State of the Vape | August 2017

With so many exciting developments in the vaporizer world–we know that it’s not easy to keep up. That’s why we’re proud to bring you the first installment of our new monthly publication: the State of the Vape. We are so excited about our new newsletter and keeping you in the loop–despite constant new vaporizer releases and non-stop developments of all things vaping. 

The main goal of this new newsletter is not only to let you know about our latest vaporizer reviews–but also to hook you up with the industry’s best prices and/or coupon codes, when possible, so you can get the vape you’ve got your eye on for the low. Read on for tips and coupons for the latest vaporizers and accessories in each category: dry herb, wax, and e-liquid vaping.

Dry Herb Vaping

Pax 3 Review Overhaul

You may be surprised to see us talking about the Pax 3 ($274.99 directly from Pax Vapor), given that the Pax 3 release date was back in November 2016. Well, the Pax 3 is a serious favorite at The Vape Guide, which is why we went ahead and revamped the entire Pax 3 Review. After nearly nine months of using this incredible device, we are loving the Pax3 even more at the beach in the sunny summer than we were at the Thanksgiving table.

pax 3 interface

We recently crowned the Pax 3 the world’s smartest vaporizer on our Best Dry Herb Vaporizer list–so check out our updated review to find out why. Hint: lip sensing technology, haptic feedback, and stealth mode all have something to do with it 🙂

Trending: Crafty’s Dry Herb Pods 

Crafty ($279 from VapeWorld) now offers a handy capsule caddy ($5.90 from VapeWorld) keychain; it seems that dry herb vaping has noted the time-saving development happening over in THC oil vaping with those nifty pre-filled cartridges and in the e-liquid department with the popularization of closed-pod systems–used in the JUUL and the Phix. The fillable tins that come with the keychain are cool as you can grind your herb and fill the capsules for the week.

crafty disposable weed capsules

Once you fill the capsules, pop the little tins into the carry case and link the caddy to your keychain: disposable dry herb pods with you always! Aside from being handy at a moment’s notice–the pods also keep your Crafty’s oven clean because the waste remains in the pod–as opposed to the oven–so you don’t need to obsess over keeping the chamber clean after each use.

VapeWorld offers 10% off site wide with Coupon code TVG10

New Best Cheap Vape?: GPen Pro Preview

We are definitely pretty excited to see that G Pen is coming out with a new dry herb vaporizer, the GPen Pro ($99.95 from GPen). Check out our G Pen Pro Preview for a sneak peak on what is sure to be a pretty awesome and cheap vaporizer.

G Pen Pro Vaporizer Review

GPen is known for making affordable, high-functioning vaporizers such as the GPen Dual Quartz for wax and the Elite for dry herb, which is actually our favorite inexpensive dry herb vaporizer of the year. Not only is the Gpen Pro less expensive than the Elite, it is simpler to use, it comes with three temperature presets and a high quality ceramic oven.

GPen offers 10% off site wide with Coupon code vapeguide10

Big Release: VapeDynamics Hera 2 Dual-Use Vaporizer

Not quite ready to spend $275 on that new Pax? Well, there’s a new kid on the block offering the Pax vaporizer a run for its money: meet the dual-use Hera 2 ($199.00 from VapeDynamics). The Hera 2 boasts an interactive touchscreen and ceramic + stainless steel dual chamber–two features absent in the Pax. VapeDynamics’ new addition to the dry herb party is making the major players nervous with innovative features and a very favorable price tag. Check out our full Hera 2 Review for all the info.

hera 2 Review

Firefly 2 Sale – Free Carrying Case!

The undisputed front-runner for best flavor has long been awarded to the Firefly 2 convection vaporizer ($329 from Firefly). This week we are pretty lucky as Firefly is giving away a free case with your purchase of the firefly. This definitely sweetens the deal as you’ll want to take the Firefly with you to visit your pals–make sure you keep it safe and it will keep you satisfied for a long time to come.

firefly coupon code

Firefly 2 is the long-standing, go-to convection vaporizer made from the highest quality materials: a brushed aluminum finish with a borosilicate glass airpath. Convection vaping means that heat never comes in direct contact with your herb–the current preferred method for consuming dry herb. Read our Firefly 2 Review for more info.

Firefly is giving away a free protective case with Firefly2 purchase. No code needed!

The Electric Herb Grinder Revolution

Too lazy/stoned/bored to grind your weed? It seems that 2017 is truly the year of the e-Grinder–so check out our list of the top Electronic Herb Grinders that will do the work for you! We know what it’s like to just want to go ahead and vape or smoke (gasp!) without an long, involving process slowing you down.


