Vivant Vaporizers

Vivant (visit homepage) is a California-based company and has been in the vaping industry since 2016. They mainly produce portable dry herb vapes like the Ambit (Review) and VLeaf Go (Review) which are both suitable for beginners and offer fair value for its price. They joined the dabbing scene by releasing their flagship wax vape which is Dabox.

Vivant Dabox is a $60 interesting-looking wax vape that has a glass vapor path that keeps the vapor smooth and clean. It features 3 interchangeable coils that you can easily change since it has a ‘flip door' that you can rotate from 45 to 90 degrees. Earlier this year, they released an upgraded version of the unit which is Dabox Pro which retails for $140.

Design & Features

Vivant Dabox Extract Vape Review

The Vivant Dabox has an aluminum box-shaped body VS most wax vapes that have a pen-like design. It measures 4.4″ tall and 2.2″ wide which makes it easy to conceal with my hand or put it in any pocket/purse. Despite its size, it weighs 8.9oz and feels durable enough that can last for a long time.

Dabox has a single button that you can use to turn it on/off and to start vaping. It has no variation in heat at all compared to standard vape pens which typically have at least 3 voltage settings. Instead, the battery can output a maximum of 40 watts which makes it hard to control. It's because you need to push the button simultaneously as you inhale to prevent the wax from getting ‘burned'.

Flip Door

Dabox Flip Door

The bottom of the Dabox functions like a door that rotates from 45 or 90 degrees which I haven't seen before in any wax vapes around. This makes the changing of the coil and loading of the wax a lot easier. The only thing I noticed is that the magnets aren't strong and the door can open slightly during a hit. To prevent this from happening, I suggest you grip Dabox with the door opening side touching your grip.

Interchangeable Coils

Vivant Dabox Coil

The atomizers are connected with an adapter piece where you can slide it in or out of the device. There are three coils that you can choose for your vaping preferences:

  • Dual Quartz Coil- This is optimized for all-day use since it heats faster compared to the rest. It means that this coil consumes less battery to deliver strong and harsh vapor.
  • Dual Quartz Clapton Coil- This works best on a lower temperature for smoother and fulfilling hits but since there's no way you can adjust the heat, I think this coil is too powerful to use on Dabox. If you do, be ready to clean the mess it will leave you after a session.
  • Single Quartz Clapton Coil- This coil is designed for flavorful hit yet when I tried it, it's kind of disappointing since I taste no flavor at all. It also produces big clouds and the wax splatters a lot.

Since it's not 510-threaded, it's not compatible with other oils or 510 pre-filled carts. It means you need to order these proprietary coils directly from the manufacturer rather than finding a replacement in nearby vape shops.

Vapor Path

Vivant Dabox Vapor Path

The glass vapor path is located right above the coil which is nice since it's isolated from any electronics that might affect the purity of the vapor. Also, the glass is a neutral material which means it doesn't affect the purity and flavor of the wax. Overall, this is a well-thought design but the silicone splash guard that separates the vapor path and coil gets clogged easily.

How To Use

Dabox How To Use

Dabox is one of the easiest wax vapes to operate, to use it you need to:

  1. Swivel the heating chamber out from the bottom of Dabox.
  2. Using the Dab tool, load a small amount of wax.
  3. Swivel the chamber back into the device.
  4. To turn it on, click the power button five times.
  5. Press and hold the fire button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.

Battery Indicator: The battery is indicated by the light that illuminates the glass chamber when you press the power button. It's color-coded: Green (80%-100%) | Blue (20%-79%) | Red (0%-19%)

Dabox Vs Dabox Pro

Vivant Dabox LED Light

As I've mentioned earlier, Dabox Pro was released earlier this year. It retains most of the features from the original and improves drastically in the following:

  • Dabox Pro has a 2000mAh battery which is 500mAh more than the original.
  • The vapor path is redesigned to have a built-in water filtration system for a cleaner and milder vapor.
  • Dabox Pro has a LED Display at the opposite end of the vapor path that indicates the 5 temperature settings, and as well as additional features like heater mode, stealth mode, and door safety mode. Instead of having a single power button (like in the original version), it now has + and – buttons.
  • Dabox Pro also has interchangeable coils but features a different coil. It’s a Firecore Coil (instead of a Clapton Coil) which produces a smooth and flavorful vapor that's suitable for flavor chasers.
  • You can change the setting options of Dabox Pro by pressing the power button 3 times: It has a Heater Mode that matches your desired atomizer. The Door Safety mode, when activated, alerts you when the flip-door becomes too hot. And finally, the Stealth Mode black out the display screen which I think is the least useful feature of the Pro.

It's safe to say that the Pro is better than the standard version since it has 5 temp levels instead of the single temp on the regular version. The built-in water filtration system and as well as the additional modes provide great value for its price. For a $140 vape, this is one of the most promising wax vapes that Dabox has to offer.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Vivant Dabox Wax Vape

The heat-up time is fast and I was able to inhale the vapor as soon as I hit the power button. It has a low draw resistance but the vapor path got clogged after a couple of weeks of intense use. It's due to the fact that the wax splatters a lot since it has a scorching temperature that seems impossible to control. 

A good technique is holding the power button for 3-5 seconds before you inhale. As you inhale, tap the power button to reach or maintain your desired temperature. In this way, the wax is already hot enough to vaporize, and you can easily adjust it if you think the heat is too much/too low for your wax.

Vivant Dabox Extract Vape

On the vapor quality, no matter which coils I choose, it produced big clouds that rips hard. The Dual Clapton Coil gave me the harshest vapor I've experienced for a while, and the Single Quartz Clapton Coil produced vapor with barely noticeable flavor at all. The Single Quartz Clapton Coil and the Dual Clapton Coil could work if Dabox has a variation of temp settings to control the heat. Cloud chasers might like the vapor quality but definitely not for vapers who prioritize flavor over vapor density.

Battery Performance: Dabox has a 1500 mAh battery which is pretty decent and comparable to some premium vape pens. However, it does not last long since it outputs a maximum of 40W. It uses a micro-USB charger and can get fully charged in 1 hour.

Bottom Line

Vivant Dabox Wax Vape Review

Overall, Dabox’s build quality is better than most similarly-priced wax vapes. It's compact, simple, and durable that could probably last until you need an upgrade. The vapor quality on this one is pretty overwhelming for beginners, but if you love big & intense clouds, you’ll probably like it. In my opinion, this is not one of the well-performing vapes by Vivant yet the Pro version improves in terms of functionality and vapor quality which cost $140.

If you're looking for a better option for your ‘first vape' that produce big clouds and intense vapor, you can check the Utillian 5 (Review). If you prefer discreet and flavorful vapor the Puffco Plus (Review) is a suitable option but not comparable to the best wax vaporizer this 2022 which is the KP Crystal (Review)