State of the Vape | Memorial Day Weekend 2018

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We’re right in the middle of the summer season everyone and as everyone knows, summer season is vaping season. Yeah, I know, every season is vaping season but there’s just something special about the summertime. You get to vape outdoors plus there’s the big Memorial Holiday Weekend and Big Holidays mean Big Deals! All your favorite stores and manufacturers have huge deals on all the best products. So let’s not wait any longer, it’s time to get you caught up.

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Dry Herb Vaping

Eyce Bubbler Review

The Eyce Bubbler is a near indestructible water pipe for your dry herb. Not only is it tough but it has a secret compartment for your secret stash. A glass bubbler might provide better vapor but it can’t beat the ice for convenience and durability.

Yocan Evolve-D Plus Review

The Yocan Evolve-D Plus is an improvement on the original Evolve-D (that’s what the plus means) because it has a better battery and a bigger herb chamber. If you thought those were the only things missing from the original Evolve-D then you’ll be happy with the Plus.

Yocan Evolve-D Plus Review

Banana Bros. OTTO Weed Grinder Review

We’ve got a lot of grinder reviews this month so let’s start with the best. The Banana Bros. OTTO weed grinder is easily the best grinder available. It automatically adjusts the grind based on the material being used so you never have to do any calibrations yourself. Plus it works great for both joints and vaporizers. This grinder is easily the best accessory for your herb.

Banana Bros. Otto Weed Grinder Review

Kozo Weed Grinder Review

The Kozo Weed Grinder is one of the better manual grinders available. It’s affordable, ergonomically designed and has a deep collection chamber. This is a great choice for beginners or for anyone who needs a portable backup.

Kozo Herb Grinder Review

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Review

The Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder is a decent portable grinder. It’s super-convenient and it’s great when it works, too bad it doesn’t work all the time. Still, if you like having an automatic grinder that you can take with you then give it a shot.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Review
Extracts & Concentrate

Dr. Dabber Switch Review

The Dr. Dabber Switch is easily the most innovative vaporizer to come along in a while. This high-tech vape uses magnetic induction for super fast heating. It might seem like magic but I assure you that there’s some seriously advanced science at work here. I think…

Dr. Dabber Switch Review

What is Induction Heating?

Since the induction heating of the Switch is new to most people, we decided to write an article explaining what magnetic induction is for you. Don’t worry, we keep it simple and no, there won’t be a quiz afterwards. That’s next month.

Dr Dabber Switch E-nail Review

Atmos Micro Pal Review

The Atmos Micro Pal is the perfectly named oil vaporizer because it’s small and friendly. It’s small because it’s only 2.38 inches and it’s friendly because it’s so easy to use and has a magnetic adapter for 510 compatibility. It’s the only friend you’ll ever need. Wait, scratch that, it’s the only oil vape you’ll ever need. Don’t ditch your friends. Unless they don’t return your Micro Pal.

Atmos Micro Pal Review

Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer Review

The Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer is one of the more convenient oil vaporizers you’ll come across. It’s simple to use and comes in a nice array of designs. It’s not exceptional but it does the job and sometimes that’s all you need.

Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer Review

Sensi Vape Pen Review

The Sensi Vape Pen manages the impressive feat of combining style and discretion since it looks just like a high end writing pen when you’re not using it. Better yet, it has 510 compatibility so it works with a wide variety of cartridges. If you want to blend in and stand out then the Sensi is for you.

Sensi Vape Pen Review

O.Pen Vape 2.0 Battery Review

The O.Pen Vape 2.0 Battery is the perfect companion to any 510 threaded oil cartridge. It’s simple to use and charges up in no time flat. If you need a new battery or a replacement for an old one then the O.Pen is ready for you and your 510 cartridge.

O.pen Vape 2.0 Battery Review
E-Liquids & Vape Mods

IQ 3SECS Review

The IQ 3SECS is one of the cooler e-cigarettes to come along in a while. It’s an open pod system that doesn’t look like other e-cigarettes. It also more advanced than other e-cigarettes. So if you love vaping any type of e-liquid you want and like to stand out then the IQ 3SECS is for you.

IQ 3SECS Review

JUUL Skins and JUUL Wraps

If you somehow don’t think your JUUL looks cool or if you just want to personalize it some more then consider a JUUL skin. There is a wide variety to choose from and they don’t harm the JUUL in any way. Check out the article to find a whole bunch of JUUL wraps that will make your favorite e-cigarette stand out even more.

juul skins
CBD Vaping

Hemp Bombs Pre-filled CBD Oil Cartridges

Hemp Bombs Pre-filled CBD Oil Cartridges are one of the more simple and convenient ways to enjoy CBD oil. Each cartridge comes in a variety of delicious flavors and different potencies. They’re 510 threaded so if you’re already into oil vaping then there’s a good chance you already have a compatible battery lying around. If not, there are a bunch to choose from in the Extract Vaping section.

Hemp Bombs Pre-filled CBD oil cartridges review
Vaping News

YouTube Weed Channel Crackdown

Why is YouTube shutting down so many weed related channels? Does it have anything to do with the adpocalypse? And how does it affect TVG’s channel? The YouTube Weed Channel Crackdown article has all the details.

youtube weed channel crackdown image

Counterfeit Vaporizers: How to Avoid Getting Fooled

Counterfeit vaporizers are a serious problem in the vaping world. These cheap knock-offs don’t just provide sub-standard vaping, they can be downright dangerous. Take a look at the article to find out how to avoid getting ripped off.

The Dangers of Synthetic Weed

Actually, danger might be an understatement. Synthetic weed is to be avoided at all costs, it’s actually not even marijuana at all. It’s completely man made, sometimes legal and always dangerous. If you’re lucky, you’ll just have a lousy experience. If you’re unlucky, you could end up in a body bag. Get all the gruesome details in the synthetic weed article.


It’s a busy month for us with lots of coupons and lots of content. You can take it easy though, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and you just enjoy the summer and enjoy all the great deals. Summer isn’t over yet though so come back next month and we’ll do this all again. Until then, HAPPY VAPING!

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