Yocan Loaded chamber

Yocan never seems to be in short supply of new products for every user. They’ve made great headway with concentrate vaporizers like Regen (review | buy), and the Armor (review |buy) vape pen, and the Yocan Hit (review | buy) dry herb vaporizer.  Their varies product line-up and affordable price points make them an incredibly popular brand in the market today. The Yocan Loaded (visit store) seems like your average wax vaporizer, but in true Yocan fashion, it does have some surprises under the hood.

The Loaded features a pre-installed dual quartz coil, the option to switch to a monster quadruple quartz coil, three pre-set temperatures, a 1400mAh battery, a retractable mouthpiece, and a sneaky silicone wax container at the base of the device.

With its two coils – its pretty safe to say that the device is aimed for both beginners and expert users and the innovative door on the side makes changing between these coils a breeze.

Compatibility: The Yocan Loaded is compatible with wax concentrate. I used my device with CBD dab from Steve’s Goods (Visit Store) which is available to ship across all 50 states.

Kit & Accessories 

Yocan Loaded kit

The Yocan Loaded comes with a pretty lean kit, but it’s definitely got everything you need. In the box you get:

  • Yocan Loaded
  • Dual quartz coil
  • Quad quartz coil
  • Dab tool
  • USB charger

Design & Features

Yocan Loaded design

At first glance, the Loaded looks pretty simple, it’s got a columnar and chunky shape and it’s not too big or ostentatious (even with the shiny finish on either end of the device). At only 5 inches tall, it is relatively portable and discreet, something that would fit in any purse, but might be too big to be concealed in the average sized palm.

It also looks pretty close to the other Yocan pens like the Evolve Plus XL (review | buy), it even has the same stainless steel body and finish. But like I said earlier, it’s definitely got some surprises hidden away. The Loaded is a device that seemingly puts stealth in the forefront- hiding away the parts that are the most noticeable on vaporizers- namely the mouthpiece, the replaceable coils and your material.


The mouthpiece is retractable and tucks into the Loaded when it’s not in use- bringing down its already short form factor, and making it better for transport.

It’s made with the same medical grade stainless steel as the rest of the device, so expect it to get quite hot after a few sessions.

Interchangeable Coils

Yocan Loaded coil chamber

The interchangeable coils are a key feature in the Yocan Loaded. You may opt to switch between the quartz dual coil or the very powerful quartz quad coil. These coils are made of a metal wire wrapped around small quartz rods and heat up much quicker than a ceramic coil, resulting in thick, dense vapor.

But more than the coils themselves- what I found the most interesting was the way Yocan had thought of way to make switching between coils much easier. The process of replacing your coils on this device is even simpler than doing so on the best vape pens. The magnetic door is not only an eye-catching design choice – but it is also magnetically secured and easily accessed through a small notched carved on to the body.

Wax Container

Yocan Loaded storage container

At the base of the device is a feature that I’ve come to think of as a Yocan signature (it’s also on the base of the Evolve XL).  Also secured by magnets is a silicone wax/dab container that fits a decent enough amount of material. It’s split down the middle so you can also opt to bring two separate flavors if you choose.


At 1400mAH, the built in battery has enough juice to last over a day or two. The tradeoff however is that it does take about three hours to fully charge the device with the included Micro-USB cable.


Yocan Loaded quad coil

Even with all these moving pieces and stealthy parts- using the Loaded is surprisingly straightforward. It has a single button that’s used to cycle through the three pre-set temperatures. The way you can really be the master of your sessions is by switching between the included coils.

The quad coil is a monster, no doubt about it. It produces a significantly harsher and thicker vapor. It’s definitely more suited for more experienced users- but I would argue that it did lack in flavor. For a gentler, more flavorful vapor, stick to the dual coil. Not only is this more beginner friendly, it’s definitely easier on the lungs.

Note that the relatively short vapor path will make any hit harsher than average- regardless of your choice of coil. To ease the experience, I’d highly recommend using the Loaded on its first lowest two temperatures.


Yocan Loaded Review

The Yocan Loaded sits on the cusp between a beginner and expert user device. Its convenient and stealthy features definitely make it interesting to tinker with and at $70, it certainly has design elements that aren’t on even higher end devices.However, because of its small size and stainless steel body- it does get quite warm when used in succession. I’d highly recommend this if you are on the market for a device that you can use sporadically throughout the day. If you’re on the market for something more advanced, I’d highly recommend looking through our best dab/wax vape pens of this year.