SharpStone Grinders Design and Features
The SharpStone grinders use diamond-shaped teeth to effectively grind down the herb.

The SharpStone grinders are available in small and large sizes, can come with two or four pieces, and you can get them in a wide variety of colors. That gives them a welcome level of diversity, which gives buyers a welcome level of choice. There are a few design details that set SharpStone grinders apart from the rest. Their clear-top grinders have a see-through lid that allows you to watch your herbs get ground up. Plus they are available in a wider range of colors than most other brands.

SharpStone grinders are also well built because they use high-quality materials in their manufacture. The metal parts of the grinder are made using high-quality aircraft grade anodized aluminum and manufactured using the CNC process so they are all perfectly symmetrical. The various pieces of each grinder are held together using strong rare earth neodymium magnets. 

SharpStone Grinders Clear Top
The clear-top design of some of the SharpStone grinders is a unique design choice that allows you to watch the herb being ground down.

The kief catcher is made from stainless steel micro-mesh, which is rust-proof, so it won’t oxidize and contaminate the pollen. The grinding action is smooth thanks to friction-reducing poly rings placed inside each grinder. The beveled rim of the lids helps as well since they give you a good grip every time.

Each grinder has forty-six diamond-shaped teeth that effectively shred the herb. The herb is then deposited into the next compartment through circular-shaped holes that effectively distribute the ground-up herb. Make sure that you check the third chamber of your SharpStone grinder for an engraved number because that is proof of authenticity. Units lacking that number are likely counterfeit.


SharpStone Grinders Performance
SharpStone grinders do nearly as good a job of grinding down the herb as top grinders like the SLX.

SharpStone grinders have a smooth action that makes them very easy to use. They ground up the herb to fine consistency that works great in every kind of vaporizer, from portables like the Arizer Solo 2, to desktops like the Volcano Hybrid. The kief catcher works well too, effectively catching all the pollen in the bottom chamber. 

It’s a solid grinder for a fairly low price, however, there is a lack of attention to detail that prevents it from reaching the upper echelon of the top weed grinders. Since the O-ring is made of plastic, resin from the herb can accumulate and restrict the twisting motion, which makes grinding more difficult. Cleaning it with a q-tip and alcohol helps, but one of the appeals of manual grinders is their low maintenance and occasional cleaning eliminates that feature.