Solace Vapor Salts e-Liquid Review

Solace Vapor Salts e-Liquid Review
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Solace Vapor SALTS Review Bottom Line

Solace Vapor Salts contains the highest-grade nicotine, flavorings, and glycerin. Solace Vapor is available in 30ml and 15ml bottles in 30mg and 50mg nicotine strengths. Overall, I think Solace Vapor Salt e-Liquid is pretty solid and I would definitely recommend it.

Solace Vapor Salts e-Liquid Review ↓

Solace Vapor Salts e-Liquid Background

We are happy to bring you the Solace Vapor Salts e-Liquid review (available from VaporDNA). This is a “super-premium” vape juice series, featuring only the highest-grade nicotine, flavorings and glycerin. Delivering a higher nicotine salt is more resemblant to when using traditional cigarettes and is designed for those looking to switch from traditional tobacco smoking. But more importantly, this e-liquid is great in taste.

Solace Vapor SALTS - Vanilla Bean - 30mg

I found the Vanilla Bean to be pretty damn good. The flavor smells like a vanilla bean ice cream and also taste like one as well. It’s different from the JUUL, which I find to be more of a vanilla. I do notice that I lose the JUUL vanilla bean flavor over time. I would definitely recommend the Solace Vapor Salts Vanilla Bean for those that are looking for a true vanilla bean that is bold in flavor.

“Vanilla Bean is named specifically for its taste. Not like standard vanilla, Vanilla Bean embodies the rich boldness reminiscent of the smooth, full taste of your favorite, leading vanilla bean ice creams.”


Solace Vapor Salts Vanilla Bean

Solace Vapor SALTS - Peppermint Patty - 30mg

The Solace Vapor Peppermint Patty has always been my go to and it’s all I know. The Peppermint Patty actually caught me by surprise in a very good way. The flavor tastes a lot more complex, I don’t know how to explain it but something along the lines of it having different layers to it. It’s not like a straight menthol flavor compared to the Juul. When vaping, it tastes like an actual mint, spearmint to be exact. There’s also another flavor in there that I can’t distinguish, but I think it might be cream. All in all, I would definitely recommend it.

“Spot on to its name, your favorite candy is now a vape. Peppermint Patty is just the right amount of mint, blended with the smoothest chocolate.”

Solace Vapor Peppermint Patty

Bottom Line

Overall, I think Solace Vapor Salt e-Liquid is pretty solid. Once I run through these two bottles, I’ll probably order the Butterscotch Tobacco to try, I’ll also do a review for that as well. They get a big plus in the flavor department as their flavors are very bold. I haven’t had any leaking issues either as well, which is another plus. As far as the 50mg nicotine salt goes, it does its job. Check out my Best e-Liquids this 2017.

Where to buy the Solace Vapor Salts e-Liquid

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