The Rise of THC Oil Pod Vaporizers

One of the hottest trends in vaping right now is the increasing popularity of THC oil pod vaporizers, also called closed system pod vaporizers. Much like closed system e-cigarettes, these type of vaporizers use pre-filled, disposable cartridges. Their rise in popularity stems from how easy and convenient they are to use. You just need to throw away the empty cartridge, pop in a new one, and you’re good to go.

Before the emergence of pre-filled cartridges, many oil vaporizers used refillable oil tanks, they aren’t difficult to use but they can be messy and time consuming. So, when a faster, more user friendly option became available, naturally, users gravitated to it in droves. The Pax Era was the first oil vaporizer to use proprietary pre-filled cartridges but it wouldn’t be the last. What started as a trickle is now a deluge and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up anytime soon.

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The History of Oil Vaporizers

Oil vaping has been around for a while, it became more popular at around the same time extract vaping became more popular. There are a variety of extracts, each made using a variety of methods. THC oil is made via supercritical CO2 extraction, for more detailed information you can check out the THC extracts education page.

What you should know is that CO2 oil is less potent than other types of THC extracts like wax. This makes oil a popular choice for newcomers to extract vaping. The first method of extract vaping involved the use of oil vaporizers that use refillable tanks. Refillable tanks are not difficult to use but their narrow openings mean that filling them can be a slow, painstaking process.

Refillable tanks are often 510 threaded, meaning that they connect to any other device with a similar connection. This gives them a high level of versatility but doesn’t eliminate the problems associated with refillable tanks. The Pax Era was the first oil vaporizer to use pre-filled oil cartridges, a convenience that eliminated the problems caused by refillable oil tanks and was a lot more convenient. That confluence of benefits meant that the Pax Era was the vanguard of a vaping revolution.

best oil vaporizers for pre-filled cartridges
L-R: KandyPens Rubi, G Pen Gio, Double Barrel, Pax Era. Only the Rubi uses a refillable tank.

The Benefits of Oil Pod Vaporizers

The advantages oil pod vaporizers provide to consumers have made them a popular option for both casual and hardcore vapers. Here are some of the things people enjoy most about them:

  • Easy to assemble – most only require that you simply insert a cartridge into the battery, no other steps are necessary
  • Convenience – oil vaporizers heat up instantly so they can be used whenever and wherever the user wants and they can use as much or as little oil as they want
  • Discretion and portability – many oil pod vaporizers are small enough to be taken anywhere and look similar enough to e-cigarettes that no one will know what they are vaping
  • Affordability – These devices are often very inexpensive since they mostly comprise a battery and a USB cable
  • Beginner friendliness – All the above attributes plus the fact that oil is not as intense as wax make oil pod vapes a very attractive option for vaping newcomers
  • The variety of oil strains is increasing – many manufacturers have partnered with various dispensaries to produce customized oil cartridges. As the market grows, so will the number of strains
best vaporizers for pre-filled THC oil cartridges
Oil pod vaporizers are highly portable and very easy to use.

Drawbacks of Oil Pod Vaporizers

As popular as they are, oil pod vaporizers do have some disadvantages that could prevent some people from embracing them. Here are some of the notable drawbacks:

  • Limited availability – at this point, these type of vaporizers are available in a limited number of states so most people don’t have access to them. Availability can change as the laws do but currently, oil pod vaporizers are unavailable to most people
  • Cartridges are expensive – the devices may be cheap but the cartridges can be pricey, often costing between $30 – $60 dollars per cartridge
  • Limited choices – the number of strains may be increasing but you are still limited to what the manufacturer provides
Double Barrel dual oil cartridges
The cartridges used in closed system vaporizers can be very expensive.

Types of Oil Pod Vaporizers

At the moment there are three types of oil pod vaporizers, they are as follows:

  • Oil vaporizers that use proprietary cartridges – they use cartridges that can only be used on that specific device, examples include the Pax Era, G Pen Gio, and Double Barrel
  • Disposable vaporizers – as the name suggests, these are used once and then the entire device is disposed of
  • Oil pod batteries – essentially just a battery that uses compatible, usually 510 threaded, non-proprietary oil cartridges, an example is the Dopen
G Pen Gio black and Cookies finish
The G Pen Gio uses proprietary, pre-filled cartridges.

The Rise of THC Oil Pod Vaporizers: Final Thoughts

Oil pod vaporizers are a rapidly growing part of the vaporizer market, with their convenience, ease of use, and overall beginner friendliness. They are the easiest and most user-friendly vaporizers in any category, so it’s unlikely that their popularity will start to wane anytime soon.

The only thing holding this segment of the market from exploding even further is the limited availability of the cartridges. They are only available in a few states nationwide and they cannot be ordered online. Despite these limitations, their popularity only continues to grow and with the rapidly changing marijuana laws across the nation, they are primed to become one of the biggest parts of the vaporizer marketplace.

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