With your waining patience in mind, we rounded up the top performing automatic herb grinders on the market that let you sit back and relax while steel teeth do all the dirty work. You just need to sit back, press On and let the hungry machine grind those buds up to the optimal fineness for your dry herb vaporizers and joints. Head over to our list of the Top e-Grinders for Weed of 2017.

THC Wax + Concentrates Vaporizers

Best Vape Pen of 2017 – Major Update

We are completely stoked to announce the most recent update to our list of the Best Vape Pens for THC Wax and Concentrates. It’s no secret that at we are biased toward wax pens and we love them for so many different reasons: practicality, discretion and ease-of-use to name a few. We updated our best wax pen list to include the latest and hottest dab pens in every category.

wax vape pens

Per usual, our best list lets you know where to buy the best weed pens on the market–with coupon codes for the hottest deals. As you know, we updated our Best Dry Herb Vaporizer list back in June, and we are on track to bring you our updated favorites in the e-Nail and Vape Mod departments as well. At The Vape Guide–we aim to bring you the best Best Lists on the Internet 😉

Wax Pen to Watch out for: AirVape OM

The AirVape Om ($89 from Vape-Smart) is finally available and this is one badass little wax vaporizer–little being the operative word. The AirVape Om is tiny, comes standard with a keychain attachment, and is made of top-self materials that take convenience and vapor quality to the next level. This little vape looks awesome and comes in handy when you need a quick (discreet) pick-me-up.


The Om’s release date has been much anticipated because of its stealthy nature and its ability to support both wax concentrates and pre-filled oil cartridges. The Om is 510 threaded which means that you can easily remove the atomizer segment from the device and attach the cartridge of your choice. To round things out, we really love the glass mouthpiece on the Om–one of our favorites in wax vapes.

Vape-Smart hooks you up with 10% when you buy the OM using coupon code TVG10

e-Liquid Vaping

e-Cig News: Nic Salts + Closed Pod Systems

There’s plenty happening in e-Liquid vaping, particularly with the introduction of Nicotine Salts and Closed Pod Systems. Nicotine salts–also called nic salts–are made from tobacco found directly in the leaf, were first patented by Pax Labs in the JUUL in 2015 and are said to produce the closest sensation to cigarette smoking thus far in the e-cig space. Looking for nic salt e-liquids for your vape mod? Check out our current favorite: the Element NS20 series.

juul pod flavors

If you haven’t already noticed–it seems that the vaping industry is moving toward closed-pod systems as a whole. We noted the widespread popularization of pre-filled 510 oil cartridges available in extracts vaping, and the fillable pods trending with the Crafty dry herb vape. e-Cig vaping has also seen an upsurge in new devices that use the pods, such as the JUUL and the Phix. We’ll be keeping an eye on this super convenient trend–we’re sure that it’s only going to gain traction from here.

JUUL: Mango Making a Comeback

Speaking of those convenient pods–you may be surprised to hear that those delightful little Mango JUULpods ($15.99 for a 4-pack) are back in stock already; you may be surprised to hear that they exist at all! That’s right–JUUL Vapor pushed out the Mango pods just a few months back and they were gone before we could click Re-Order. But great news! They’re back in stock, and available only directly from JUUL Vapor.

best eCig

If you don’t already know–our JUUL Review goes into detail on the year’s hottest e-Cig. The JUUL is incredibly affordable–both the device itself, and the pre-filled, interchangeable pods. The JUUL starter pack ($49.99 from JUUL Vapor) is an awesome value including the unit itself and four complimentary flavors so you can choose your favorite. Mango sold separately 🙂

The Tesla Terminator: Back in Stock and on Sale!

We just got word that the Tesla Terminator vape mod ($44.08 from Heaven Gifts) is both back in stock and on sale! Perfect combo 🙂 This is great news because the Terminator is one of the better tank kits that we’ve reviewed lately. The Terminator is super high powered, efficient, and super portable to use due to its weight and dimensions. The large fire button also makes it comfortable to activate.

tesla terminator review

The Terminator high-functioning vape mod has sold out quickly in the past due to its attractive and top-notch design and performance. If you’re on the market for a new mod, consider picking up the Terminator over at Heaven Gifts before it sells out again because we know it will happen soon.

State of the Vape: Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it: some of the vape-related developments that we are most excited about over at TheVape.Guide. Of course, it can be pretty hard to curb our enthusiasm with so many exciting product releases and advancements occurring in the industry. Look forward to our monthly State of the Vape installments and keep your finger on the pulse 😉

Happy vaping!

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