Source e-Nail Premium Kit Preview

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Source Nail Premium Review

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Source Nail Premium Kit Preview:

Recently, SourceVapes announced the release of their new portable eRig kit, the Source Nail Premium Kit ($149.95 from Vape-Smart). This new kit comes with a slimmer 1950mAh battery, three simple heat settings, and the same Source Nail coil-less atomizers. Unlike its bigger brother the Source Nail Signature Kit, the Source Nail Premium Kit simplifies its design but still produces smooth, standard, and big rips with its three distinctive heat settings.

The difference between the Premium Kit and the Signature Kit by SourceVapes is its slimmer body and simplicity. Not only does this make for a simpler experience but also brings a new level of portability.

Just like its big brother, this kit comes with three atomizers: Quartz, Ceramic, and Grade 2 Titanium. The new Quartz atomizer offers simplicity. No torch, easier, and ultra-portable. The Ceramic atomizer offers a mid-range temperature hit making it a favorite among many dabbers. Last but not the least is the USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium atomizer that delivers strongest hits in all coil-less atomizers from SourceVapes.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly portable dab, why not try the Source Nail Premium Kit or check out our list of best portable e-Nails to help you decide.

This is the first look and overview, stay tuned for the full Source Nail Review.

Where to buy the Source Nail Premium Kit:

I recommend purchasing the Source Nail Premium Kit directly from Vape-Smart to get the full lifetime warranty and Free Shipping over $40.

Source Nail Premium Kit

Buy the Source Nail Premium Kit at Vape-Smart and use the coupon code TVG10 to save 10%.




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