SLX Grinder Review- Best Manual Grinder of 2018

SLX Grinder Review Best Vaporizer
9.5 Total Score
SLX Grinder Review bottom line

Boy I wish I had this grinder years ago. This is the first (and maybe the only) grinder that will never ever need cleaning. Thanks to a Ceramic coating on the interior of the Grinder, the herb is not sticking to it even after months of use. I have been using mine for almost a year and using it is still as smooth as a glass. A good grinder is a necessity for vaping, and the SLX is my first choice.

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In Depth SLX Grinder Review ‚Üď

SLX Grinder Background

If you’ve been following our reviews and tips, you already know that we highly recommend using a good herb grinder. You may be using the best vaporizer in the world, but if your bud is not properly ground, that will affect performance and vapor quality.

The perfect grinder will fine-grind your herb and increase the surface area of your botanicals, allowing hot air to pick up more cannabidiols in the form of vapor. This will improve flavor and vapor production.

And of course, a good grinder should also be easy and effortless to turn- for a long time! Most grinders work well in the beginning, but quickly get resin build-up that makes turning hard and may even create wrist problems.

SLX Grinder Review Product

SLX Grinder Features

  • Ceramic “non-stick” coating to prevent resin build up over time. The ceramic coating wraps the whole grinder (inside and out).
  • Super-smooth turn- effortless grind.
  • The SLX is FDA certified for food contact and does not contain any Teflon toxins.

The SLX kit comes with:

  • SLX 4 pc¬†2.4 inch Grinder- with a screen to separate herb from pollen.
  • A small tool to collect pollen from the bottom.

SLX Grinder Design

The body of the SLX is machined out of 7075 T6 aluminum that is sturdier than the series 6 aluminum used in most traditional grinders. The SLX definitely feels solid and high end. It feels like it will last a lifetime without ever cracking or breaking.

Everything is coated with a thin layer of non-stick ceramic. Every lid, every tooth, the pollen chamber, inside and outside. All of it. The SLX repels residue, dirt, and resin. But more on that later.

The magnetic lid of the SLX features 55 razor sharp teeth that will crush your herb and drop it down into the stainless steel screen. The lid has a small magnet in the middle that snaps into place and stays secured.

The SLX has only one set of threads on the whole grinder (connecting body to bottom). Everything else is magnetic or lift-out, making it quick and easy to disassemble.

The SLX is a 4 piece 2.5-inch grinder including- a magnetic top, a body, a screen, and a pollen tray.
I was surprised to find out that the whole body of the grinder is coated with ceramic, not only the interior.

SLX Grinder Review Residue Free

The SLX bottom part features a lift-up stainless steel screen¬†with a fine micron size ‚Äď filtering the pollen from the herb. The herb will fall from the holes and accumulate¬†on the screen. The smaller pollen will fall through the screen and can also be collected and used.

Using the SLX Grinder

It is a sheer joy to grind the herbs with the SLX, and the outcome enthralls you even more. The grinder offers exceptional strength, perfect balance and the ability to grind your favorite herbs optimally.

The turn was super-smooth and the herb was perfect for my vaping sessions. I used the ground herb with multiple vapes and it worked perfectly every time.

I have tested the ground herb with multiple types of vapes and the consistency was perfect every time. 

During my sessions, I felt the difference between the SLX and lower quality grinders. Using the SLX produced dense vapor, with better quality, and extracted more out my herb.

SLX Ceramic Coating

Let’s talk about the SLX’s ceramic coating in a bit more detail.

So, the whole grinder (including exterior) is coated with a super low friction proprietary ceramic layer that is supposed to repel resin build-up.

The biggest question to answer is – does it work? Will the ceramic coating really prevent resin build-up over time?

YES! It totally does. How do I know? Because this is actually the second update I am doing for this review. I received my first (Gold) SLX two years ago and I have been using it ever since. I’ve never cleaned it, and, trust me, its been used heavily ?. Recently, I felt it was time for a fresh one, so I ordered a new Black one.

