Source XL Atomizers

Source XL atomizers

Series XL Atomizer Background

We all know SourceVapes is known to emulate rigs with their portable yet powerful dab rig-like devices. Due to SourceVapes Triple Coil technology, this company has been on top of the game when it comes to innovation. After SourceVapes release its Triple Coil last 2016. They did it again, by announcing not just one but four coil technology, the Black Ceramic Quad Coil. Together with this new quad coil are an All-Ceramic Coil-less atomizer, a SOURCE nail XXL Titanium, and SOURCE nail XXL Quartz.

Black Ceramic Quad Coil

I’d say that the new Black Ceramic Quad Coil (from Vape-Smart, use code TVG10) is ultimate Go-To atomizer, with 4 Black Ceramic rods wrapped in a Grade 1 Titanium. You can easily load a large amount, which will absorb inside the ceramic, and you can either use a Low Temp setting for flavorful hits or crank it up for huge clouds.

Black Ceramic Quad Coil

All-Ceramic Coil-less Atomizer

The second new atomizer from SourceVapes (from Vape-Smart) is good for liquids and those looking to preserve flavor. The technology inspired from this atomizer is the same from Source terra atomizer line. This atomizer has a full ceramic atomizer with no exposed coils this produces great vapor.

All-Ceramic Coil-less Atomizer

SOURCE nail XXL - Titanium & Quartz

1-year after the release of SOURCE nail XL, a new line-up has emerged the new SOURCE nail XXL atomizers (from Vape-Smart, code TVG10). These atomizers work Exclusively on SOURCE nail XL products, with the Largest Nails on any Portable e-Nail. Just like current 4 Series SOURCE nail atomizers, they feature a removable bucket, with a diameter of 15mm compared to the 10mm of 4 Series models. That’s 50% larger, perfect for larger loads.

These new XL Series atomizers will work with all current SOURCE orb XL and SOURCE nail XL products. No need to buy a whole new model like with other companies, simply get the new atomizers, and you’re set!

Where to buy the Source XL Atomizer

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