State of the Vape | October 2018

So summer is over, the leaves are falling, and the autumnal equinox has come and gone. Yep, it’s the fall, and now that October has arrived Halloween is almost here as well. No matter how you decide to celebrate that day, or rather, night of frights, there is a vape to help you do it.

Do you need to calm down after getting the #@$% scared out of you? There’s a vape for that. Want to stay inside and chill? There’s a vape for that. By now, you should know that there’s a vape for every situation, so check out this month’s State of the Vape for all the latest vaping news and reviews.

Extracts & Concentrate

KandyPens C-Box 510 Battery Review

The KandyPens C-Box 510 Battery is now our favorite vaporizer for pre-filled cartridges and one of the Best Oil Vaporizers overall. That’s because it has a bunch of cool options and a cool look, it has a different and more distinctive design than even the best looking pen style battery. Sure, it takes up more space than a pen style battery, but that’s a small price to pay for a battery that looks this good and works this well.

KandyPens 350 mAh Battery Review

If you do want a pen style battery, then the KandyPens 350 mAh Battery is one of the best choices out there for your 510 batteries. It has a sleek look, variable voltage settings, and is perfect for oil cartridges that use a higher voltage. So, if you want options, style, and easy portability, then this KandyPens battery is for you.

KandyPens 350 mah battery review

Puffco Plus Review

The Puffco Plus is an update to the previous Puffco Plus, even though it has the exact same name. Confused? Don’t be. You just need to know that this is a solid, well-designed, very user-friendly vape pen. That is because it has the convenient feature of a dab tool integrated right in the cap. So, there’s no more need to find space for a dab tool while you’re on the go, the Puffco Plus and your wax are all you need.

Puffco Plus review

HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery Review

The HoneyStick Bee Master is a solid 510 battery that can more than handle any THC or CBD 510 cartridges you use with it. Aside from its somewhat garish paint job, there is not much that distinguishes it from all the other myriad 510 batteries out there. Still, it does work well, so it’s hardly a bad choice for your 510 cartridges, it’s just not the best choice.

HoneyStick Bee Master 510 battery review

HoneyStick Ripper Review

The HoneyStick Ripper is a sequel to—and improvement on—the HoneyStick Rippo. You remember the Rippo right? The oil vape that looks like a cigarette lighter? Well, the Ripper is better, since it can vape wax as well as oil. It looks better too, but it’s still not the most user-friendly vape out there. So, if you can tolerate a few inconveniences, then you might consider giving it a shot.

HoneyStick Ripper review
Dry Herb Vaping

Haze Square Vaporizer Review

The Haze Square is possibly the most accurately named vaporizer ever made, it’s also a marvel of engineering. That’s because, despite its small size, it can hold four separate bowls, big ones too! It has a lot of other great features too, check out the review to learn more about this innovative weed vape.

Haze Square Pro review

Zeus Arc Review

The Zeus Arc GT is one of the more distinctive vaporizers on the market, sure, it might not look that way on the outside, but as they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s not always true, but it is in this case, that’s because the inside of this vape is solid gold, and that’s not a metaphor either. It has a bunch of other cool features, check out the review to get more details.

Zeus Arc Vaporizer review
CBD Vaping

Gold Line CBD Oil Review and Coupon Code

GoldLine CBD is another new company selling a variety of CBD infused products. How do they stand up to all of the other CBD oil companies that have sprung up lately? Pretty darn well. The number of products they have is not that high, but their quality is. Find out more about this new company in our profile of them.

Gold Line CBD Oil Review and Coupon Code

Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges Review

GoldLine CBD 510 Cartridges are some of the better cartridges out there right now. They don’t have as many flavor or concentration options as the other big brands, but they make up for it by having one of the better mouthpieces. It’s wider than the others, has an adjustable airflow and a lower draw resistance, so it’s a more comfortable experience overall. Overall, these cartridges are a great way to get on the CBD bandwagon.

Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges review

Gold Line CBD Crumble Review

Gold Line CBD Crumble is one of the best ways to use CBD, especially if you’re a fan of extract vaping. There’s even a version of it that comes with its own vape pen and dab tool, though the vape pen is disposable so you might want to get a real one for yourself. No matter what kind of vape pen you use, you’ll have a great experience with this crumble.

Retails for $45 and $60 directly from GoldLine, use coupon code TVG20 to get a 20% discount

Gold Line CBD Wax Crumble review
E-Liquids & Vape Mods

Eleaf iStick Amnis Review

The Eleaf iStick Amnis is a portable, versatile, easy to use vape mod. The portability comes from the fact that it is under five inches tall, the versatility comes from the 510 threading that allows it to use THC and CBD cartridges, and the ease of use comes from its one button operation. So whether you’re into e-liquid vaping or oil extract vaping, the Amnis is recommended. If you’re into both, then it’s definitely recommended.

Vaping News

CBD and Athletes

We’ve already written about how CBD can benefit everyone from epilepsy sufferers to pets. Well, athletes can benefit from CBD as well, for a wide variety of reasons. Check out the article to see how CBD can help any athletic person, whether, they’re a pro or not.

Canada Has a New Vaping Law

Canada is known for its progressive attitude and politics and their new vaping laws reflect this. The new Tobacco and Vaping Products Act states that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. This is something that vapers have believed for a while now, and it is great to see that viewpoint validated by a major country.

The FDA’s JUUL Crackdown

The FDA is targeting JUUL and some other e-cigarette companies as a way of fighting the epidemic of teenage vaping sweeping across the country. This is a drastic measure, so check out the article to find out who this could affect you.

Summing It All Up

Fall is here and so is all the latest vaping news and reviews. So, if you get freaked out by Halloween or you just want to stay in and avoid the trick or treaters, you can stay inside with your favorite vape and treat yourself. That’s it for October, but stay tuned, there are more big things coming in November, and I’m not just talking about the Thanksgiving turkey.

HAPPY VAPING Y’ALL!!! See you next month.

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