If you’re still stuck using the plastic grinder that came free with a random purchase- you’re definitely missing out on a key process that can make your vaping experience much better. Herb is no doubt, slightly dense and sticky, so after grinding a few flowers, a cheaper grinder becomes harder to turn. The more you push it, the higher chance of the teeth breaking and there being plastic particles in your herb.

Vibes Rolling Papers (owned by rapper and businessman Berner) seeks to eliminate all of the issues that come with low-quality grinders, by releasing the Vibes grinder (visit store)- fully engineered by fellow standard setters: Aerospaced. The Vibes grinder is made to succeed where all other grinders fail. Promising a smooth turning action, close to zero resin buildup, and a perfect consistency each time. Each Vibes grinder is CNC milled from a single block of 6061 aircraft-quality aluminum and feature 55 diamond-shaped teeth, rare earth magnets for sealing, and a precision-balanced head.

The Vibes Grinder is available in 4-pc and 2-pc versions, priced at $40 and $28, respectively. It’s also available in 2 different colors (black and gold) and may be purchased from and on Amazon.

Design and Build Quality

Vibes Grinder Black Review

The entire Vibes product line is obviously targeted towards those who prefer to roll rather than vape. But that doesn’t mean these products are functional for vape users. The Vibes Grinder is made from 6061 anodized aircraft quality aluminum, the Vibes Grinder feels solid (and quite luxurious) in your hand. At 204g, it’s definitely heavier than cheaper plastic grinders- but its perfectly balanced body makes grinding feel smooth and light despite its weight.

It’s bigger than most grinders at 2.5in but this means there’s also enough storage for you to pre-grind your herbs for several sessions in advance. It fits about 2g of herb at one time. The fact that it’s larger also gives the user a mechanical advantage by being easier to turn than smaller grinders. The lid on the grind plate attaches to the lower plate with neodymium magnets (a type of rare-earth magnet). Making initial twists easier than they would be on screw-top models. The 55 teeth are designed to shred even the densest of material, and onto a size that falls through to the screened collection area. The fine dust then falls through to the screwed-on kief catcher.

Performance and Ease of Use

Using any grinder is pretty straightforward, but what makes the difference is how the Vibes Grinder improves on the ease of use and results of a process that’s sometimes taken for granted. Grinding your herbs increase their overall surface area and allow for more material to come into contact with the heat source. The 55 diamond-shaped cutting teeth on the Vibes Grinder result in herb that’s ground to a nice, fluffy consistency- even just after a few turns.

Regardless of how full it is, the grinding action remains smooth and near effortless. While there is some expected resistance in the first few turns, it’s pretty smooth after that. I found that even if the Vibes Grinder doesn’t have as much grip as other grinders like the Santa Cruz Shredder (review | buy), it still does feel just as ergonomic in your hand and is not particularly tough to open.

Below the screened catch plate is a convenient kief catcher and kief scraper. This allows for the passive harvest of potent, flavorful trichomes that can be sprinkled on top of your loaded herb.

Bottom Line

Vaping and grinding definitely go hand in hand, well-ground herb helps any dry herb vaporizer perform at its absolute best. The only downside to the Vibes Grinder (which it shares with Aerospaced Grinders) is that after a few uses, there is a bit of cleaning that needs to be done. At this price, I’d have hoped for a non-stick coating to be added to the grinder.

If you’re ready to make the jump from a regular grinder to one that’s bound to last you years, the Vibes Grinder is definitely a great investment at $40. If you're still on the fence, there's always more on our best weed grinders of 2023.