State of the Vape | August 2018

🌴The Dog Days of Summer Are Here!🌴

Summer may be almost over but that doesn’t mean the summer fun is quite done. There’s still lots of time to enjoy the sun before the autumn leaves fall. So, head outdoors, or stay indoors—as long as you’re enjoying your vaping time, it doesn’t matter where you are. We’ve got a lot of new ways to help you enjoy that valuable vaping time in this month’s State of the Vape, so keep reading!

Dry Herb Vaping

DaVinci Miqro Review

The next big thing in weed vaping is here, the DaVinci Miqro is essentially a mini version of the awesome DaVinci IQ. Somehow, they’ve managed to stuff all the great things about the IQ into the more petite form of the Miqro. That means awesome vaping, stylish design, great useability, and now, amazing portability. If that sounds good to you—and I know it does—then run, don’t walk, to grab your Miqro.

DaVinci Miqro Comparisons

Thought we were going to take it easy on the new kid? Nope, we put it up against some of the industry’s biggest heavy hitters to see how it fares.

DaVinci Miqro vs DaVinci IQ

DaVinci Miqro vs DaVinci IQ comparison

Yep, we did it, kid brother vs big brother. It might seem like an unfair fight at first, but if you check out the DaVinci Miqro vs DaVinci IQ comparison, you’ll see that they’re more evenly matched than you think.

DaVinci Miqro vs Pax 3

DaVinci Miqro vs Pax 3 comparison

That’s right, the Miqro challenges one of the vaping industry’s heavy hitters. You might think that we’re putting a lightweight up against a heavyweight but the DaVinci Miqro vs Pax 3 comparison tells you otherwise.

DaVinci Miqro vs Arizer Air 2

DaVinci Miqro vs Arizer Air 2 comparison

The Air 2 is also a smaller version of a bigger dry herb vape. Of course, that’s smaller in relative terms, the Air 2 is still pretty big. Find out how the Miqro did against it in the DaVinci Miqro vs Arizer Air 2 comparison.

Extracts & Concentrate

Puffco Peak Review

It’s finally here, the Puffco Peak is set to change the world of extract vaping forever. It has something for extract vapers of every level, whether they’re newbies or veterans. That’s because it’s simple to use and delivers impressive vapor quality. Check out the review to see what all the fuss is about.

Puffco Peak Comparison

It’s one revolutionary extract vaporizer against another. That’s right, we put the Peak up against the Dr. Dabber Switch and its innovative induction heating system. How do these high-price, high-end, high-tech extract vapes fare against each other? Find out in the Puffco Peak vs Dr. Dabber Switch comparison.

Qloudup Nexus Pro Review

The Qloudup Nexus Pro is a follow up to one of our favorite wax vaporizers, the original Qloudup Nexus. The Pro is a worthy sequel, one that retains all the great features about the original, like the deep chamber and cool design. It adds a few great features of its own, like a glass mouthpiece and magnetic connections. All those features add up to one of the best vape pens around.

Yocan Stealth Review

The Yocan Stealth is a solid dual use vaporizer that can vape oil and wax. It has a cool switchblade feature that keeps the cartridges stowed away when they’re not being used (which is why it’s called the Stealth), and it’s 510 threaded for extra versatility. It’s not the best extract vaporizer ever, but it offers versatility and convenience at a great price.

E-Liquids & Vape Mods

KandyPens Rubi Salt E-liquid Review

The KandyPens Rubi Salt E-liquids make the Rubi even better! KandyPens takes the Rubi to the next level with their own brand of nicotine salts. These salts provide a strong nicotine hit at 50mg and 60mg concentrations and they come in a wide array of great flavors. Plus, they come in stylish, convenient packages that match the new gold Rubi. With the new Rubi Salts, the best just got better.

Lower Nicotine Strength JUUL Pods

JUUL is set to launch JUUL pods that come in lower nicotine levels, specifically pods that that are 3% strength instead of the usual 5%. Why are they doing this? There a few different theories, and you can read about all of them in the article.

Vaping & Marijuana News

JUUL Launches in the United Kingdom

That’s right, with the JUUL’s UK launch, and its launch in Israel earlier in the year, the JUUL has gone global. It’s hard to believe that the JUUL was only available in North America before this year, but that’s changing. JUUL has had to make some changes to comply with EU tobacco regulations, but that just gives them a better chance of conquering Europe the way they have conquered America.

JUUL Takes on Big Tobacco

Traditional smoking is a slowly dying industry, and the fact that JUUL is taking on big tobacco might hasten its demise even further. Now that JUUL has gone global, big tobacco’s stranglehold on the smoking market is bound to loosen once smokers discover that they have a superior alternative that is a lot less dangerous.


It’s been a great summer with lots of great new products, but just because summer is nearly over, that doesn’t mean the vaping news is. There’s more vaping news and brand new vaporizers coming down the line, and you know the right place to find out about all of them. Hint: You’re already there.

Until next time, Happy Vaping Everybody!

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