SMOK OSUB 40W Kit Review

Best Deal: $38.90 from VapeSourcing

SMOK OSUB 40W Kit Review

8.9 Total Score
SMOK OSUB 40W Kit Review Bottom Line

SMOK has a new temperature control mini box mod called the SMOK OSUB 40W. A very simple and sexy looking box mod that has output wattage of 40W in wattage mode and maximum 50W in TC mode. It features a firing bar with magnetic plate brush finish that covers the micro USB port that has 2Amp charging for quick charge. A very well-built design and stunning tiny mod.

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In-Depth SMOK OSUB 40W Kit Review:

The SMOK OSUB 40W Kit  ($38.90 from VapeSourcing) is a temperature control mini box mod that has a maximum output wattage of 50W in Temp Control mode and 40W in regular power mode. It has temp control in Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and it does have TCR functions. It fires down to 0.1 to 3.0 ohms in wattage mode and .06 to 3.0 ohms in TC mode. The temperature range is 200 – 600°F/100 – 315°C. It has a pretty simple menu system just like all other box mod products from SMOK but it’s a bit simple and not as complicated as some of the other more advanced box mods out there.

Design and Feature

SMOK OSUB side firing button

The USB port of the SMOK OSUB is hidden in the side panel covered by a magnetic plate.

The firing bar of the SMOK OSUB is pretty similar to H Priv, X-cube and SMOK Quantum. Which you can press the entire sidebar to fire the device. Keep in my mind that I have found it very sensitive and fires accidentally numerous times. The micro USB port of the SMOK OSUB is hidden in the side panel covered by a magnetic plate which you can take off easily. It has a 2Amp charging like you see in smartphones nowadays, so it does charge pretty quickly but no pass-through feature meaning it can not be vaped while charging. The 1350mAh battery that comes with this mini box mod will not be able to last for a day but the same can be said for any vape mod in this class and size.

The chassis in made of zinc alloy and has a brush type finish which is a fingerprint magnet that leaves an almost greasy feel if the oils in your hand transfers to the mod.

At the top of this device, we have 510 threading and adjustable pin. The front side of the SMOK OSUB 40W features an OLED screen and two function buttons. The OLED screen is small but clear and easy to read. The function buttons are rounded and small which can be hard to press especially to those who have big fingers but other than that it’s pretty well-built buttons. There is that rattle sound when brushing your finger over the buttons but nothing when giving the mod a hard shake.

Available in black, white, red, and black/gold finish makes this mod stunning and very sexy looking if you ask me! The SMOK OSUB 40W kit measures only 22mm by 35mm by 70mm with a weight of 116g. Very well-built and the design is just deep GORGEOUS!

Smo OSUb 40W color design

From left to right: Red/Silver, White/Black, Black/Grey, and Black/Gold brush finish.

Helmet Mini Tank

Smok OSUB 40W

Helmet Mini Tank

The Helmet Mini tank that comes in this mini box mod is much taller than the original Helmet tank. But smaller in diameter – 22mm to be exact. It has a wide-bore slope 510 delrin drip tip so you can interchange it with your fave delrin mouthpiece. The Helmet Mini sub-ohm tank has a safety top lock design which you must press and twist to dissemble and pour to fill its 2ml tank capacity. The sub-ohm tank has two coils included 0.4-ohm coil reading about 20 to 45W and 1.0-ohm reading about 15 to 35W. The top airflow of this tank is not similar to ordinary sub-ohm tanks, it can be adjusted by 90 degrees and the threading of both the airflow and top lid are smooth and easy; no issues about it.

When I first used the Helmet Mini with its pre-installed coil it has that metallic type flavor and has a lot of spit back. But in order to diminish those issues, just insert the airflow restraining ring which is a small O-ring that is color orange included in your box kit. That ring will reduce the amount of airflow that enters the air tube and avoids that odd taste and spit back. So make sure you installed that o-ring prior to vaping, to experience that out of this world flavor and performance. For me, it is a CON for they did not pre-installed it on their coils. So keep in mind to read the instruction manual first before vaping this device.


The thing I don’t like about the SMOK OSUB 40W kit is its firing bar. It’s very sensitive and fires accidentally numerous times. Although, there is a locking function which is activated by clicking the firing bar 5 times in quick succession. For me, it’s not enough I wish there is an individual button to lock/unlock the firing feature but again that is just me being picky.

