Smok FIT Review – Portable All in One Starter Kit

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Smok FIT Review: Bottom Line

The Smok Fit Starter Kit is one of the best choices for a portable and sleek looking vaping device. It has a very slim design that is perfect for on-the-go users, It will fit into any size of pockets a good device for Stealth Vaping. It is very easy to use, there are no buttons just inhale and it will automatically produce vapors.

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Smok Fit Review: Background

It is a good thing to have a Portable Vaping Device/ Pod System in your collection, without worrying about setting up anything that could take a long time before you can finally start using your device.

The Smok Fit Starter Kit ($29.51 from heaven Gifts) has a very slim design, with only 18.4mm x 107.5mm. This is a perfect device for on-the-go vaping where you can keep it anywhere you want. It has a good material finishing that looks and feels like a quality device.

smok fit review background
Fits in any Pocket Size

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Smok Fit Starter Kit?

  • 1x Smok Fit
  • 2x Pod
  • Injection E-Liquid Bottle (10ml)
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
smok fit review package

Key Features: Smok Fit Review

Smok Fit Starter Kit

  • Slim and Portable – The Smok Fit starter kit is very lightweight and has a compact size, where you can carry it anywhere and keep it in any kind of pockets. This is a perfect option if you are looking for a Stealth Vaping device.
  • Multiple Safety Protection – As a starter kit, having a safety protection is a big plus, it is packed with automatic protections such as 8 secs cut-off, Low Voltage Protection, and Short Circuit Protection. This is a big advantage for all users, especially for beginners.
  • Hassle Free Operation – It is very easy to use, you can have a good vaping experience without worrying about setting up your device. It’s a simple puff and go, that’s it.
  • Easy E-Liquid Refilling – Refilling e-liquids is very easy, just open the pod and use the included 10 ml refill bottle.
  • Built-in 250mAh Battery – For a pod system, having a 250mAh of battery is enough to last you about half a day to full day on a casual vaping.
smok fit review features
Automatically Fires on Inhale

Design: Smok Fit Review

I had a good first impression before doing my Smok Fit Review, I like how it looks like, simple but stylish. The color options offered by Heaven Gifts are good, you can choose between Gun Metal, Blue, or Red. I prefer having the Gun Metal as it looks way awesome and will match anything that will sit beside it.

smok fit review design
Quality Paint Job on Alloy Material

Performance: Smok Fit Review

The Smok Fit Starter Kit has a power ranging from 10-16 watts, this is enough performance for a Pod Systems like this. It has a 250mAh of battery life that will last you half day of continuous vaping, the good thing about this is you can charge it right away anywhere with its included USB Cable.

smok fit review performance
250 mAh Built-in Battery

Smok Fit Starter Kit VS Similar Kits

What is the key difference of Smok Fit Starter Kit to other Starter Kits?

  • Wismec CB-60 Starter Kit vs Smok Fit – Both of these Starter Kit are highly recommended to use with Nicotine Salts E-Liquids, as it is intended for a flavorful vapor. The Smok Fit has a simpler function compared to Wismec CB-60 with a lot of settings to change.
  • Juul E-Cig vs Smok Fit Starter Kit – I cannot choose between these two, because both of these devices are great as an alternative compared to smoking and highly recommended by us, with its similar in terms of performance and portability.

Final Thoughts: Smok Fit Review

The Smok Fit Starter Kit is a good item to buy, considering its price of $29.51 from Heaven Gifts this is really a good buy according to its quality and performance.

It is a very portable Pod System, a slim size that will fit anywhere you place it. The size can be compared to bringing a pen or USB with you at all time. I also like how good the material finish and the Alloy material that lessens its total weight.

Where to buy the Smok Fit Starter Kit?

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