Smoking vs Vaping Weed

Smoking vs Vaping Weed

Should you Smoke or Vape your pot? Well, the answer to this is simple- You should Vape it. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of using a Vaporizer for Weed or any type of herb for that matter.

Should you Smoke or Vape your pot? Well, the answer to this is simple- You should Vape it. Although rules and regulations are lagging behind the booming Vaporizers industry, a few clear conclusions start to emerge. Amongst those, are countless reports of users that feel that switching to using a Vaporizer for consuming their medical pot made a difference in their overall health and well-being.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of using a Vaporizer for Weed or any type of herb for that matter. Let’s compare Smoking VS Vaping weed-

Types of Vaporizers you can select from:

In order to consume THC using a Vaporizer, you first need to choose what type of Vaporizer will be right for you. There are two main types of Vaporizers that used to Vaping weed-

The first is the Vaporizer that is able to Vaporize the grounded dry herb. These Vaporizers sometimes have the ability to Vape wax and concentrates as well but not always.

The Second kind is what is known as a Dab Vaporizers, that is capable in Vaporizing THC oils and Waxes. The highly potent waxes can be purchased at local dispensaries.

Some Vaporizers are capable in doing both Dry Herb and Concentrates. These Vapes usually come with two chambers, one for each substance.

With traditional Cigarettes or Joints for that matter, the plant material is burned with an open flame. This burning separates the Carbon atoms from the larger organic molecules found in plant materials. This process creates very reactive fragments called Free Radicals, which can combine with each other or with other particles to create very harmful molecules. Smoke inhalation is related to harmful carcinogens and a variety of other health damaging materials directly through the bronchial tree and into the lungs.

With Vaporizers, the temperature that the dry plants encounter is a lot more controlled and consistent. Most Vaporizers can operate at temperatures that will boil the plant and that dehydrates the weed and does not let the plant get to burning temperature. The heating (at lower temperature than combustion) results in releasing the active ingredients from the plant (cannabinoids) in a form of water Vapor rather than smoke as other methods, that does not contain the harmful by-products of smoke.

Aside from all the carcinogens in it, you’re going to get soot in your lungs from smoking marijuana
said Dr. John Malouff, a researcher at the University of New England in Australia, who executed an extensive research on the effects of using a Vaporizer for Marijuana. “Because it’s not filtered in any way,” he said of smoking, “it’s really harsh to everything it touches.”

Will Vaping weed save you money?

The initial investment in a good Vaporizer (some of my favorites are the Summit or Crafty Vaporizers) can range from as low as $40 to as high as $350. I have to say here that using a $50 Vaporizer is substantially different than using a $200 Vaporizer. I’m not saying more expensive will always bring better results, but it sure will if you take the time to do the research and choose the right Vape. I know of Vapes that sell for $180 but are only $40 in wholesale price. That is a bad Vaporizer that is being marketed extremely well. There is no way for you to check the wholesale price obviously, but still do extensive research, and choose a unit that is not the cheapest in it’s class.

Ok so after the initial investment how much should you expect to save?

I just read a collaborative study conducted by Calinfornal NORML and MAPS, saying that Vaporizers could convert up to %46 the amount of the active ingredient (THC) into inhalable Vapor vs a Marijuana Joint that only converts $25 of the THC and delivers in a form of smoke. As you can ee the difference is huge (almost double!).

In my personal experience, Vaping would save you about %20 of your Bud and get the same effects as traditional pipes and joints. The efficiency did not prove to be a substantial as other sources report, but hey I don’t complain about saving a fifth of my stash to get the same effects.

Flavor and Aroma:

The flavor in a Vaporizer is 100 times better than the taste of smoke. Hands down, no doubt about it. Actually, only when I switched to Vaping my weed, I started noticing the different Flavors of every strain and bud, and the Vapor of a good Vaporizer is smooth, cool and very aromatic. No after smell of smoke, and no harsh burn on the throat. The difference in this category of comparing smoking to vaping weed is overwhelming.


Again, Vaporizers takes this category by 100%. The Vaporizer is easy to carry, use anywhere, easily shot off and put in your pocket. You can preload the chamber for a few sessions and Vape on the go. The Vapor does smell like weed, but only for a few seconds until it dissolves in the air. Vaporizers make much less of a cloud and are a lot easier to use in social situations.

Smoking VS Vaping High:

Ok, so let’s go back to the reason we consume pot to begin with- to get high (or treat a condition). Will Vaporizer get you more high than smoking? Is it a different high? Here are the answers-

The high from a weed Vaporizer is milder and cleaner than smoking methods. Becuase of the Vaporizer’s ability to heat the herb, in the same way, every time the result was a more consistent high every time we used the Vaporizer. It’s like you know what are you getting and there no surprises. Personally, I’m used to getting the occasional headaches from smoking a joint or pipe, and being a bit confused or tired.

The high from a Vaporizer is more comparable to consuming THC edibles, where you only get the active ingredient in a controlled portion. I never experienced and headaches while using the Vaporizer for Weed doesn’t matter if I Vape the wax or the Herb. Again overwhelming victory to the Vaporizer in this aspect.

Smoking VS Vaping Weed Bottom Line:

Using weed in a Vaporizer has clear advantages over smoking and is a clear winner in most if not all aspects. By switching to a Pot/ Wax Vaporizer, you will save money, enjoy a cleaner high, be able to consume on the go, and won’t harm your body as much. With that said, I still recommend not to go for a $50 Vaporizer, it will most likely perform well for a while but not more.For beginners, I suggest the Summit Vaporizer by Vapium, the MSRP is $150 and it is one of the highest quality Vaporizerises in its class. I would stay away from pens and go for a real portable. For Advanced users, I recommend investing the cash and buying a Crafty Vaporizer Review, this is my personal favorite.

Of course, how one reacts to THC differs from person to person, so you should take it in small steps and make sure you comply with your doctor’s instructions and the law and regulations in you area. Ultimately, consulting with a health care professional and careful experimentation is the best way to figure out what method of intake is best for you.

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