Vivant is a relatively new brand that is headquartered in Spain. They focus on simple products, striving to offer the most attractive prices for entry-level products. VLeaf Go is Vivant flagship dry herb pen, released in 2019. Its novelty is an on-demand convection technique that allows users to start vaping as soon as they hit the power button.

Design & Features: 


VLeaf Go is a portable pen-shaped vaporizer, slim and tall design, wich weighs only 65 grams. It can easily fit in any pocket, unlike other portable units that are box-shaped.

It offers a simple one-button interface, rounded by a LED light that indicates its temperature level and battery life.

There are two modes that can be set through the power button:

Instant Mode – this allows you On-Demand vaping – with no heating time.

Session Mode – by three clicks on the power button, the device will keep the temperature going for 30 seconds.


The plastic mouthpiece feels very light and loose and doesn't feel sturdy. Its held in place only with pressure – no latch or magnet. From my experience, plastic in vapes tends to wear off with time and loses its pressure. 

I have a strong feeling that this mouthpiece design is not long-lasting, and it is definitely the biggest drawback of this product for me. In fact, after only a few uses, the inner screen became loose, and the mouthpiece kept falling off. After some quick online research, I found this is a familiar and common issue with other users. 

Heating Oven:

The oven edge is shaped like a little funnel that you can scoop herb directly in (or use the mouthpiece tip as a scooper). Unlike many others, the VLeaf uses a Convection heating method, which means the device will be ready to use as soon as you hit the power button, allowing air to cook the herb as it passes through the oven.

VLeaf is a micro-dose vape compatible for a solo user, with an oven capacity of 0.04 gram, an amount that can be fully cashed in approx. Three draws.

A favorable feature seen here is a replaceable oven – whether the heating element is damaged or you want a brand new performance, it can be easily replaced.

Temperature Range:

VLeaf has 3 temperature levels – Low (LED will turn green), Medium (Yellow), and High (Red) – the exact temperature of each level is not indicated, but I found the Yellow level was the ideal for dry herbs sessions. Temp levels are easily shifted by hitting the power button twice. 


VLeaf Go has a built-in 900mAh battery, that lasts for about 4 sessions (of 3-4 draws each). Its charging time is 60 minutes from empty to full (LED light indicates the battery level) via a Micro USB cable. 

One notable issue I've noticed- when the battery was low, the device performances were slow and weak even though it wasn't empty. Meaning, unlike your cellphone that works until it suddenly dies, this vape is slowly losing it's power gradually as the battery is exhausted. 

Performance & Vapor Quality

VLeaf performance is decent for its price, but it is not the finest taste or vapor quality. Primarily since there is no vapor cooling, the taste was harsh. As expected, the thin mouthpiece did not do a good job isolating the heat and become warm quickly. When taking a slow, steady draw, the quality improved and was okay for a quick session.

VLeaf Go can be connected to a water pipe without an adaptor with a 10, 14 or 18mm pipe.

In conclusion, vapor quality is average at its best. If you are looking for higher vapor quality, I would recommend checking out our favorite vapes of this year or even the Vivant Ambit (Review), which is substantially better. Vapes like the Uttilian 620 (Review), or 722 (Review) provides greater quality at a fair price.

Bottom line

VLeaf Go is a good choice if you are a beginner looking for an affordable price vape, or if you are looking for the small device to carry for quick discrete sessions during the day. It can only be used for short sessions, though.

If you want to enjoy longer sessions or if you are not vaping alone, the battery life will not deliver. Vapor quality and performance are decent for $70 vape, but in order to enjoy it, you will need to balance slow controlled draws.