Maybe it’s not a big deal for some vapers but it’s worth mentioning that the brush type finish of this mod creates a fingerprint magnet. But only restricted to the black/gold and silver color, other color designs has matte finish so no fingerprint issue at all. Also, there’s no upgrade capability and no pass-through feature for this mod.

The overall design of this box mod is elegant and sexy. It is great in size and the weight is good, not too heavy but enough to make you feel that high-quality product that is on this mod. It can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand and slipping it in and out of your pocket is so easy.

I also like the feature that you can control the wattage and temp control of this mod very easy and useful.

 Where to buy the SMOK OSUB 40W Kit:

I recommend buying the SMOK OSUB 40W Kit from VapeSourcing. They offer Great Deals and Money Back Guarantee.


Buy the SMOK OSUB 40W Kit from VapeSourcing.




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  1. Reply
    Chris October 13, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    Can you use a little thicker cannabis oil in the mini helmet or no?

  2. […] again. They have created several TC Starter Kit with a top performance that we love like the OSUB 40W Kit, Alien 220W Kit, and more. In this review, we will talk about the combination product of their own […]

  3. Reply
    Ajay November 16, 2016 at 8:47 am

    HY Dear,

    I buy this smok osub mini 40 w. But i am not able to use this can you please explain me in the details.

    I am totally not able to use sometimes its heating too much , leaking liquid, hamring in my neck.
    Please help how to use it.

    • Reply
      Ben November 17, 2016 at 11:20 pm

      Hi, I bought the OSUB 40w kit and it’s fairly straightforward, only issue was a dry burnt taste and spitting of eliquid, i solved this by changing it to watt mode and set it at 10w and put tissue over the mouth piece while vaping to prevent it going into my mouth, i gradually increased the watts untill crackling and spitting went and taste was great, problem solved, now i have it on 15w with a 80/20 mix, cool, thick tasty clouds:)

  4. Reply
    Matthew November 19, 2016 at 2:06 am

    just don’t fill your liquid/juice past the 2mm max line mark and no overflow will occur…

  5. Reply
    Ellen November 22, 2016 at 1:01 pm

    I’m not sure why someone would do a review and get so many things wrong about this device. I have the silver or stainless steel one for over a week now and have figured out more than this review has. First of all yes, the side bar can accidentally go off if you are carrying it around doing other things and accidentally push it. But that is what the lock mechanism is for. Or you can just put it down while doing other things.You push the side bar quickly 5 times and it will lock so this doesn’t happen. How can that not be enough? It locks it is as simple as that. Push it 5 more times rapidly and it unlocks. I am actually impressed with how simple this is. Now I have heard before too about leaving finger prints on the stainless steel one especially. I have yet to leave a finger print on mine so I am a little confused at what people are talking about unless maybe there hands are filthy. I’m not being rude I am just saying that might be it. And maybe if you still have sticky juice on your fingers or something if you got juice on your fingers. Just run your hand under water for a second before grabbing it. Like I said I never had this problem so I don’t know. Mine still looks the same as when I got it out of the box. The other thing here that I wanted to mention that was stated in this article is that you can’t vape while it is charging. Yes, you can. At least mine does. I have mine charging right next to me on the computer usb port while I am doing things on the computer and I just reach over and take a hit. Again, maybe mine is special or something. But I doubt it. I have ran into some problems too but I think I have figured these out. I too had some popping, gurgling when I put the 1.0 coil in that came in the box. As well as some with the other coil from time to time as I was messing around with the settings. It also said on a smok website not to prime it and yet I got a funny metallic taste in my mouth. I thought it was dry. After doing some research however, because I am new at this, I read that this can be normal at first for some coils. I read that it will go back to normal after a couple of vapes but for me it was more like 7 vapes. Then it was fine. As far as the popping and gurgling goes with this particular coil I know you can have your watts too high. I did. The other one can take it hotter but not this one. If you have it over 25, maybe a little higher, than you will have some problems. So, I turned mine down. The temperature too. But only after I took the cap off and made sure to run it under warm water for a second to get all the juice out of the inner part. Then dried it with a paper towel. It seemed to work after this. I never primed this one unlike the first one. Because I read not to. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference but I had problems with the first one flooding and I think this may have been part of the reason.That and the fact that I kept answering yes to the question that pops up about the coil being new or not. I thought since it is still “rather” new to go ahead and push yes again. And when I did one time it flooded it. Actually, it flooded it a couple of times but at the time I didn’t know that was why.There are other settings too that are important as well. Such as making sure it is on the right setting for your individual color. Mine has to be on tc-ss. The ss is for stainless steel. The others are different. This made a huge difference as well when I was having trouble in the beginning. After you get those type of things corrected it seems to be an awesome little device. However, I am still learning and it is still rather new. I just wanted to correct some things that was said in the article.

