Space Case Grinder Design
The Space Case Grinder consists of four parts, Clockwise from top: Grinder lid, grinding chamber, kief screen, bottom compartment.

Exterior Design: The Space Case Grinders are made from anodized aluminum alloy coated in titanium. This gives the grinders a lot of durability and also ensures that the herb doesn’t stick to the metal as much. And yes, I wrote grinders. That’s because Space Case makes two piece and four piece grinders in a variety of different sizes. 

Their grinders use Teflon grade rings to make the grinding action smooth. However, unlike some other grinders, the Space Case grinders don’t have any special textures or indentations that make gripping and twisting the grinder a little easier.  

Interior Design: Space Case grinders use diamond shaped teeth to grind down the herb. Diamonds are one of the more common shapes used in grinder teeth, mainly because they have proven to be very fast and efficient at grinding down the herb. The four-piece grinders include a screen to catch the kief and a compartment in which to store it. The two-piece grinders lack both of those features.

Efficiency and Ease

Space Case Grinder Performance
The Space Case can grind down a lot of herb quickly and efficiently.

The Space Case Grinders do a great job of grinding the herb down to a consistency that works well in any type of weed vaporizer. The grinding action is easy on the wrists and arms and the screen does a great job of catching the kief. It’s particularly good at grinding down a lot of herb at once, though there is a problem is that some of the herb sticks to the inside of the grinder. 

That means some upkeep is required, which means that you have to clean your grinder as well as your vaporizer. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that some grinders never need any cleaning at all. Another problem, that has nothing to do with the performance of the grinder, is that it is expensive compared to many other grinders.