Rokin Nitro Review: The SuperCharged Vape Pen

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Rokin has some of the highest safety standards in the industry and the Nitro is proof of that. It has some of the cleanest, purest vapor around. If it’s style you want, it’s got that too. Convenience? Ease of use? Yes and Yes. Give the Rokin Nitro a test drive if you want all those qualities in one simple vape pen.

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Rokin Nitro Background

The Rokin Nitro ($69.95 directly from Rokin Vapes, use coupon code TVG15 for a 15% discount) is a stylish, affordable vape pen that’s a terrific choice for first time wax vapers or vaping veterans. It’s simplicity and portability will appeal to anyone trying wax vaping for the first time.

Seasoned vapers will like the deep wax chamber and the 510 compatibility that allows them to mix and match components. Check out the Best Vape Pens page and you’ll see that many of them have those features. If you want to find out what other features the Nitro has, as well as details on its kit and performance then check out the rest of my Rokin Nitro review.

Rokin Nitro Kit

  • Rokin Nitro vape pen
  • Extra dual rod quartz atomizer (and a mouthpiece)
  • Silicone mouthpiece cap + silicone container
  • Dab tool + USB cable

You need the right gear when using a vape pen and you can get a quality selection of dab tools and storage containers from Amazon.

Rokin Nitro kit
L-R: USB charger, dab tool, Rokin Nitro, extra atomizer + mouthpiece, storage container.

Key Features of the Rokin Nitro

  • Compatible w/ THC concentrates, wax, shatter, honeycomb
  • Deep chamber holds a lot of wax
  • Low draw resistance + leak resistant
  • No plastics or fiber ensure a pure vaping experience
  • Three temperature settings: Low (Green) | Medium (Blue) | High (Red)
  • Retails for $69.95 directly from Rokin Vapes, coupon code TVG15 saves you 15%

The Nitro is 510 threaded so you can attach different atomizers to its battery. They don’t even need to be for wax! The Nitro is more versatile than you think.

Rokin Nitro Review
The Nitro's 510 compatibility means that you can attach oil atomizers to its battery.

Rokin Nitro Design

The Nitro has the standard vape pen design, meaning that it looks like, you guessed it, a pen. However, the metallic finish adds some extra style and makes it stand out. For secretive vapers, the Nitro might stand out a little too much. The metallic finish is already eye-catching but the light on the Nitro’s base is practically a spotlight. It looks cool but it’s not great for discretion.

Using the Nitro is pretty simple, it has a simple one button operation and it’s easy to take apart and reassemble. The deep chamber can make loading a little tricky but it’s not anything you won’t get used to.

Rokin Nitro dab pen review
The Rokin Nitro has a simple yet sleek design and is available in the striking rose gold finish.

How to Use the Rokin Nitro

  1. Remove the mouthpiece to expose the coils.
  2. Dab wax onto the coils and replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button 5x to turn on the Nitro, press it 3x to cycle between temperature settings.
  4. Once temperature has been reached, hold down the power button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.
Rokin Nitro chamber
The deep chamber means that wax can get stuck to its walls if you're not careful.

Rokin Nitro Performance and Vapor Quality

I consistently got nice, smooth vapor from the Nitro. Rokin tends to have some of the highest safety standards in the industry so their vapes are free of any plastics, glues, or fibers that might sully the vaping experience. The result is that the Nitro has some of the purest vapor you’ll ever get from a vape pen, even on the highest setting.

Not only is the vapor quality in the upper tier for vape pens but the draw resistance is low as well. Intelligently placed airholes on the Nitro enable easy draws every time. The 650 mAh battery lasts all day and charges quickly, so you’ll never be separated from the Nitro for too long.

Rokin Nitro mouthpiece
The vapor from the Rokin Nitro is some of the purest and cleanest around.

Rokin Nitro Review: Final Thoughts

The Rokin Nitro ($69.95 directly from Rokin Vapes, use coupon code TVG15 for a 15% discount) is good enough to challenge even the Best Wax Pens and is one of the better vape pen deals you’ll come across. As vape pens go, it’s on the low end in terms of price and on the high end when it comes to vapor quality, ease of use, nearly everything really.

The only place where it falls a little short is in discretion. Using the Nitro can be like throwing up a beacon in some circumstances. If you don’t mind attracting a little attention every now and then, you might consider getting the Nitro since it has some of the cleanest vapor in the biz.

Thanks for reading my Rokin Nitro review, for more vaporizer reviews and all the latest vaping news, you’re already in the right place.

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