Smok Infinix Review – Sleek and Portable Starter Kit

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Smok Infinix Review: Bottom Line

The second newest Pod System from Smoktech, The Smok Infinix Starter Kit. It has an automatic firing system, just a simple inhale it can already produce a good amount of vapor without pressing any physical buttons. It can fire up from 10 to 16 watts of output and it has a built-in 250 mAh battery.

Smok Infinix Review: Background

This is one of the two newest Pod System product from Smoktech, we have previously reviewed the Smok Fit Starter Kit. They have very similar features and performance, there are only a few differences between them.

The Smok Infinix Starter Kit ($31.91 from Heaven Gifts), a unique and portable pod system with 250 mAh built-in battery and automatic firing system.

smok infinix review background
Smok Infinix will fit anywhere

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Smok Infinix Package?

  • 1x Smok Infinix
  • 2x Pod
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • E-Liquid Injection Bottle (10ml)
smok infinix review package

Key Features: Smok Infinix Review

Smok Infinix Starter Kit

  • Air-Driven System – This is the best feature of Smok Infinix Starter Kit, it has a simple and easy operation, just by inhaling it will automatically turn on and produce a good amount of vapors without pressing any physical buttons.
  • Cubic Design – It has a cubic design unlike typical pod systems with curve shapes, with this design it will be easier to grip while using this device.
  • Multiple Protection – The Smok Infinix Starter Kit is packed with multiple safety features such as 8 secs cut-off, Short Circuit Protection, and Low voltage protection.
  • Portable Size – This kit has a very compact size with the overall dimensions of 110 x 12.5 x 11 mm, a perfect on-the-go vaping device.
  • Easy Refilling System – E-Liquid Refilling with Smok Infinix Starter Kit will be easy, just open the small rubber plug located at the side of the pod and refill it using the included bottle injector.
smok infinix review feature
Air-Driven System

Design: Smok Infinix Review

Honestly, the design of Smok Infinix Starter Kit looks awesome. It has a sleek cubic design that looks like a high-end pen that will match anything that you will keep beside it. This cubic design has a good grip that you can take advantage while using this device.

A very portable size with a dimension of 110 x 12.5 x 11 mm that will fit to anywhere you keep it, from small bags even in your shirt pockets.

smok infinix review design
Simple Cubic Body Design

Performance: Smok Infinix Review

As a Pod System/Starter Kit, the Smok Infinix will provide a good performance. It can fire up from 10 to 16 watts output, this is already enough to provide you a good amount of vapor which is way better than smoking cigarettes. It has a 250 mAh built-in battery that can last half a day to full day on casual vaping.

smok infinix review performance
Good Performance on a Starter Kit

Smok Infinix Starter Kit VS Similar Kits

What is the key difference of Smok Infinix Starter to other Kits?

  • Smok Fit Starter Kit vs Smok Infinix – They have very similar features and performance, the only difference would be the overall design, The Smok Fit has a boxy type design while the Smok Infinix has an angled shape.
  • Juul E-Cig vs Smok Infinix Starter Kit – Both of these vaping device are great as a Pod Systems, Smok Infinix will have a little advantage as it has more advanced key features like the internal safety protections, and also you can choose from different E-Liquid flavors from other brands that Juul’s E-Cig doesn’t have that option.

Final Thoughts: Smok Infinix Review

If you are a Beginner who is looking for a good Vaping Device to use, The Smok Infinix Starter Kit could be the best option for you, for only $31.91 from Heaven Gifts, you can already have a good device without any complicated user interface.

As always, I really like how easily you can use this vaping device, with just a simple inhale it can already produce vapors automatically. The Smok Infinix Starter Kit can also provide a flavorful E-Liquid experience, this is also great for E-Liquids with Nicotine Salts.

Where to buy the Smok Infinix Starter Kit?

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