Source Nail Review

Source Nail Review

8.3 Total Score
Source Nail Signature Kit Bottom Line

Source Nail Signature Kit features coil-free atomizers that are completely smooth to vaporize concentrates. Source Nail is the first portable eNail to feature precise temperature control setting as well as three different coil-free atomizers including Grade 2 titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz. A small, simple, and easy to use e-Nail Kit from Source Vapes.

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In-Depth Source Nail Signature Kit Review:

Source Vapes presents a fresh lightweight dabbing device that is part eNail, part Mod – the Source Nail Signature Kit. It features 3 different coil-less atomizers which are absolutely clean to vaporize waxy oil concentrates. The Grade 2 Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz atomizers offer a different vapor experience to choose from:

– Grade 2 Titanium for a more traditional dab experience
– Ceramic for low- temperature dabbing
– Quartz to experience the actual flavor of wax concentrates

Not just that the Source Nail is powered by volt 40w TC Box Mod battery which offers a full temperature range between 200°F – 700°F, as well as a full wattage control with a range of 5w – 40w. The first portable eNail to feature a Temperature control setting. Cool right? And now I will go over what’s in the box, and overall usage impression, Let’s begin 😉

What’s on the box?

The unit, which sells for $169.95 from Vape-Smart, could be the smallest electric nail I’ve applied so far, but don’t allow size fool you – it still packs more than enough to heat your wax perfectly.

Using the Coil-less Nail Atomizers

The atomizers which screw around the 40W temperature control battery are working perfectly. I prefer the Titanium because it is apparently the most essential and efficient above all the atomizers and I have no trouble using it. It is also worth to mention, that the battery can be a little sensitive to switch out atomizers. When I switched from the ceramic to the titanium coil then back to the ceramic again, an error occur. The battery didn’t recognize my coil. Thankfully, that has been fixed by turning the battery off and turn it back on again.

What I don’t like

The glass dab tool and the glass carb cap which they combine each other is breakable. Based on my experience mine broke in two pieces when I went to pull it out from my traveling back. The carb cap still works fine but the glass dab tool is not fairly useful anymore. I wish they stick to metal dab tool.

Bottom Line

My favorite part about the Source Nail Signature Kit is the fact that it’s small and easy-to-use. It definitely not the type of vaporizer that you could snug into your pocket. But this hand-sized device is a lot more compact than most of the portable eRigs on the market today. This eRig is quite an improvement over the pen-based dab devices out there.

If you’re looking for a smaller, simple, and easy to use e-Nail Kit. Give a glance to the Source Nail Signature Kit from my Best e-Nail of this year.

Where to buy the Source Nail Signature Kit:

I recommend purchasing the Source Nail Signature Kit only from an Authorized Dealer. I had a great experience with Vape-Smart, their processing and shipping times are super fast. Use coupon code thevapeguide581 and save 10%. Plus, FREE NoGoo Container. On Sale

Buy the Source Nail Signature Kit from Vape-Smart and get 10% off with coupon code plus FREE additional NoGoo Container. On Sale

$199.95 $169.95




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    Mike November 19, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Garbage Product. Over Priced, Bad Design… Even the BOX sucks. The customer service is terrible (and you will be dealing with them). Just don’t buy.

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