State of the Vape | September 2018 with Labor Day Coupon Codes

Well it had to end sometime, that’s right, on Labor Day, Summer is officially over. But, there’s no need to get down in the dumps, we’re making sure Summer ends with a bang with our Labor Day coupon codes.

So don’t despair about the end of the holidays, and don’t miss out on those sales from some of your favorite brands, and definitely don’t miss out on all the latest news and reviews we gathered for you this month. Because, don’t forget, the Summer season may be over, but vaping season lasts forever.

Labor Day Coupon Codes

  • KandyPens isn’t missing out on the holiday fun, use coupon code LABORDAY for a 35% discount.
  • V2 is having a sitewide sale of 25% off all their products, get them while you can!
  • Dr Dabber is having a sale of 30% off, extract vapes for everybody!
  • GPen is having a 40% off sale. Yes, you read that right, 40% off, don’t miss out.
  • HoneyStick is having a 20% off sale if you use the coupon code LABOR20, so use it
  • Atmos gives you 20% off with coupon code LABORBEGONE
  • Hemp Bombs gives everyone 27% off with the LABOR27 coupon code
  • Vape-Smart shoppers get a 15% discount with coupon code LABOR15

Dry Herb Vaping

The DaVinci Miqro is Here on September 5th!

That’s right, one of the coolest, bestest dry herb vapes in recent memory gets released a few short days in September on the 5th. Trust me, it’s worth the wait. If you don’t remember why, check out the DaVinci Miqro review for a refresher.

Zeus Arc Preview

The Zeus Arc is a weed vape that promises to have some very advanced features in a very small package when it gets released. Features like haptic feedback and motion-sensing technology. We can’t wait to check it out, until that happens, check out the preview.

zeus arc preview
Extracts & Concentrate

Atmos Electro Dabber Review

The Atmos Electro Dabber is a cool, versatile extract vape that combines a vape pen with a concentrate straw. How did they do it? I dunno, magic maybe? However they did it, you’ll just be glad they did since now you get to have two wax vapes in one.

Atmos Electro Dabber Vape Pen review

Atmos Nano Prime Battery Review

The Atmos Nano Prime is one of the best batteries for all your oil and CBD vaping needs. It’s portable, convenient, inexpensive, and it just plain works. What more do you need? Besides the oil or CBD cartridge of course.

Atmos Nano Prime 510 Battery review

Atmos Nano Waxy Vape Pen Review

The Atmos Nano Waxy Vape Pen does exactly what its label says, it’s a vape pen for all your wax extracts. What it doesn’t say on the label is that this is a great wax pen for all your wax extracts. That’s because it’s ultra-portable, ultra-affordable, and ultra-easy to use. It’s just an ultra-vape pen in general.

Atmos Nano Waxy Vape Pen review
CBD Vaping

Sun State CBD Products

Sun State Hemp just unleashed a bunch of CBD products for you and your pets (?!). Check out the CBD Review and Coupon Code to learn more about them and take a quick look at their catalog right here.

Sun State CBD Vape Oil 510 Cartridges review
Sun State CBD Vape Juice Review
Sun State CBD Edibles Review
Sun State CBD Supplements Review
Sun State CBD Skin Care Review
Sun State CBD Oil Review
Sun State CBD Pet Treats Review
Sun State CBD vape wax Review
E-Liquids & Vape Mods

Is a Bluetooth JUUL On The Way?

JUUL is on top of the e-cigarette world right now, the only thing that could make it better is a Bluetooth version of the JUUL. Check out the article to see why one could be on the way.

The New JUUL Pods Are Here

If you’ve always liked the JUUL but wanted lower nicotine levels, then these new 3% nicotine JUUL pods are for you.

Israel Bans the JUUL

Israel has banned the JUUL?! Say it ain’t so. Check out the article to discover the reason behind this controversial decision.

Summing It All Up

Labor Day coupon codes, lots of CBD, the upcoming release of the Miqro, and more. Summer may be over, but at least we left it on a high note. Now let’s see what the rest of the year has in store for the vaping world, you know that this is the place to find that out.

Until next time, Happy Vaping everyone!!

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