Source vapes used to be one of the big names in the vaping industry, but they have been relatively quiet in the last couple of years, with no new major releases, until today. 

Source just released their new 2-in-1  (Wax/Oil) Vaporizer, called “The Vive.” It will be available from VapeActive with an MSRP of $45. Source also released a portable dab rig, called ORB Versa. It seems that Source is trying to make a comeback with these two products, and we wonder how they stack up against the competition.

Design & Features

The Source Vive is a simple yet innovative vape pen. It can be used as a honey-straw or as a 510 battery for THC or CBD carts.

Honey straw– the Vive has a ceramic tip that is compatible with solid extracts such as wax or dab. Honey-straw vapes such as the Atmos Dabber (Review | Buy) or the Linx Ares (Review | Buy) have been around for a long time, but they are usually bigger and clumsier than the Vive. The ceramic tip can be “dipped” into a glass container with wax, and pull the vapor directly from the extracts. So there is no need to load a coil. 

510 Battery– the ceramic “straw” attachment can be screwed off, and you can use any 510 thread CBD or THC cart instead. There is a small-cap included covering the mouthpiece that is used with wax, as you will be pulling out of the cartridge instead. 

This dual functionality is unique and, especially in such a sleek and elegant product. The Vive has a one-button interface, and thee temp levels.

Once we receive our review unit, we’ll be able to run it through tests and let you guys know the performance and vapor quality, so stay tuned.