Zeus Bolt XL Review

Published July 17, 2023 Updated July 18, 2023
Zeus Bolt XL Review

Review Summary

The ZEUS Bolt XL is a premium grinder that delivers on all fronts. Its robust design, superior shredding power, and perfect grind consistency make it a standout choice for any cannabis connoisseur. Despite a minor issue with the 'O-Ring', the Bolt XL's overall performance and quality are impressive, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a high-quality grinder.

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MSRP $34


The ZEUS Bolt XL is a premium grinder designed for the discerning cannabis connoisseur. This grinder is made from Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (AGAA), ensuring durability and a lightweight feel. With its diamond cut teeth, it is calibrated to grind your herbs to the perfect consistency for vaporization. This review will delve into the specifics of this grinder, its design, features, usage, performance, and how it compares to other vaporizers on the market.

In the Box

The ZEUS Bolt XL package includes:

  • 1 x 4 piece ZEUS Bolt XL Grinder
  • 1 x ZEUS scoop

Design and Features

The grinder stands 5.7cm tall and 7cm wide, making it a large and robust grinder capable of handling substantial amounts of herbs. It features a magnetic lid for easy access and secure closure. The grinder is made up of 4 pieces and 3 chambers, each designed to filter and separate your grind effectively.

The diamond cut teeth are a standout feature of the Bolt XL, calibrated to grind your herbs to the perfect consistency for vaporization. The grinder’s large size ensures an easy grip and the ability to handle large amounts of herbs, making it an ideal companion for your home vaporizer.

Usage & Interface

Using this grinder is straightforward:

  1. Open the top of the grinder.
  2. Place your herb on the bottom layer of teeth.
  3. Close the top of the grinder.
  4. Rotate the top section of the grinder by twisting back and forth.
  5. Once the herb has been ground to the perfect consistency for vaporization, it will fall through to the second layer and into the middle chamber.
  6. Unscrew the top two pieces from the bottom two to access the herb located in the middle chamber.

The bottom compartment stores botanical dust which falls through the fine mesh screen, ensuring no waste and maximum efficiency.


To maintain this grinder, it’s recommended to clean it regularly. This can be done by disassembling the grinder into its 4 pieces and soaking them in 99% alcohol for about 30 minutes. After soaking, use a brush to dislodge any remaining particles or residue. Rinse the pieces with hot water and dry all pieces completely before re-assembling.

Performance & Vapor Quality

The Bolt XL’s performance is impressive. Its diamond cut teeth grind herbs to the perfect consistency for vaporization, ensuring an optimal vaping experience. The grinder’s large size allows it to handle large amounts of herbs, making it ideal for long and large vaporizing sessions.

What Could Have Been Better

While this grinder is a high-quality, some users have reported issues with the ‘O-Ring’ between the two sections that do the grinding. This can make it difficult to move the grinder back and forth. However, this seems to be a minor issue and does not detract from the overall performance and quality of the Bolt XL.


The ZEUS Bolt XL is a high-quality grinder that offers superior shredding power and a perfect grind consistency for vaporization. Its robust design, ease of use, and efficient performance make it an ideal choice for any cannabis connoisseur.

Zeus Bolt XL

  • Brand Zeus
  • MSRP $34
  • Product Type Grinder
  • Compatibility Dry Herb
  • Released DateJuly, 2021
  • Warranty Lifetime


  • Body Material Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Overall Score

  • Ease of Use4.8
  • Design4.4
  • Durability4.7
  • Ease of Cleaning4.3
  • Brand Rep4.8

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