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Smok S-Priv 230W: Bottom Line

A Skull-Face designed OLED Screen, a Unique Design for the all-new Smok S-PRIV Box Mod. Powered by 230 watts of maximum output. Definitely recommended for advanced users, it can easily power-up your Sub-Ohm coil builds. While this Box Mod is recommended for advanced users it is also good for beginners as it is packed with a lot of safety features.

Background: Smok S-Priv 230W

Halloween season is not over for Smok Tech. From the creators of shiny LED lights of Smok Veneno 225w. Now another new and Unique Designed Box Mod, aĀ Skull Face designed OLED frame which is The Smok S-PRIV Box Mod with Sparkling LED lights on Skull-Face eyes, a true Halloween Vaping Device.

This Box Mod can be paired to any Sub-Ohm RDA/RTA’s, as it is powered by two 18650 Batteries with a maximum output of 230 watts. You can this for a reasonable price at Heaven Gifts.

Smok S-Priv 230w hand Check
Glowing Skull Eyes on the dark

What’s in the box?

  • Smok S-PRIV 230W Box Mod
  • USB Cable – For firmware updates
  • User Manual
Smok S-Priv 230w Review Package

Key Features of the Smok S-Priv 230W

  • Hidden Buttons – Firing Button and Up/Down Buttons are hidden creatively by incorporating to the overall exterior design of the Box Mod, Large Ergonomic Buttons on the side for a seamless design and for easy firing experience.
  • Skull Design Display Frame – This is the main design feature of the Smok S-Priv Box Mod giving it a new and uniques look.
  • Dual Battery Life Indicator – You can now monitor your battery life. This is very useful, you can see if both batteries have the same charge.
  • 230W Max Output – A massive 230 watts of maximum output. Your Cloud Chasing coil builds will have no problem with this device.
  • High Definition Interface – Comes with a high-resolution user interface.
Smok S-Priv 230w Review Purple
Smok S-PRIV Box Mod rocking the purple color

Smok S-Priv 230W: Design

From the creators of Box Mods with LED lights, now another new and unique product from Smok Tech. A Skull face designed OLED screen for S-Priv Box Mod. I like how they manage to incorporate the Up/Down Button into its design, hiding it in the Skull’s hat. As always, I love how Smok Tech is designing their Firing Button, a seamless design that blends well with its exterior look.

LED lights on Skull’s eyes with 12 different color options is another plus, as I don’t personally prefer putting LED’s anywhere without blending to the overall design.

Smok S-Priv 230w Review Design
A Striking Skull Face Design

Performance: Smok S-Priv 230W

There would be no problem for the performance of Smok S-Priv Box Mod.

Maximum of 230 watts is enough to cover your Sub-ohm coil builds to produce massive clouds, as this is powered by a Dual 18650 Batteries that will last you 1-2 days of battery life for regular vaping and possibly a whole day for a vapor production build.

Smok S-Priv 230w Review Gold Color
Gold Color Option for Smok S-Priv 230w

Smok S-Priv 230W VS Similar Mods

  • Smok Veneno 225w vs Smok S-PRIV 230w – These two Box Mods has a similar performance packing with 225 and 230 watts of power, both are paired with Dual 18650 Batteries. The only difference between them is its body and LED design placement. Choosing between these two will be base on your personal preference on how would you like your device to look like.
  • Lost Vape Paranormal 166 vs Smok S-PRIV 230w – These Box Mods are both paired with Dual 18650 batteries, but a big difference on maximum wattage output with Smok S-Priv with the higher power option, but still, both can give you a good vaping experience.

Final Thoughts on the Smok S-Priv 230W

I really love these “invisible” buttons on Smok S-Priv especially the seamless design of its Firing Button with a smooth and hassle-free firing experience, hopefully, all of the future design for a Box Mod will have a similar design like this. The round edges of the Smok S-Priv 230w are very comfortable in the hands, a great ergonomically designed Box Mod for everyday use.

The 230 watts of maximum power that the Smok S-Priv can provide is one of the best features included, giving advanced vapers a great experience. with only just $71.00 from Heaven Gifts, this device is a steal! you can have a powerful Box Mod for a reasonable price.

Where to buy the Smok S-Priv 230w?

Smok S-PRIV 230W

A Skull-Face designed OLED Screen, A Unique design for the all-new Smok S-PRIV 230w Box Mod. Powered by 230 watts of maximum output. Definitely recommended for advanced users, it can power-up your Sub-Ohm coild builds.

$71 $106

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