  6. Reply
    Tony January 4, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Ellen, Thank you so much ! New to this also have having the some exact issues you did. I looked high and low for answers everywhere.

  7. Reply
    Tom January 20, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Me too I’ve been searching for a week trying to figure all of these same issues and not having a whole lot of luck finding answers. Ellen I learned more about this reading your review than searching for a week now and nobody really addressed these issues. Thanks excellent job.

  8. Reply
    bob January 27, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    I also had trouble sorting out the settings, as the coils don’t say “ss” or anything to make the coil-type obvious. Also no indications in the manual as to the coil type supplied. This is kind of a mistake by the manufacturer, as you can’t simply guess what type of coil came in the box, and running on settings other than s.s. supplies way to much power to the coil.
    I also found 25w to be optimum in tc mode with the .4 coil, using a 300 degree temp. but that really depends on your choice of juice.
    This was a simple mod to operate once I figured out the settings that work. It is a bit different than the Vaporesso mod I was used to, but that is not a bad thing at all

  9. Reply
    John H February 6, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    I have one too, and I’ve learned that getting a fresh atomizer or coil pack in there will get rid of the spitting. I have to change mine every week to week and a half. I just changed my setting to the ss setting, and got an immediate flavor boost- thank you! I love this thing though, and have had great luck. Also, I have used the CBD oil in it before with no issues. I would highly recommend getting “Fluft” brand juice for it. It tastes the best, by far, than any other juice I’ve tried.

  10. Reply
    Joshua February 16, 2017 at 8:14 am

    Since I also had the gurgling and spitting in the beginning, what I do is to only fill up the small inner circular space at the bottom of the helmet that the coil fits into. When you put the coil in after, the juice comes up and measures almost exactly at the measurement line on the helmet. At first I thought you had to fill it up to the line when he coil was out and then insert the coil. This filled it up way to much though and the juice was basically boiling and bubbling up in my mouth, yuck. After I realized this things went a lot better. Currently using 25W on ‘ss’ mode and haven’t had any issues since. The only down side I can say is that I need to refill the helmet quite often since it doesn’t hold much juice but it’s worth the great vapage/clouds. Don’t let the juice get too low either, otherwise you’ll get a nasty surprise when vaping. Again, great mod!

  11. Reply
    cameron March 6, 2017 at 8:19 am

    i brought the osub mini about 2 months ago and both coils have burnt out, its the fist vape i have had and im not to familiar on how to use it properly any ideas/help ???

    • Reply
      tim May 1, 2017 at 1:14 pm

      you need to replace the coils every week – 2 weeks depending on how much you use it

  12. Reply
    sweetgemini March 13, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    trying to learn settings, new at this. Have the stainless steel one. Not sure if my mod has issues or if its me. Will ask if coil new or not a lot, when I haven’t changed it? Will not let anything happen and say check atomizer, or something like that a lot too. In settings for temp mode and watt mode, why does it not work in temp mode, have to change it back to watt mode or shows thermometer type pic and a ! Just trying learn whats what. what is initial ohm suppose to be set on?

    • Reply
      sweetgemini March 13, 2017 at 8:05 pm

      Ok so I now know from videos that the reinstalled coil can be in temp or watt setting, just not the second coil it came with. But now when ever I set my smok 40w down , after 5 minutes or so when i try use again, it ask if new coil everytime? wasnt doing that first day, but second day is? Is that right?

      • Reply
        sweetgemini March 13, 2017 at 8:07 pm


        • Rob April 5, 2017 at 8:53 am

          I have the same problem!

  13. Reply
    TAURENCE LOPEZ August 28, 2017 at 9:47 pm


  14. Reply
    Brett September 6, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Is there any tanks other then the Helmet mini I can use with the OSUB TC that can hold more juice? Or is the mini my only option?

    • Reply
      Raelene October 7, 2017 at 10:09 pm

      Yes, I tried the ijust eleaf and different smok helmets on mine and they worked super well!

      I just have trouble with the settings sometimes. If you put on a different helmet and coils you have to reconfigure the settings a bit. I had some trouble with overheating with a different smok helmets but am still figuring that one out 🙂

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