yocan x vaporizer review

Yocan (visit here) is a China-based company that has a huge product line of vaporizers that can be used for dry herb, concentrate, oil and even e-juice. One of their recent hits (pun intended) is the Yocan Hit (Review) herbal vape that has precise temperature control and produces good quality vapor.

Yocan X concept came from its predecessor, the Trio. It's a 3-in-1 pod vaporizer that can be used for concentrate, oil, and juice. While they look similar in build quality and design, the X is a pod vaporizer that only focuses on vaping concentrates. It's a simple and straightforward vape that produces discreet and tasty vapor.

Design & Features

Yocan X Wax Vape

Yocan X has a small rectangular-shaped body but a little heavier than it looks. It has a single button in the middle of the device and a USB port on the side. It's a little bigger than a lighter which makes it easy to hold and slip into a pocket.

The X has three major parts:

  • Battery: The X uses a 500 mAh battery that could last a full day for most users. It features a USB-C charger that will only take 40 minutes to fully charge the device. The battery serves as a body that has strong magnets to keep the atomizer and mouthpiece in place.
  • Mouthpiece: Yocan X has a basic plastic mouthpiece with a hole underneath for the airpath that's made of silicon. I wished the whole thing was made out of silicon to make the vapor cooler and retain more flavor. The mouthpiece lies on top of the rectangular-shaped atomizer that can be easily removed to expose the coils.
  • Coil: Most Yocan vaporizers feature a Dual Quartz Coil and the X is not an exception. The Dual quartz coil has a fast heat-up speed and produces big clouds while keeping the flavor. Even if I put a tiny dab in it, it produces high-quality vapor consistently. However, Quartz coil has low heat retention and can be a little fragile so make sure you don’t overuse the Yocan X.

How To Use

Yocan X

Yocan X has a single button to turn/off the device and select the voltage settings. It also features a pre-heat mode that can be activated by pressing the button twice rapidly. To use Yocan X you need to:

1. Remove the mouthpiece.

2. Dab your concentrates into the coil and replace the mouthpiece.

3. Rapidly press the power button five times to turn on the device.

4. To change the voltage setting, rapidly press the power button thrice.

5. Hold the power button to start heating.

6. One the device has finished heating, press the power button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.

Voltage Settings: 3.4V (White) | 3.8V (Blue) | 4.2V (Green)

Performance & Vapor Quality

Yocan X Vape

The dual quartz coil heats the wax pretty fast while keeping the flavor intact. The airflow is great and I can inhale the vapor freely. I get most of the flavor at the lowest temperature setting and probably get 5-6 good hits before I need to put a dab again.

It can produce big clouds at the highest temperature but the flavor isn't that strong yet does not have the harshness like some of the comparable vaporizers in the market. However, since Yocan X is a small device, I don't recommend using it continuously without giving it a rest. The mouthpiece and the body can be a little too hot that can harm both you and your device⁠—this is a common flaw for a device this small because there's no way for the heat to dissipate.

Overall, the X is a good choice if you’re just starting to vape concentrates. But if you’re looking for an advanced vape that can give you a premium vapor, I suggest you look into Puffco Plus (Review) or Dr Dabber Stella (Review).

Bottom Line

Yocan X Vaporizer

Yocan X is probably one of the good choices for an inexpensive vaporizer. It's portable, easy-to-use, and produces good vapor for its price. This is recommended for people who are finding an affordable way to start vaping. However, if you're an experienced user, you'll find this device may lack the performance and vapor quality that you're looking for.

What could have been better: There’s an extra mouthpiece and atomizer included in the box which you can use to pre-load your dab and use it whenever you're on-the-go. It's a feature which vapers may find useful especially if they are having a quick sesh. However, I wished they feature a different type of coil, maybe a ceramic one, which produces a more mild and flavorful vapor.