Design & Features

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 Design
The Solo 2 has a basic and somewhat bland design but it is highly functional and very easy to use.

The Solo 2 is the largest—though not the tallest—of the three Arizer vapes. It is the girthiest and the second tallest of the three of them. That means it is not particularly portable friendly, a notion that is only reinforced by the fact that it requires a wall outlet for recharging. Its battery life and recharge rate are both very good but it is too unwieldy and inconvenient to be a true portable, much like the similarly large Mighty

However, the Solo 2 is great for home vaping because the signature glass mouthpiece makes loading the Solo 2 fast and easy. Controlling it is fast and easy as well since it has simple controls and a large OLED screen that clearly displays the selected temperature and the battery level. The Solo 2 otherwise has a pretty bland design that won’t turn any heads but its practicality, ease of use, and low maintenance will make it an attractive proposition for most vapers.

Arizer Go

Arizer Go Design
The button on the back of the ArGo is used to extend the top and protect the mouthpiece. You just press down the top when you are ready to use the ArGo again.

The compact, ultra-portable ArGo is the best looking and most portable of the Arizer weed vapes. Its petite size means that it easily slips in and out of pockets, and while it isn’t as stylish as something like the DaVinci IQ, its design holds some aesthetic appeal. You would think that the ArGo’s tiny size would mean that it wouldn’t be able to hold the signature glass mouthpieces of the Arizer vapes, but you would be wrong. An innovative pop up top protects that mouthpiece and keeps the portable friendly nature of the ArGo intact.

The mouthpiece is shorter than the ones in the other Arizer vapes of course, but the fact that it even has one is impressive. Like the Air 2, the Argo also features a removable battery, which enhances its portability even further. The main downside to cramming all the signature Arizer features into such a small package is that the ArGo can get warm to the touch after it has been in operation for a while.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Since all three Arizer vapes have a similar structure, they all have similar cleaning and maintenance procedures. Fortunately, those procedures are quick, easy, and infrequent. You only need to clean the mouthpieces after every few sessions and doing so is simple enough. Just dab a cotton swab in some isopropyl alcohol and wipe it around the inside of the mouthpiece. The same method is used to clean out the oven, though you need to do that even less frequently than cleaning the mouthpieces.

Longevity and Reliability

The three Arizer vapes are all pretty reliable and long-lasting, which is a testament to how simply constructed they are. They each consist of just two pieces, the device itself and the mouthpiece, which are both well constructed in each case. Each of these vapes have been around for a while now and they haven’t exhibited any problems so far and there is a good chance that will continue to be the case.

  • All Arizer vaporizers have a two year warranty

Vapor Quality

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo Review
Choose the right temperature for you and the Solo 2 will give you cool, flavorful vapor.

The Solo 2 has some of the best vapor quality around and easily the best vapor quality of the three Arizers. The borosilicate glass mouthpiece is a big contributor to its impressive vapor quality because it keeps the vapor cool and pure. The vapor can get pretty dense at higher temperatures if that’s what you’re into. Draw resistance is pretty good too provided that you’re careful to grind the herb finely and not overpack the stem when you’re loading it. Overall, the vapor quality of the Solo 2 is good enough that it might end up being your only way of consuming weed after you give it a try.

Arizer Go

The ArGo produces some nice vapor but it can’t match its larger siblings. That is because it has the shortest mouthpiece of the three, so the vapor doesn’t cool down as much as it does with the longer mouthpieces. That means the vapor can get a little warm, which means that the flavor doesn’t express itself as strongly as it does in the Solo 2 and Air 2. The flavor is comparable to—and in some cases superior to—other similarly sized weed vapes, so don’t think that the quality is bad, it’s just outmatched by the bigger vapes.