Source Slim 4 Preview

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Source Slim 4 Review

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Source Slim 4 Preview:

The Source Slim 4 Kit ($89.95 from SourceVapes) is one of the sweetest bundle that is offered by the newest version vape pen from SourceVapes, the Source Orb 4. The Source Slim 4 is a straight-forward and on-the-go alternative vape pen to the Source Orb 4. It features an attachment that has a top airflow system that can be adjusted depending on the user’s preference. Visit the Best Vape Pens to find more alternative brands, best price and performance.

This is the first look and overview, stay tuned for the full Source Slim 4 Review.

The Source Slim 4 is only 4.7-inches in height and weighs 102 grams making it the most compact version of all the Source Slim series. Featuring two Quartz atomizer from Source Orb 4 series (Titanium Quartz Double and Quartz coil-less atomizer) expect the strongest and flavorful hits you will ever experience in your concentrates.

The Source Slim 4 Kit comes with an adjustable voltage battery with 3 different heat settings that allows users the freedom to choose their perfect temperature and desired hits.

What comes in the Box?

It includes a Traveling Case that suits your pockets, purse or even backpack. Inside this case fits perfectly the Source Slim 4 attachment, the 650mAh battery w/ built-in container, two (2) Quartz atomizers, a charging cable, dabbing tool and cleaning wipe.

Note: That the battery and attachment of the Source Slim 4 are compatible with all atomizers including coil-less quartz, titanium, and ceramic from the Source Orb 4 series.

Complete Features:

  • New Built-in Silicone Concentrate Container
  • New Stainless Steel 303 construction
  • New Variable Airflow System (VAS)
  • New Redesigned Source Orb 4 atomizers
  • New 510 Threaded atomizers for easier changing
  • Only 4.7 inches in height and weighs 102 grams
  • Titanium Quartz Double Coil atomizer for huge clouds
  • Quartz coil-less atomizer for flavorful hits
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Patent-Pending
  • Lifetime Warranty

Atomizers included:

  • Source Orb 4 Grade 1 Titanium Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • Source Nail Quartz coil-less atomizer (Removable Bucket)

Compatible with all:

  • Source Orb 4 atomizers
  • Source Nail atomizers

Where to buy the Source Slim 4:

I recommend purchasing the Source Slim 4 directly from SourceVapes Official Store to get the full lifetime warranty and Free Shipping over $40.

Source Slim 4

Buy the Source Slim 4 at SourceVapes and use the coupon code vapeguide10 to save 15%.





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