Kit & Accessories

  • X Max Starry V3 Vaporizer
  • One 18650 battery
  • Cleaning set featuring tweezers, cleaning brush, and cleaning tool
  • One metal mouthpiece screen
  • Two heating chamber screens
  • Two silicon mouthpiece caps
  • USB charging cable

Compatibility: The X Max Starry is compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates

Official Accessories

Replacement batteries and replacement mouthpieces are some of the official accessories available for the X Max. You probably won’t need the new mouthpieces, at least for a while, but replacement batteries are a convenient addition that will get a lot of use.

Design & Features

The Starry has a strong magnetic top cap that can stick to the side of the body of the vaporizer once it has been removed.


The Starry has a fairly standard rectangular shape, but it has a non-standard swiveling mouthpiece on the top. If you read my Crafty/Mighty review, then you know that I love this kind of mouthpiece both for the extra portability it brings and the way it feels. This one is made of zirconia, so there is some heat resistance going on there as well. The Starry is a little over four inches in height so it easily slips into your pocket, though the concave body makes it feel a little bulky.

The Starry has precise temperature control and a digital screen, so operating it is pretty simple. Loading it is just as simple because of the beveled edge on the oven that prevents the herb from spilling to the sides. The magnetic mouthpiece also helps since you can easily remove it from—and stick it to—the Starry when you’re ready to load the chamber. The magnet is pretty strong so you won’t need to worry about it snapping off in your pocket and spilling your precious herb everywhere. The removable 18650 battery is just icing on the cake since you can remove it and replace it when it dies.

The Starry is made from anodized aluminum, which is pretty impressive for a dry herb vape in this price range. Many vapes in this range are usually made from plastic. As I said earlier, the mouthpiece is made of zirconia so it stays cool no matter what temperature you choose to vape at.


The removable battery is always a convenient and welcome feature. That is because it helps relieve the downtime that you get from recharging, so instead of waiting around, you can just pop in a new battery when you’re ready. However, the precise temperature control is probably the standout feature. It’s a common feature in many dry herb vaporizers of course, but it’s unusual to see it in a vape that costs less than $100. The fact that the Starry offers such great features at such an affordable price is easily its best feature.

How to use

The Starry has a bevelled edge that makes loading the ceramic herb chamber simple and mess-free.
  1. Open the mouthpiece section to reveal the herb chamber.
  2. Fill the herb chamber and then close the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button for three seconds to turn on the device.
  4. Select your desired temperature using the control buttons.
  5. Once heating is complete, the device will vibrate, at which time you inhale from the mouthpiece to start vaping.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Starry is, thankfully, very simple. You can use the included cleaning brush to clean the oven and the mouthpiece. It is better to do this after a session, while they’re warm but not hot because if you wait for them to cool down, the residue will become sticky and harder to clean. For a more thorough cleaning, you can wipe down the chamber with a pad dipped in isopropyl alcohol and soak the screens and mouthpiece in that same liquid.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Temperatures in the 370°F to 390°F range are recommended for the best flavor.

Vaporizer Performance

The Starry heats up very quickly, at about twenty five seconds for the lower temperature ranges and roughly thirty five for the upper ranges. Temperature insulation could be better because the mouthpiece gets pretty hot at higher temperatures. The body gets warm at higher temperatures as well, but not to the point that it becomes uncomfortable to hold.

Vapor Quality

The flavor of the Starry is good for the first couple of hits, but it starts to taper off over the course of a session.

I was surprised and impressed—in a good way—by the vapor quality of the Starry. For a so-called budget vape, it produced some great flavor and some nice clouds. If you want more of the former, then I suggest you select temps in the 370°F to 390°F range, but if it’s the latter you want, then it’s 400°F and up. However, since this is a conduction vaporizer, I would stay away from any temperatures above the 400°F threshold because the vapor gets pretty harsh at that level and above. 

You also run the risk of combustion at those temperatures so I would advise you to stick to the recommended temperatures. You have a lot of temperature choices because the Starry has a pretty nice range of 212°F to 464°F. The vapor quality is very good at the beginning of a session but it tapers off steadily as you vape. The draw resistance is usually quite low, which makes vaping feel comfortable. However, if the mouthpiece gets dirty, the draw resistance increases, so you need to clean the Starry on a regular basis if you want the optimum vaping experience.

Battery Performance

x max starry vaporizer kit
The Starry includes a convenient removable battery that can be replaced with a new one when it dies.

The 2500 mAh battery can last for about eighty to ninety minutes on average, which translates to about six to eight sessions. Your vaping temperature affects the battery life so it will last longer at lower temperatures and burn out faster at the higher ones. It takes about ninety minutes to recharge, which is about average but if that seems too long, then you can just swap out the dead battery for a fresh one.