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SLX Grinder Review

SLX Grinder Review- Best Dry Herb Grinder 4k Video

Review of the SLX 2 Grinder- the Grinder that never Sticks

9.5 Total Score
SLX Grinder Review bottom line

Boy I wish I had this grinder years ago. This is the first (and maybe the only) grinder that will never ever need cleaning. Thanks to a Ceramic coating on the interior of the Grinder, the herb is not sticking to it even after months of use. I have been using mine for almost a year and using it is still as smooth as a glass. A good grinder is a necessity for vaping, and the SLX is my first choice.

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Where to buy the SLX V2:

  • Vape-Smart: $53.95 with coupon code TVG10 (10% off)
  • Amazon: $59.99 (amazon prime eligible)

In-Depth SLX Herb Grinder Review:

The SLX herb grinder is the latest offering for those who like to grind their dry herb really well before vaping. Grinding in fact does add a lot of flavor to your vapor as it increases the surface area of the herb that comes in contact with the heat. However, most of the grinders available tend to accumulate the material on the blades and the within the grinder itself. This is rather an offoff-puttingtuation for any vaping enthusiast. But the SLX herb grinder promises to absolve you from this problem. This is perhaps the first grinder to claim a residue-free and smooth grinding experience. The manufacturer has used some innovative technology and quality parts to ensure this. So, I am pretty excited to review this new grinding kid on the block.

slx-grinder-non-stickSLX Herb Grinder Design

I received the SLX in the mail and found the packaging pretty interesting. The package gives you the feeling of opening something really sophisticated and I must say my senses were treated to an elegant and sturdy design. The grinder is available in four finishes – Charcoal, Silver, Gold and Black. I received it in a Gold finish with SLX written in bold on the top and the words “Never Sticks” at the bottom of the grinder. So, far as design and branding is concerned, I am pretty impressed with the SLX. The grinder is compact, round and easy to hold. Another thoughtful feature worth mentioning is the grip points given on the upper lid of the grinder. I could rotate the cover easily even with moist hands. The material quality is great and the grinder really feels like a sturdy piece of equipment in your hands.

The standard size of grinder comes with 55 razor sharp teeth to grind your material to perfection. The pocket size version of the SLX has 27 teeth to give you the same level of grinding power. Having checked these features, I was getting eager to put to test the manufacturer claim that it never sticks.

Using the SLX Herb Grinder

The simple and elegant design apart, the SLX is very easy to use. The upper cover comes out easily with a couple of twists. The sheer operation of this grinder gives you the feeling of a classy product. Simply open the upper lid, put your favorite herb in the grinding chamber, put the lid back and you are good to go. I liked the way the grinder performs when filled with herbs. The twists are smooth and you feel like repeating the process, thanks to the 7075 aluminum grade aluminum that they have used in the grinder. Most grinders are made from weaker 6 series aluminum. 7 series is more expensive to machine, but it ensures your SLX herb grinder will last a lifetime. Neodymium magnets ensure that SLX doesn’t pop open unexpectedly; keeping your herbs, moisture, and scent safely inside. SLX herb grinders feature drum tight stainless steel screens with a fine micron size – ensuring only pollen gets filtered, not pieces of herb.

It was a sheer joy to grind the herbs with the SLX and the outcome that you get enthralls you even more. The grinder offers exceptional strength, perfect balance and ability to grind your favorite herbs optimally. While using the SLX, I could feel the precision grade alloy that is used in high-performance jet aircraft at work. SLX comes with drum-tight stainless steel screens with a fine micron size – ensuring only pollen gets filtered, not pieces of herb. The Neodymium magnets keep your herbs, moisture, and scent safely inside. The lower cover pops out easily and you can collect your ground herb with the help of the tool provided with the kit. Last but not the least, the manufacturer’s claim that the SLX never sticks is true; even after repeated use I could not find a single trace of residue within the grinder or on the lids. This is a grinder that has been designed to satisfy the demands of a connoisseur.

I rated the SLX the Best Grinder of this year and for a good reason. It is awesome in every aspect.

Where to buy the SLX V2:

  • Vape-Smart: $53.95 with coupon code TVG10 (10% off)
  • Amazon: $59.99 (amazon prime eligible)
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    Sam December 21, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    I got this grinder after reading your reviews and it being your top pic of 2016. I really want to like this grinder; they *almost* nailed it perfectly, but there are just two things about it I struggle with:

    – The lack of threads on the screen-section unfortunately results in a TON of fines and keif getting everywhere inside the grinder as you grind, making it impossible to open OR close the grinder without making a mess everywhere each time
    – I’m not a fan of the larger holes towards the center of the grinder – I’m not sure why they chose to do this. I’ve noticed that as I’m breaking up my herb and placing it on the grinder, medium-sized pieces end up falling through these larger holes before I get a chance to grind them, resulting in a rather inconsistent grind at times.

    That said, I love everything else about it:

    – Excellent build quality/construction
    – Buttery-smooth grinding feels
    – Ceramic non-stick works as advertised. Also feels great to the touch!
    – I like that the magnet stems from the grinder and not the lid, so as to not accumulate sticky
    – Screen section does not have threads so it’s shorter than most
    – The plastic washers adds to the buttery-smooth grinding feels

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