Smok Majesty Luxe Edition Review

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Smok Majesty Luxe Edition Review: Bottom Line

The Smok Majesty Luxe Edition is the newest version that has a luxurious design and has a quality material that can outstand its competitors. It has a powerful maximum wattage output of 225 watts that houses dual 18650 batteries. This is paired with a good Sub-Ohm Tank, The Smok TFV12 Prince.

Smok Majesty Luxe Edition Review: Background

The newest and improved version of the Smok Majesty line up, The Smok Majesty Luxe Edition ($89.99 from VaporDNA). A good price point for a good looking Vaping Device that is paired with a powerful Sub-Ohm Tank of Smok TFV12 Prince.

It has an awesome overall aesthetic value that can outstand the rest of its competitors. A powerful maximum wattage output of 225W that houses dual 18650 batteries. A variety of good color combinations to choose from.

Smok Majesty luxe edition review background
Stunning Color Combination Options

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Smok Majesty Luxe Edition Kit?

  • 1x Smok Majesty Luxe Edition Box Mod
  • TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank
    • v12 Q4 Coil Head (pre-installed)
    • v12 T10 Coil Head
  • User Manual
  • USB Cable
  • Replacement Parts and Glass
Smok Majesty luxe edition review package

Key Features of the Smok Majesty Kit Luxe Edition

What are the key features of Smok Majesty Kit?

Smok Majesty Box Mod

  • High Definition User Interface¬†– The Smok Majesty Box Mod has an updated User Interface, with 1.0-inch colored OLED screen that has an easy and very accessible customizable user setting.
  • Multiple Safety Protection¬†– This is packed with some good safety protections such as Short Circuit, Over Charging, Over Heating, and 12-second Cut off to avoid continues firing when accidentally pressed.
  • 225 Watts Maximum Output¬†– A very powerful device with the maximum output of 225 watts that can easily power up any possible sub-ohm builds that you can throw with it.
  • Ergonomic Firing System¬†– It has a large and ergonomic¬†firing button on its side that will be comfortable enough to use and also it compliments with the overall design.
  • Temperature Control¬†– The Smok Majesty box mod has a Temperature Control Mode that supports Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel.

Smok TFV12 Prince Tank

  • Hinge & Lock System¬†– The Smok TFV12 Prince Tank has a hinge and lock system that users can easily use to refill E-Liquid without a hassle. Just flip and refill, that’s it.
  • 25mm Diameter¬†– Large 25mm diameter that will fit in almost all regular size box mods in the vaping market.
  • Convex Glass Extension¬†– It has an included extra Convex glass that you can easily swap to add more capacity for E-Liquids, turning it from 5ml to 8ml.
  • v12 Prince Coil Heads¬†– A special coil head family for TFV12 Prince Tank, with the option to choose from different kind of Sub-Ohm coil heads.
Smok Majesty luxe edition review battery door
Bottom Access Battery Door
Smok Majesty luxe edition review 225 watts
225W Max Output

Design of Smok Majesty Luxe Edition

For me, the best feature of Smok Majesty Luxe Edition that can outstand its competitors is the overall aesthetics. It has a luxurious design that is easily noticeable, a gold color option that symbolizes quality and beauty.

Also, it has a lot of good color combination that the users can choose from, it can be a carbon fiber pattern with shiny metal edges or a honeycomb design with colorful metals. It is also very comfortable in hands and has a slim dimension with curve and smooth edges.

Smok Majesty luxe edition review design
Luxurious Design of Smok Majesty

Performance of Smok Majesty Box Mod

As expected, the overall performance of Smok Majesty box mod will be great. It has a very powerful maximum output of 225 watts which is way stronger to handle any Sub-Ohm resistance builds, it also houses dual 18650 Batteries (view on Amazon) which will help a lot to fire up a cloud chasing build.

Quick Tip: Charge your batteries with External Chargers (view on Amazon) to have a safer charging session with these intelligent chargers.

Smok Majesty luxe edition review performance
Powerful Performance on a Slim Box Mod

Smok Majesty Kit VS Similar Kits

What is the key difference of Smok Majesty Kit to other Kits?

  • Geekvape Blade Starter Kit vs Smok Majesty Kit¬†– Both of these box mods houses dual external batteries. The Smok Majesty will have an advantage in terms of comfortability with its slim dimension and simple shape design.
  • Lostvape Mirage vs Smok Majesty Box Mod¬†– These box mods has a luxurious design with it, a good overall aesthetic value. The advantage that the Smok Majesty is having a more powerful wattage output and a longer battery life with its dual battery capability.

Final Thoughts on Smok Majesty Luxe Edition Review

The Smok Majesty Luxe Edition Kit ($89.99 from VaporDNA) is considered as Bang-for-the-Buck Vaping Device in terms of the overall aesthetic value and a powerful performance that it can provide its users. A powerful box mod and powerful sub-ohm tank in one kit.

This can definitely compete with our Best Vape Mod List without a problem. I really like how the simple design and the choice of material and color with this device makes it look luxurious.

Where to buy the Smok Majesty Kit Luxe Edition?

Smok Majesty Kit - Luxe Edition

Buy from VaporDNA to save $20 off

$89.99 $109.99

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