Design & Features: 


Vivant Ambit is a simple portable herb vaporizer, with the typical boxy shape often seen on herbal vaporizers. At less than 3-inches height and 2-inches wide it can fit in any pocket or small purse.

Its body is plastic-coated with a smooth, soft texture to it. However, the built quality is not the most sturdy; weighing less than 100 grams, it feels a bit light, not to say cheap.

It is okay for its price point, however, I cannot say I am impressed with the build quality.

The power button, the temperature setting buttons, and the micro USB spot on the side of the device. The top of the vape has a small LCD screen that displays temp info and other settings. The OLED screen displays the target temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and battery level. It is a nice feature for a vaporizer at this price point, but the visibility of the data in sunlight is quite poor.


The mouthpiece is made from medical grade plastic called PEEK, similar to Crafty mouthpiece (Review). It is a straw style mouthpiece that folds in & out. It sits on the top of the device attached with a strong magnet that didn’t randomly fall off in my pocket.

Battery life:

The Ambit is powered with a built-in 1500mAh battery. A full charge takes a couple of hours, and even though the manufacturer calls for 10 sessions per charge, it practically lasts for 7-8 depending on your vape habits.

Kit & Accessories:

The kit is very basic and includes the vaporizer, a packing tool, a cleaning brush, and a USB charger. The Ambit can be used with dab rigs as well, with a water pipe adaptor that fits 14mm and 18mm pipes.

The WPA is not included in the kit and can be purchased separately from Vivant.

Performance & Vapor Quality


The Ambit heat up time is about 40 seconds to 390°F, which matched my expectation. Once it reaches the temperature, it will start a 120 seconds countdown – the time for each session. After the sesh is over, you can extend it for another 30 seconds by clicking the power button twice.

Since the device is small and the heat has nowhere to disperse, the vaporizer warms up quickly. Long draws will make the mouthpiece get rather hot, and even though the straw design improves it a bit, it can be inconvenient for long sessions.

Vapor Quality 

The vapor is surprisingly strong and the Ambit produces nice clouds, yet the flavor department is not where the Vivant shines. It was okay at the lower-temps, but as you go up, it gets a harsh taste, and the vapor becomes pretty intense.

I found the sweet spot to be between 380° to 390°F, which provided an ideal flavor experience. At higher temps, you will get bigger clouds yet roasted flavor. And at the highest range, you will probably just burn your precious herbs.

As far as vapor quality, the Ambit is by far better than the VLeaf Go pen (Review), also by Vivant brand. Yet it still cannot compete with some prime vapes out there, that for an additional $50, will deliver a substantially better vaping experience – such as Uttilian 620 (Review).

Bottom line

Vivant Ambit is a basic dry herb portable vape that offers a fair value for an $80 vaporizer. 

Suppose it’s between Ambit and VLeaf Go, it’s an easy win for the Ambit. With only $10 more, you get a precise temperature control and a more powerful vaping experience. However, they’re both entry-level vaporizers, and if you are an advanced user, you will not be satisfied with these devices.

If you are looking for mid-range price devices without sacrificing the vapor quality, you should check out Utillian 620 ($129) that I have mentioned earlier which is long-lasting and robust. Or, the Uttilian 722 (Review) that is a bit more expensive ($149) but offers excellent value and performances.