Grizzly Eclipse is a dual-use vaporizer that’s compatible with dry herb and wax and comes with a selection of three different mouthpieces. So, yeah, you’ve got a lot of options with this hybrid vape. You also get granular temperature control, a display screen, and 18650 battery compatibility so you can swap’n’go instead of stop’n’recharge.

Grizzly Eclipse Review

Utilian 721 Review

The Utilian 721 is hybrid vaporizer compatible with herb and wax that’s a huge improvement over the 720. The 721 doubles the number of temperature settings from four to eight and increases battery life by 15%. The Utilian is yet another good thing to come out of Canada so we’ll lay off the Canada jokes. For now.

utillian 721 review mouthpiece
Extracts & Concentrate

Are KandyPens still the Kings of Concentrates? With top selling, highly rated vape pens like the KandyPens Prism, it sure looks like it. However, users who want a more intense experience might prefer the Dabado Bolt Pro 2. You can never count out the competition in this category though. These worthy concentrate vapes are ready for their turn in the spotlight, check them out!

Puffco Peak Preview!!!

The Puffco Peak is going to change the vaporizer game forever. Heck, we don’t even know how to categorize it, it’s not an e-nail, it’s not a dab rig, it’s in a class all its own. It’s a class you’ll want to sign up for as soon as it becomes available. Check out the preview to see why this thingamajig has the vaping world shook.

Puffco Peak preview

Yocan Flick Review

The Yocan Flick shows that Yocan is up to their usual tricks; providing multi-use vaporizers at reasonable prices. The Flick is their coolest 2 in 1 vaporizer yet. It has a stylish flip top cap that protects the mouthpiece, is super stealthy, and looks cool. That last one is the most important. Almost as important as the fact that the Flick can vape both your oils and concentrates.

yocan flick review

Rokin Nitro Review

The Rokin Nitro is a turbocharged wax vape that laps the field when it comes to safety standards and will drive users to a new level of vaping satisfaction at top speed. That’s enough automotive metaphors for now. The Nitro is an awesome, cool looking dab pen that’s also safe and affordable.

Rokin Nitro Vape Pen Review

G Pen Gio Preview

The G Pen Gio is possibly the easiest concentrate vaporizer you’ll ever use. It uses pre-filled cartridges that pop in and out, no problem. Plus it’s sleek, affordable and portable. And did I mention easy to use? Typing out this sentence took more effort than using the Gio. So did reading it.

G pen Gio preview

Vapium Hyer Big-E Rig Preview

This is different. The Vapium Hyer Big-E Rig is an accessory for your dab rig that will have you putting down the blowtorch. At least where dabbing is concerned. The Hyer replaces your rig’s nail and provides a platform for your rig to rest, turning it into a semi-portable device. A neat trick and one that you’ll want to perform once the Hyer is released.

vapium hyer big-e-rig
E-Liquids & Vape Mods

Perl Review

The Perl is a sleek new e-cig with a bunch of awesome features like touch controls. It also has three different vaping levels so you can choose how mellow or intense you want your experience to be. The Perl is an open pod system so you get to choose what e-liquid you want. And it looks dope as Hell.

Perl review

iQOS FDA Update

Will we ever get the iQOS in the US? The iQOS FDA Update gives you all the details about the obstacles the iQOS faces before it can be marketed in America.

Philip Morris IQOS e-cig review

KandyPens Rubi New Colors!

Thought the KandyPens Rubi couldn’t get any more stylish? Well, you’re wrong, also why would you think that? This is KandyPens we’re talking about! The Rubi is now styling in black, teal, navy blue, rose gold, and red, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss out!

KandyPens Rubi color selection
Company Reviews

Dabado Review and Coupon Code

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 review

The Dabado review gives you all the details on this maker of premier e-nails.

Yocan Review and Coupon Code

yocan review coupon code

In our Yocan review, find out more about this manufacturer of economical vaporizers.

Pax Review and Coupon Code

Pax Review

The Pax review takes a closer look at this company that makes the Pax 3 and the JUUL.

Rokin Review and Coupon Code

Rokin Review Coupon Code

Our Rokin review tells you more about this company that’s new to the vaping world.

HoneyStick Review and Coupon Code

HoneyStick Review Coupon Code

G Pen Review and Coupon Code

G Pen Review Coupon Code

The G Pen review tells you why they are one of the top lifestyle brands in the vaping industry.

V2 Review and Coupon Code

V2 Review Coupon Code

The V2 review enlightens you about this maker of multi-use vaporizers.

Dr. Dabber Review and Coupon Code

Dr. Dabber Boost Enail Review Full Main Image


It’s a short month but a long State of the Vape. That’s because the Vape Guide is dedicated to bringing you all of the vaping industry’s latest and greatest. That means another packed month but it also means more gift ideas for Valentine’s day. So, don’t just settle for chocolates and roses, get your SO something that lasts longer that you can both enjoy.
Until next time,

Happy Vaping!!

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