On the left side is my two-year-old Gold SLX and on the right is my new Black one.

You can see from the picture that even after two years of use (and  A LOT of herb), the edges are still 95% clean. The ceramic coating actually worked and kept it smooth and easy to turn!

SLX Grinder Review Smooth Grinding

Click image to enlarge 

The SLX has passed the test of time and I was shocked by the minimal resin build-up considering the amount of herb that went through this thing. Even after two full years of usage with minimal cleaning, the SLX turned as if it were brand new.

SLX Grinder Bottom Line

If that wasn’t clear up this point – I love the SLX! In fact, this is our collective opinion here at Every one of our writers and colleagues that tried the SLX, ordered one! The herb comes out airy and fluffy, ready to roll or vape. Not to mention the longevity even with minimal maintenance of this grinder.

Specifically when using with a vaporizer – the increased surface area contributes to the experience in a few wonderful ways –

  • Produced more visible vapor
  • Improved flavor and aroma
  • Improved efficiency – from examining the “burnt” herb after my session, it looks like it is fully exhausted, and it has a consistent brown color.

At $60, the SLX is a bargain. Whether you are a smoker or a vaper, the SLX will dramatically improve your experience.

Where to buy the SLX Grinder

SLX Grinder V2 - 4pc

Buy the SLX Grinder from Vape-Smart and use coupon code TVG10 to save 10%.


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  1. I got this grinder after reading your reviews and it being your top pic of 2016. I really want to like this grinder; they *almost* nailed it perfectly, but there are just two things about it I struggle with:

    – The lack of threads on the screen-section unfortunately results in a TON of fines and keif getting everywhere inside the grinder as you grind, making it impossible to open OR close the grinder without making a mess everywhere each time
    – I’m not a fan of the larger holes towards the center of the grinder – I’m not sure why they chose to do this. I’ve noticed that as I’m breaking up my herb and placing it on the grinder, medium-sized pieces end up falling through these larger holes before I get a chance to grind them, resulting in a rather inconsistent grind at times.

    That said, I love everything else about it:

    – Excellent build quality/construction
    – Buttery-smooth grinding feels
    – Ceramic non-stick works as advertised. Also feels great to the touch!
    – I like that the magnet stems from the grinder and not the lid, so as to not accumulate sticky
    – Screen section does not have threads so it’s shorter than most
    – The plastic washers adds to the buttery-smooth grinding feels

  2. Overall I like and agree with your review.
    However this statement is not true -”During my sessions, I felt the difference between the SLX and lower quality grinders. Using the SLX produced dense vapor, with better quality, and extracted more out my herb.”
    The grinder has NO effect on vapor density, quality or extraction – that is purely down to the vaporizer used and NOT the grinder – don’t mislead people.

    • I mean using a good grinder makes a huge difference. Of course, there is no noticeable difference is you use the SLX or other quality grinders.
      If your weed is not ground properly, you will fill it during your session 100% doesn’t matter which vape you use.

  3. Hey,

    i imagine the herb is best for vaping, what can you do with the pollen?
    and, can i use the grinder without the stainless steel screen?

    thanks for the great review

  4. Well just got this one a few weeks ago and I love it, anti stick works great, takes a while for any muck to build up and if it builds up it’s very easy to remove, if you brush it out regularly it just stays clean.
    It collects pollen like crazy but I feel with all their precision engineering they could have made the pollen screen fit snug instead of rattling inside.
    The grind is very ideal but I’d like to give it a few turns upside down and then grind and let it fall through.

    Together with the Pax3 and a bubbler this is actually the most efficient way yet, good grind, pollen bonus after a while and with the Pax & bubbler you get a clean hit and if you don’t vape too hot the residu that remains in the pax tube is actually a very nice clean oil that is also easy collectable. I’ve never before extracted so much from so little.

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