Source vapes used to be one of the big names in the vaping industry, but they have been relatively quiet in the last couple of years, with no new major releases, until today. 

Source just released their new portable eRig- the ORB Versa. It will be available from VapeActive with an MSRP of $245. Source also released a Wax/ Oil vape pen, called The Vive. It seems that Source is trying to make a comeback with these two products, and we wonder how they stack up against the competition.

Design & Features

The Source ORB Versa has a typical e-nail design, similar to the Puffco Peak (Review | Buy) and the KandyPens Oura (Review | Buy). It has a large cone-shaped water tube, 

While the Source is “portable” e-nail in the sense that it has a battery and doesn’t need a plug-in, it is not portable enough to be carried out and used outside. It’s a “home portable”.

The device has precise temperature control and LED that displays the temp and battery level.

One unique feature that the Versa has is a removable ceramic air-path. The bottom part of the coil can be pulled out during a session. Not sure what means and how that effects the vapor, we’ll know once our review unit arrives.

The Source ORB has a huge 3000mAh battery at the bottom, which should last 5-8 sessions on a full charge. It uses a USB-C charging port, which is much better than the outdated Micro USB. 

Release date- April 20th, 2020