State of the Vape | April 2018

Celebrate 4/20 with the Vape Guide!!

It’s April, which means two things: April Fool’s Day, which we all hate, and April 20, which we all love. As I’m sure you all know, April 20 is 4/20 which means that it’s the perfect day to wake’n’bake’n’bake some more. Not that you need a reason to do that but it’s great to have a reason to do that. And wouldn’t you know it, we have all the latest vapes for your 420 baking needs. So, let’s hit it.

Dry Herb Vaping

Boundless Tera: Big and Clever

The Boundless Tera is a (sort-of) portable dual use vaporizer that’s bigger than most, good thing that it’s also better than most. It has premium features and smart design choices like haptic feedback and a digital display on top of the device. There’s also a choice of three different mouthpieces; plastic for convenience, glass for flavor, and a water pipe adapter for, well, you can figure it out. It’s not the most portable vape ever but when it looks, feels, and functions this well, who cares?

Boundless Tera vs Crafty/Mighty Comparison

Boundless Tera VS Crafty/Mighty Comparison

Time for the Crafty and the Mighty to face off against another upstart. These vapes are always going up against the new vapes, huh? That’s because they set the bar, they cleared the bar, heck, they are the bar. They’re just that good, is the Tera that good? Find out in the Boundless Tera vs Crafty/Mighty comparison.

Boundless Tera vs Ghost MV1 Comparison

Ghost MV1 vs Boundless Tera comparison

Remember when the Ghost MV1 was the young upstart taking on all the established premium vapes? It seems like it was just last year. Wait! It was just last year! Man, things move fast in the vaping world, now the Ghost MV1 is the veteran defending its turf. Find out how it did in the Boundless Tera vs Ghost MV1 comparison.

Extracts & Concentrate

HoneyStick 3 in 1 Redline Review

The HoneyStick 3 in 1 Redline is a monstrous beast that will take care of all your dry herb, wax, and THC oil vaping needs. From the specialized tanks for each substance to the awesomely powerful battery to the cool speedometer display, the Redline just exudes style and power. This could be the only vaporizer you ever need.

HoneyStick Vpod Review

The HoneyStick Vpod is an oil vaporizer that uses a refillable cartridge. Yes, they still make those, pre-filled oil pod vaporizers haven’t taken over the world just yet. And with vapes like the Vpod, they probably won’t. This oil vape is easy to use, super portable, and has a cool design too. It’s draw activation means that it’s as easy to use as any closed system oil vaporizer. So if you’re not down with that trend just yet, give the Vpod a spin.

HoneyStick MiniMax Pro Review

The HoneyStick MiniMax Pro is a cool upgrade to the original MiniMax. This new one shares the neat key fob design of the original as well as a new switchblade style feature for the cartridge. When it’s time to vape, you just flick it out while pretending that you’re a 1950’s B-movie gangster. Well, you don’t have to do that last part. But it doesn’t hurt.

Vapium Hyer Big-E Review

The Vapium Hyer Big-E Rig is the dab rig accessory you never know you needed. The Big-E serves as both a stand and an alternate heating source for your rig. This thing might get you to put down the blowtorch once and for all. Or at least it will force you to find some other creative uses for it, because, let’s face it, blowtorches are cool. Good thing the Big-E Rig is pretty cool too.

The Vapium Hyer Big-E Rig retails for $299.99 directly from Vapium

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Review

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil and Gummies are perfect for anyone who needs the power of CBD in their lives. These treats are legal in all 50 states because they’re sourced from the hemp plant, so they don’t have any THC present. The CBD oil and e-liquids work great in your refillable vaporizer or your open system e-cigarette. The CBD Gummies don’t need any special equipment besides your mouth. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the oil or the gummies, they both taste great and they both give you that nice hot of CBD goodness.

Retails for $14.99 – $299.99 directly from Hemp Bombs, use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%>


JUUL Limited Edition: Blush Gold!

After being on top of the e-cigarette game for so long, JUUL have decided to give themselves a gold medal. Or rather, a blush gold JUUL, but it’s not just for them, everybody gets one too! Everyone who signs up for a 3 month subscription of the JUUL auto-ship program gets a free blush gold JUUL. 3 months worth of JUUL pods and a free gold JUUL?! It seems like Christmas came early this year.

Vaping News

CHAMPS Trade Show High-Lights

We took a trip to the CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas and brought back all the juicy details. This trade show is one of the biggest vaping extravaganzas around and we got a nice look at all the latest products that you can expect to see on this very site in the coming months. So take a look at the article for a peek into the future of vaping.

New Boundless Vapes

Here are some new vapes from Boundless from the CHAMPS show that we thought deserved their own separate feature. Take a look at the article and you’ll see why, the Tera isn’t the only big thing they’ve got planned for this year. They’ve got a whole range of dry herb vaporizers ready to put 2018 on notice. That includes bringing the desktop vaporizer back from the dead! Can they do it? I wouldn’t bet against them.

Analog vs Digital Vaporizers

It turns out that there’s a whole other world out there besides the battery powered vaporizers. It’s the world of the flame powered analog vaporizers. These vaporizers don’t need batteries or chargers or temperature controls or any of the things we’ve come to expect from the digital vapes. So does that mean they’re better than electric vaporizers, or just different? Find out in the Analog vs Digital Vaporizers article.

How to Get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card

I wonder what this article is about, could it be how to get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card? Of course it is! All you Florida residents who need medical marijuana can take a look at this article for a step by step guide. You’ll get all the vital details on everything you need to know.


Yep, that’s a lot to serve your 420 needs, so choose your weapon and join everyone, in spirit or in person, to vape to your heart’s content. Let’s see if we can cover the sky in vape clouds on the big day! You certainly have a lot of choices so, all together now,

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