Terpometer Background

The Terpometer is meant for dab rigs but it can be used with any kind of electronic vaporizer.

This is a unique device because it’s not a vaporizer and technically not a vaporizer accessory either, though you can use it with your vaporizer if you want. That is because the Terpometer is a fancy thermometer with a dab tool on the opposite end. That should give you a good idea of what this device is all about, which is checking the temperature on old-school dab rigs. And by old-school, I mean the analog glass rigs where you use a blowtorch to heat up the nail.

Dabbers who use this set up usually use an infrared thermometer to check the temperature. So the question is whether the Terpometer is a superior option to an infrared thermometer and whether it is worth using with electronic devices. So keep reading to find out the answers.

Kit and Accessories

  • Terpometer
  • USB charging cable


Terpometer Design
The backlight of the LCD screen indicates the temperature range, blue is too cold, red is too hot, and green is just right.

Not surprisingly, the Terpometer looks a little like a meat thermometer at first glance, however, the differences become apparent pretty quickly. The temperature sensor is a thermocouple rather than a needle and there is a dab tool on the opposite end. That dab tool is a nice feature since it means that you can just flip the Terpometer around to apply the dab after measuring the temperature. The middle of the device is where the battery, LCD display, and power button are located.

The device isn’t too thick so it fits comfortably in the hand whether you are taking the temperature or applying a dab. The thermocouple and dab tool are also the right length, with neither feeling too long or too short and they both feel firmly attached to the rest of the device. The LCD screen is your basic digital display that shows both the temperature setting and the battery level. However, it does have one nice feature and that is it is backlit to show the temperature range. 

Blue lighting means that the surface is too cold, red means it’s too hot and green is in the Goldilocks zone of just right. Instead of constantly staring at the temperature display, you can use the backlight to quickly determine when the temperature is in the right range. You can then use the display to calibrate the temperature down to the degree that you want.

How to Use

  1. Press the power button three times to turn on the device.
  2. Place the thermocouple end of the device onto the surface that is being heated.
  3. Wait for the temperature number on the LCD display to stabilize.
  4. If the final temperature is too hot or too cold, allow the nail to cool down or continue heating it respectively.
  5. Once the temperature is in the green zone, use the dab tool end of the device to apply your dab to the nail.


Terpometer Performance
The thermocouple at the end of the Terpometer accurately measures the temperature of the nail in any type of dab rig, whether it is analog or electronic.

If you’ve been using an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of your nails, well now you’ve got a better option. The Terpometer is much more accurate, which makes sense since it actually comes into contact with the heated surface. That means the temperature reading is as precise as you can possibly get. The fact that the LCD screen lights up to show you the optimum temperature range is even better since you can tell at a glance when it’s the right time to apply the dab.

And speaking of applying the dab, the built-in dab tool makes doing that quick and easy since you don’t have to switch between two different accessories when you’re dabbing. You can also use it on electronic concentrate vapes as well. That probably won’t be necessary in most cases since many of those devices include a temperature display, but for those that don’t, the Terpometer can be a useful accessory.

Battery Performance

The Terpometer can last for quite a few sessions before it needs to be recharged, but that, of course, depends on how often you dab and how often you use it.