SLX Grinder Review

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slx grinder review

The Good: Sharp teeth grind herb to a very fine consistency | Low friction inner surface makes grinding easy | Never needs cleaning | Made from high-grade, extremely durable aluminum

The Bad: Bottom section is not magnetically attached to the rest of the grinder

The Bottom Line: The SLX is my personal favorite manual grinder because of how well it grinds up all of my herb and how little effort it takes to use. The fact that I’ve never needed to clean it—even after three years—just makes it even better.

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SLX Grinder Review Residue Free
The SLX grinder will help to increase the surface area of your herb. Bigger surface area=bigger clouds.

Exterior Design: At first glance, the SLX looks like your typical four piece grinder on the outside but there are a few differences from the rest. First of all, it’s made from durable, but lightweight, 7075-T6 aluminum, the same kind of material used in aircrafts and rockets. As you might expect, this kind of aluminum is tougher than the aluminum used in other grinders. Next, there are flat indents cut into the edge of the lid that make it easier to grip while you’re grinding. The lid itself is connected to the other parts by a strong magnet instead of a threaded attachment, which keeps it secure while also making it easier to remove.

The only downside to the design of the SLX is that the bottom section underneath the kief catcher is not magnetically attached. So you have to make sure to hold on to it when removing it from the rest of the grinder if you don’t want to spill the precious kief everywhere.

Interior Design: The SLX has fifty five trapezoidal teeth inside of it. They are different from, and more efficient, than the diamond-shaped teeth you see in other manual grinders. It has a non-stick, low-friction, ceramic coating that makes for a smooth, practically effortless grind no matter what strain of herb you’re using.

Non-stick coating: This coating also means that you never have to clean the SLX. Ever. I’ve never cleaned mine, even after over three years of use, and it looks as good as new. The secret isn’t teflon or any other potentially harmful chemical, but rather through the application of fused nano-ceramic particles. This same process is sometimes used to line rifle bores to reduce friction and make them last longer. So, if the process is strong enough to resist the friction and force of a bullet being fired, it can definitely stand up to the sticky-ickiest herb.

Efficiency and Efficacy

The SLX creates the finest ground herb out of all the vaporizers I’ve used. Those trapezoidal teeth grind down every strain of weed I’ve ever used into a fine consistency that is perfect for every dry herb vaporizer I’ve tried. I never have to use a lot of force when grinding down my herb because the nearly frictionless action is always smooth.

No matter what kind of vaporizer I was testing, I was pretty sure that I was getting the best flavor and vapor quality out of it because of the finely ground herb produced by the SLX. That finely ground herb is also consistently ground herb, which means that I got the same quality of grind every time. That consistency means that I never have to worry about any fluky results when testing any dry herb vaporizers since I know that any problems I experience aren’t caused by the herb.

SLX Grinder vs Kozo Herb Grinder

The Kozo Herb Grinder is a four piece grinder that is similar to the SLX at first glance. It has some similar qualities like the magnetic connections, but the lower price also means lower quality. It also has trapezoidal-shaped teeth, but they are wider and fewer in number than the ones found in the SLX, so they don’t grind as finely as it does. Nonetheless, it is a good choice for frugal vapers who want a nice grinder at a reasonable price.

SLX GrinderKozo Herb Grinder
Diameter2.4 inches2.4 inches
Number of Teeth5532
Kief CatcherYesYes
Price$40.94 from Amazon$19.97 from Amazon

SLX vs Space Case vs Santa Cruz vs Kozo

Bottom Line

use a good grinder
9.7 Total Score
Bottom Line

The SLX Grinder features fifty five sharp teeth that will grind down any strain of herb to a fine consistency that is perfect for any kind of dry herb vaporizer. It has a low-friction, ceramic inner surface that provides a smooth, easy grind that is easy on the wrists. Plus it never needs cleaning. The SLX is a grinder that will help you to get the most out of your weed and your weed vaporizer.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to get peak performance out of their vaporizer. Vapers who want to save money by getting the most out of their herb supply. 

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on their herb grinder. 


SLX Grinder Coupon Codes (Authorized Dealers):

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Vape-Smart$59 (2.4″)TVG10 for 10% off

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  1. I got this grinder after reading your reviews and it being your top pic of 2016. I really want to like this grinder; they *almost* nailed it perfectly, but there are just two things about it I struggle with:

    – The lack of threads on the screen-section unfortunately results in a TON of fines and keif getting everywhere inside the grinder as you grind, making it impossible to open OR close the grinder without making a mess everywhere each time
    – I’m not a fan of the larger holes towards the center of the grinder – I’m not sure why they chose to do this. I’ve noticed that as I’m breaking up my herb and placing it on the grinder, medium-sized pieces end up falling through these larger holes before I get a chance to grind them, resulting in a rather inconsistent grind at times.

    That said, I love everything else about it:

    – Excellent build quality/construction
    – Buttery-smooth grinding feels
    – Ceramic non-stick works as advertised. Also feels great to the touch!
    – I like that the magnet stems from the grinder and not the lid, so as to not accumulate sticky
    – Screen section does not have threads so it’s shorter than most
    – The plastic washers adds to the buttery-smooth grinding feels

  2. Overall I like and agree with your review.
    However this statement is not true -”During my sessions, I felt the difference between the SLX and lower quality grinders. Using the SLX produced dense vapor, with better quality, and extracted more out my herb.”
    The grinder has NO effect on vapor density, quality or extraction – that is purely down to the vaporizer used and NOT the grinder – don’t mislead people.

    • I mean using a good grinder makes a huge difference. Of course, there is no noticeable difference is you use the SLX or other quality grinders.
      If your weed is not ground properly, you will fill it during your session 100% doesn’t matter which vape you use.

  3. Hey,

    i imagine the herb is best for vaping, what can you do with the pollen?
    and, can i use the grinder without the stainless steel screen?

    thanks for the great review

  4. Well just got this one a few weeks ago and I love it, anti stick works great, takes a while for any muck to build up and if it builds up it’s very easy to remove, if you brush it out regularly it just stays clean.
    It collects pollen like crazy but I feel with all their precision engineering they could have made the pollen screen fit snug instead of rattling inside.
    The grind is very ideal but I’d like to give it a few turns upside down and then grind and let it fall through.

    Together with the Pax3 and a bubbler this is actually the most efficient way yet, good grind, pollen bonus after a while and with the Pax & bubbler you get a clean hit and if you don’t vape too hot the residu that remains in the pax tube is actually a very nice clean oil that is also easy collectable. I’ve never before extracted so much from so little.

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